1962 – 1964

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Procured address of Shaulmari Ashram: Dr. Ramani Ranjan Das, Secretary, Shaulmari Ashram, Falakata, Dist. Cooch Behar, in North Bengal. Route-Calcutta-two hours flight to Siliguri. To Jalpaiguri-one and half hour journey to Bharmira Ghat-forty two miles journey to Shaulmari Ashram. Note that STD code list spells Cooch Behar as Coochbehar whereas Shaulmari Ashram’s letter pad spells it as Cooch Behar and R D Atlas as Koch Bihar. I published four research papers on place names of India and the Oxford University Press gave me an offer to write a book. Is it not funny that the Ganga is called Ganges, the Tapi as Tapti or the Sindhu as Indus? Imagine how much trouble we cause to publishers of Atlas with changes in names, districts or Tahsil every year.

Read ‘On to Delhi’ (C) speeches of Subhash Chandra Bose in Southeast Asia. I am uneasy and planning to write a letter to Shaulmari Ashram. I consciously feel that Baba is none but Subhash. I may join Ashram. Will is strong. Let me hope.

Reading Subhash Chandra Bose.

I brought one more book on Subhash Chandra, Diary of Miss Menon of Indian National Army. (V) It is very fine.

On the basis of Netaji’s lectures I prepared my speech and students signed the following letter in blood…

“In the name of God, in the name of bygone generations who have welded the Indian people into one Nation, in the name of the dead heroes who have bequeathed to us a tradition of heroism and self-sacrifice, in the name of martyrs who fought for independence, and last but not the least, in the name of those gallant soldiers who laid down their precious lives to repulse the belligerent Chinese aggression from the sacred soil of our Motherland – we the following members of the Students’ Forum of Vidarbha Mahavidyalaya, humbly request your honor to call upon us to emancipate the strategic frontier of Ladhak and NEFA and to root out Pakistan’s threat of invading Kashmir. We confidently assure that up to the last drop of blood we will prosecute that struggle with valour and perseverance and with full faith in final victory until the enemy is expelled from every inch of Indian soil. As a mark of guarantee of our promise and integrity of service, we hereby send our signatures in blood.”

“Moreover, as a token of self-sacrifice and service for the Nation, the following sisters and brothers of the Forum are voluntarily contributing the ornaments and cash mentioned against their names for the Prime Minister’s National Defence Fund which may enable us to purchase the arms and crush the enemy for ever. We are also sending some indispensable edibles for Jawans fighting in the lofty Himalayas. Kindly accept our poor and humble service and oblige.”

Addressed to the President of Indian Republic, New Delhi. Signed in blood by students.

Prabhakar Wadodkar with whom I rehearsed speech took leave and attended function. Principal Dr. Khatib opened the meeting of the students’ forum. I spoke in Marathi. My imitation of Netaji’s rhetoric paid excellent dividend. Boys and girls of the college donated six hundred grams of gold ornaments consisting earrings, bangles, chains and rings, some cash and about six hundred signatures were sent in blood on the above-mentioned letter to the President of India. I read a few passages of Netaji’s speeches. It was a spectacular and touching scene. All were stunned and mesmerized. I was elated at the success. Parents of students who donated ornaments began to pour at my house, some commended and others complained.

In my dream, I saw goddess Kali. Then I saw a Sadhu as my Guru. He told me do ‘Namaskar’ (bow) to the Earth after getting up in the morning and before touching feet to the ground. (A very funny dream but I have followed this practice till today). Later, I read that some President of the United States of America, probably Jefferson, mentioned in his diary that a Sadhu from the Himalayas used to visit and advise him in dream. Is this E.S.P.?

I canceled my passage to London to join London School of Economics. I joined Government service as a lecturer in Geography. God knows when I shall be a free man.

First President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad expired. He was permitted to have audience with Shaulmari Baba but unfortunately died on 28 Feb. 1953 at his ‘Sadakat’ Ashram near Patna. Nehru did not attend the funeral. Rajendrababu was a brilliant student and had lucrative practice as a reputed lawyer. He was born on 3rd Dec 1884.

Some foreign scholars came to examine great grandfather’s diaries.  Grandfather summoned me to display them and attend to scholars. One was professor of History from Cambridge and another from Oxford. They were writing History of Independence of India. They were all the while exclaiming ‘fantastic; fantastic!’ As the material was huge, they sought permission of the Government of India to microfilm the diaries. One of them was Bose but looked European.
In May I wrote a reminder to Shaulmari Ashram for permission to visit.

I was disturbed to read that a mob of Muslims butchered one thousand innocent women and children in Dhaka. The communal frenzy of partition still persists.

News at 3 P.M. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru died of heart attack at 2 P.M. in Delhi. I was very upset.  Shocked and stunned though I differed ideologically.

I still feel strongly that Subhash Chandra Bose is alive.

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