1978 to 1999

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3/1/78. Received Illustrated Weekly’s Acknowledgement.

4/1/78. I typed addenda for Illustrated Weekly.

17/1/78. A letter from Shri Basantilal, editor, Jana Narayan of Delhi arrived.

18/1/78. I dispatched letter and addenda to Shri Khushwant singh, editor. Illustrated Weekly of India, Bombay.

13/2/78. Attended public lecture of Shri Charan Singh

24/2/78. Mr. Swami, Member of the parliament, released press statement vilifying Jawaharlal Nehru that he grabbed the treasure of I.N.A. and that Mr. Swami had evidence to that effect.

27/2/78. Surendra Bhuyar, my chap, declared elected as M.L.A. of Forward Block from Amravati.

12/3/78. Red news in the Times of India that the President of India Mr. Nilam Sanjiva Reddy released Shri Samar Guha’s book on Netaji.  Mr. Guha, M.P., claimed in his book that Netaji was alive in Siberia.

30/3/78. Dr. P.B. Sabnis of zoology arrived from Bombay. Editor, Mr.Khushwant singh of the Illustrated Weekly backed out (TBL) and on my authorization handed over all papers and photographs of Netaji to Dr. Sabnis.  The material arrived safely.

15/4/78. I read news in Tarun Bharat about the sad demise of Dr.Joshi of I.N.A. He was seventy-one years old. He was with me to depose before the Khosla Commission in Bombay.

20/4/78. Prof.S.S.Indurkar with wife came for dinner and presented a rare record of March Song of INA.

29/4/78. Pune. My family stayed back and brother went by car to attend Ram Jethmalani’s dinner at Bombay. Mr. Jethmalani is elected president of Bar Council of Maharashtra and brother is elected vie-president.

16/8/78. A letter from the Illustrated Weekly with remaining photographs arrived.

6/10/78. With Baburao Bijwe and Dr. Sabnis I reached Murtizapur by car to deliver lecture on Netaji. When I began lecture I found that people in thousands were sitting with back towards me.  There was a huge screen and free cinema was to be shown after the lecture.  People from surrounding villages thronged for movie and not for lecture.  I cut short the speech.  It was a great fun and fiasco.

1979.  The diary is missing.  My father died on 20/6/79 and astrologically predicted that mother would follow him in the eighth month. Mother died within eight months on 11/2/80. Great shock.  Brother Ramesh was serving on the Nagpur Bench of the Bombay High Court as Judge.

My younger daughter suffered rheumatic arthritic attack and I treated her at Amravati, Nagpur, Pune and Bombay.

From 1978 to 1984 I myself suffered awful renal kidney attacks seventeen times.

23/6/80. Formed CART (Centre for Applied Research and Training) with chairman Shri P.G. Gawai, The Chief Secretary of Maharashtra and later Lt. Governor of Delhi. Principal Ulemale of Agricultural College was Executive President. Mrs Pratibha Patil, cabinet minister, was the chief guest. The Chief Minister Vasantrao Naik was in the town and yet in spite of their hectic schedule both Gawai and Mrs Patil attended the function at Masonic Lodge. Professors from different disciplines were members including Dr. Shekhawat. The CART was formed to work for people especially in rural areas and different projects were undertaken with practical application of respective subject.

19/11/80. I had a meeting with Dr. Collins from New York and Mr. Vijay Pandye of Ford Foundation in SE Asia.  Offered me two and half lakh dollars for projects.  I denied the offer for want of time.

30/12/80. Servants Raghunath and Pundlik brought huge piles of material on Netaji and I decided to start writing work from New Year’s Day.

8/1/81. Mrs. V.G. Shrinivasan, head of the women welfare department of the Ford Foundation came to see me.  She offered project of five lakh rupees.  I politely refused, as I was getting busy with writing work.

25/1/81. I delivered lecture on Netaji at Nilkantha Mandal, Amravati and narrated fun about the Intelligence Department.  D.I.G. Police Mr. Krishnan was in the chair and he squirmed. Later I said sorry to him.

3/2/81. Mr.Vijay Pandye of Ford Foundation sent letter to Tom Kissinger at Djakarta, Indonesia for publishing my book on Netaji. He sent a copy of letter to me.

4/2/81. I was shocked to know news that Col. Habibur Rahman committed suicide in Nagpur.  Later it ended in fiasco.

4/5/81. I posted letter to Prof. Leonard Gordon, author of Brothers against Raj at Brooklyn University. Sent him copies of letters from Mr. Vijay Pandye and Tom Kissinger.

22/8/81.   A Great Gandhian Kaka Kalelkar died at the age of 96 at Delhi on August 21st, 1981.  Shri Baba had great respect for him. According to Baba Mahadev Desai and Kaka Kalelkar were the only persons who understood Gandhiji. Kalelkar wrote two hundred books in Gujarathi language. Mrs. Indira Gandhi personally arranged his funeral.

Diaries of 1982 and 1983 are missing or misplaced.

The diary of 1984 was stolen in France.  I traveled many European countries, U.K. and U.S.A. I especially visited Vienna to meet Mrs.Subhash Bose (Emilie Schenkl) She was not there in her old house and I was told that she was in Innsbruk and some said with daughter Anita in Germany. I attended International Geographic Conference at Paris. Dr. D.R. Shekhawat (husband of Mrs.Pratibha Patil, the President of India), my wife Shefali, Dr.Prabhakar Wadodkar accompanied me in the whole of Europe, U.K. U.S.A., and Canada.

After arrival in India my father in law Moreshwar Damle expired on 17/11/1984.

6/2/86. I had meeting with Vasantrao Sathe, Central Minister at Nagpur.  He knew my family well.

7/7/86. Funeral of Mr. Jagjivan Ram – old guard of Congress.

Shri Jagjivan Ram was a great man. He had mastery over English language. With Baba I visited his town Sasram. I am in the habit of adopting poor but bright students. Way back I adopted Wagpanjar after his matriculation. His father was blind and mother was earning Rs. 3 per day as farm labourer in Daryapur tahsil. I looked after his lodging, boarding, clothing and education. He belonged to scheduled caste. He passed B.E. engineering. I sent him for coaching of Indian Engineering Service to Allahabad for six months. He appeared for All India Services examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. He passed. I put him in temporary service in Public Works department of Aurangabad Circle through my friend. The letter of call for interview went to his village and then it was redirected to him. The interview was in just one day.Therefore he rushed to Bombay and caught a flight to Delhi. The plane reached three hours late. The interviews were already over. In suicidal mood he came to me. I assured him that I would send him to U.S.A. I took a casual chance directly wrote a letter to honourable Jagjivan Ram stating the details that I was a Brahmin and I adopted scheduled caste boy for education and for no fault of his he missed interview of UPSC.

I did not expect any reply. However to my surprise after fifteen days Wagpanjar got the letter of appointment of class I service of India. That was the  great Jagjivan Ram. Wagpanjar received first salary of Rs.22000. He put the amount on my feet. I returned it told him to educate two poor boys. He did so. All my adopted students looked after education of one poor student irrespective of caste or creed. My student Khan was in Dar Es Salaam, Middle east and now in Canada.

1/1/87. Mr.Raj Narayan died.  He was friend of Krishnakantji Pandey.  Harold Wilson too died.

30/4/88.  Contents of this date are by mistake put on the page of 30/5/88 of the diary.

The description is regarding how I lost a piece of bone of Baba preserved from the day of cremation. Probably direct D.N.A. evidence lost. I am doubtful whether burnt bone could preserve DNA. There were eight old purses of my wife. Servant Govinda kept two purses and remaining were given to hawker. The purse in which bone was kept was in adjoining block of my firm. The block was vacated and servant Raghunath brought that purse and mixed it in the old lot of purses in the house. I was unaware of it. Bones of near and dear ones are never kept in the house and hence I kept them since 1976 in the adjoining block. When I realized it, I rushed to the farm but the two purses there were different. My B.P. shot up.  Doctor gave sedative. It was Baba’s will that no stone should know where he lie in the words of Alexander Pope. Ultimately destiny ruled. The bone was lost in hawker’s lot of purses.

31/10/88. Dr.Ram Pawar and I left for Nagpur.  Justice Loney and District Judge Kalvit met and took me for tea.

16/1/89.  Mrs. Pratibha Patil became President of Maharashtra Congress.  Rajiv Gandhi’s speech was arranged at Aurangabad. She arranged his audience with me but could not materialize due to his hectic schedule. I met Mr. Sharad Pawar, Chief Minister, at lunch in circuit house but he gave a cold shoulder.  Sudhakar Naik, Gulamnabi Azad, Bhaskar Shigne etc. met. Son of Bhaskar is minister now.

2/11/90.  Details of my meeting personally with Rajiv Gandhi at his residence arranged by Mrs.Pratibha Patil, Deputy Chairperson of Rajya Sabha: On 2/2/90 Mrs. Pratibha Patil took us for meeting with Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Shri Vasantrao Sathe, former Central Minister, joined us. We reached in the adjoining room of Mr. George and were about to call on Rajiv but some foreign delegation came and our appointment was postponed. Rajiv Gandhi left for Calcutta and returned in the evening. Mrs. Pratibha Patil arranged lunch from the canteen of Parliament. Dr. Pawar and I stayed with Baal Upadhye, Assistant Commissioner of Police of Delhi. He was in charge of deciding Prime Minister’s route in Delhi and escorted him. Rajiv used to drive car himself. Baal told that once Rajiv’s son Rahul and daughter Priyanka played prank and put their Alsatian dog on the armed sentry at home. The poor fellow threw off the stenguns and climbed the tree. Rajiv followed by Upadhye reached and found sentry on tree. Rajiv lost temper and slapped his son.

On 3rd Feb. 90 we stayed at Mrs. Pratibha Patil waiting for the call from the Prime Minister. My bosom friend Dr. Shekhawat is husband of Mrs. Patil joined us. There was a multi millionaire from Africa who was also to see Rajiv Gandhi to transfer millions of rupees from Africa to India. At 2 PM he left for lunch and in the mean time we got the call from the Prime Minister to see him at his home at 7, Race Course. Dr. Shekhawat, Mrs. Pratibha Patil, Dr. Ram Pawar and I reached there. Hundreds of congress workers including ministers were detained outside with no entry but we were immediately allowed entry. The Indian Congress Session was on going in Delhi. On the very day in the morning there was an attempt for coupe in Maldives islands and Rajiv was busy in ordering Indian army to thwart the coupe.  The army succeeded. We entered the conference room. Rajiv Gandhi came bare footed from inside. We shook hands. He had a grand and charming personality with simple manners.  Mrs. Patil introduced me to him as a scholar on Netaji’s life.  I did not see in him any visible interest regarding Netaji. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi accepted my invitation to come to Amravati and Vasantrao Sathe was to arrange concert of Lata Mangeshkar for Rajiv Gandhi as he was a great lover of music.  I requested Rajiv Gandhi to come with his wife Sonia and stay overnight for concert. He agreed. While coming out of his house I mentioned to Pratibha Patil as to how simpleton was Rajiv Gandhi. She corrected my blunder and ignorance and explained that word simpleton means nincompoop, fool or dunce. It was a lesson in my life and I still read in newspers this word used for simplicity. I appreciated her deep knowledge of English.  Vasantdada Patil was former Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Governor of Rajastan. He crossed us. Mr.Sharad Pawar, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, came to Pratibha Patil’s bungalow and assured me to make all arrangements of Gandhi’s visit.  Mrs. Vasudha Deshumkh (Later Amravati District Minister in charge) was with me for lunch.

The date of Rajiv Gandhi’s visit to Amravati was fixed in May. He was to come after election campaign in Tamilnadu. I decided to submit all evidence regarding Netaji’s survival in his visit. Unfortunately he was assassinated in Tamilnadu. Mr. Prabhakaran, the chief of LTTE hatched the conspiracy of his murder. He feared that Rajiv would again come to power. Rajiv became victim of his mother Indira Gandhi’s policy of sending Indian army to Sri Lanka to quell armed rebellion of LTTE.  Indian soldiers committed atrocities and killed thousands of Tamilians. The troops were withdrawn in March 1990. (Like Rajiv Baenazir Bhutto was victim to militants in Pakistan.) Prabhakaran was afraid that Rajiv would continue his mother’s policy of supporting the Government of Sri Lanka and hence the diabolic murder. Ironically ideal of Prabhakaran is Subhash Chandra Bose.

I was convinced that merciless destiny always put hassles and thwarted my efforts to reveal mystery of Netaji. Cruel fate always thwarted my attempts to let the world know the truth. The big wigs always put TBL.

6/5/90. A day of great sorrow and shock. My eldest brother Ramesh died at Bombay Hospital, Bombay. He was born in 1926. Because he looked after our house I could indulge in research adventure about Netaji and squander money for so many years. He was my mentor, legal adviser, guardian, and financer. What Sarat Bose was to Subhash he was to me.

12/5/90. The Parliament is pondering to bring so called ashes of Netaji from Japan.

14/5/90. Brother’s ashes arrived and I wept and wept. I performed all rituals at Ramtek that is our ancestral traditional place. Ashes of my parents, two brothers and a sister in law are immersed in the lake Ambada at Ramtek. My remnants too would join them.

20/12/90. It is last day of the Assembly Session at Nagpur.  Mr. Kumar Bobde, of the Lokmat, flashed my interview, statement and photos of Baba in headlines.

Bhawan’s address of Mauritius is on the last page of the diary. He is my student from Bombay and is nephew of Prime Minister of Mauritius.

21/1/91. I attended reception of Dr.Shekhawat and Mrs.Pratibha Patil’s son Rajendra at 5 Star Hotel Horizon, Bombay. I was entrusted with the job of receiving VIPs. Received Ramkrishna Bajaj, Sharad Pawar (C.M.), R.S. Gawai, Sudhakar Naik (C.M. later) and Vilas Deshmukh (present C.M.) and many dignitaries.

7/2/91. Anil Warhade, Education Minister came to see me at home.

13/2/91. Deputy speaker Prof. Sharad Tasare with wife came for lunch.

9/4/91. Eldest daughter Vaishali, secured merit 2nd at 10th and 8th at 12th Examination amongst one million students of Maharastra and second in B.E. Electronics in the Amravati University and now admitted to University of Florida, U.S.A. She will do her M.S. there.

21/5/91. Shocked to know Rajiv Gandhi murdered in the South. All my plans to receive him at Amravati fizzled out. I lost my mood and spent day in despair.

1/8/91.      Vaishali left for U.S.A. by BOAC. My chum R.S.Gawai, chairman Rajya Sabha and now Governor of Bihar was to throw send off dinner at his flat in Worali but suddenly he had to leave with my friend Sudhakar Naik, the Chief Minister, to inspect flood affected village Mohad near Nagpur. In my thesis I already predicted Mohad in danger of floods twenty-five years ago.

12/8/91. Younger daughter Vaidehi left for Pune for post graduation.

27/8/91. Gorbachev resigned. Baba was harbinger of death knell of Communism in Russia.  Shri Baba’s prophecy turned realty.

30/12/91.  Daughter Vaidehi and son Vilas left for Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong by Cathay Pacific.

26/1/92. Saw movie on Netaji on T.V.

16/5/92. I had complete health checkup at Hinduja Hospital, Bombay.

28/5/92. Justice Dhabe came to condole death of my brother Justice Ramesh Padhye.

5/9/92. News. Mr.Achyut Patwardhan expired at Varanasi as he slipped on railway platform. He was 82. Baba told stories about him. (Diaries). He was bachelor and lived at theosophical head quarter at Adyar. He wrote forward to historic book ‘Hansa Gaan’ of Gokhale.

18/8/92. Krishnakantdada’s letter received.

30/8/92. Principal’s charge taken. Vidarbha Mahavidyalaya is the biggest Government Arts and Science college of Maharashtra. Joined this college as a student in 1952 and as lecturer on 23/2/1963. Later I was head of the department of Geography as well.

1/9/92.      Mr. Usman Patel of I.N.A. died at Nasik.  He was ADC of Netaji and was with me before Khosla Commission.  He told me that he buried Netaji’s army uniform outside Taihoku airport.  He was 92 yrs. old.

21/10/92. On or around 16th Oct 92 Mr.Sahgal of I.N.A. died at New Delhi railway station on arrival from Kanpur. He succumbed to cardiac arrest.  His wife is Capt. Laxmi who headed Rani Zansi Regiment of INA and contested for Presidentship of India.

29/11/92.  On my request Chief Minister Sudhakar Naik, my classmate, arrived for ‘Bhoomi Poojan’ of college Auditorium.  Mr.Jayant Tilak, grandson of Lokmanya Tilak and speaker of the assembly accompanied him.  Free chat.  All officers from Pune and Bombay crowded here. Everybody was stunned when the Chief Minister disclosed that he and I sat together on one bench for four years in the college and played pranks with girls.

5/12/92.  News.  Babri Masjid of Ayodhya reduced to ground by agitators.

23/1/93. I had to reluctantly go to Asegaon to deliver lecture on Netaji being birth anniversary.

11/2/93. Vaidehi, my daughter, got admission in Manchester University, U.K., in Economic Agriculture from where she wanted to join UNO.

12/2/93. Son Vilas stood 3rd in Merit at B.A.

6/12/93. Daughter in law Swati delivered son at Bombay, first heir of Padhyes from the third generation.

7/12/93.  Wife had accident while alighting bus in Bombay and I rushed to J.J.hospital, Bombay.

12/12/93.  Wife was operated at Hinduja Hospital and artificial hip ball and socket was fitted. Dr. Vinay Joshi, her brother, and Dr. Agarwala performed operation. She arrived safe on 25/12/93 at home.

16/10/93. I sent our photo to Chinu.

17/8/94. Chinu’s letter from Uganda, Africa, arrived.  She did not receive my registered letter.  She is married with Mr. Pradhyot Somaiya, a chartered accountant.

7/12/04. Chinu’s letter came from Uganda.  She is curious not knowing anything about me.

11/4/95.  Shri Morarji Desai expired at 99 in the Jaslok Hospital, Bombay. Tomorrow he is to be cremated near Vallabhbhai Patel’s samadhi in Ahamadabad.  For 75 days he fought with blood clot.

7/5/95. Mr.Prem Bhatia expired today. He was eighty-three years old. Baba knew him and referred him to be at Singapore or Indonesia during World War II.

11/5/95. Read news about movie on Netaji released.

9/6/95. Sent letters to German Consulate, Netaji Research Bureau and information Service of Times of India, Bombay seeking Mrs. Emilie Bose’s address.  Also sent letter to Chinu.

10/10/95.   Sudhakar Naik, the Chief Minister, came again to inaugurate the hall on my request. Received him at the airport.

31/10/95. Retired today from the Government service as Principal. Free at long last.

5/12/95. Sent letter to Chinu.  Letter to Sharmishta Mukherjee, daughter of Pronab Mukherjee, Central Minister for foreign affairs and asked her to bring Mrs. Emilie Bose’s address through her father.

16/12/95. Sharmishta arrived but failed to obtain Mrs.Emilie Bose’s address. She is a Kathak dancer. I had arranged her programme at Amravati Sangget Kalopasak Sabha. Her mother escorted her. Both were happy to see oranges on my farm.  Son drove her around.

25/12/95.  Along with Prof. Chandrakar I went to Dr. Sushila Patil and drafted obituary to Netaji in newspapers on 2nd Jan. 96, the death anniversary.

2/1/96. Gave Advertisement of obituary to Netaji on 19th death anniversary. It appeared 10 Cm. 3 Col with block in local Hindustan and Janamadhyam. Loksatta gave too small news.  The Indian Express group covered the paid obituary in all editions all over India.  Mr. Kumar Bobde asked for advertisement and he gave good coverage too.  Paid Express group bill to Mr. Shashi Ohale.

4/1/96. Mr. Kumar Bobde gave proper and splendid coverage in Lokmat.

In response to published obituary to Netaji only two queries came.  One was from Tambi of Chembur, Bombay and, R. Dasgupta of Lucknow. Mr. Dasgupta sent a big bundle of news items on Netaji in Bengali script.

15/3/1996. Jana Madhyam in its Wardha edition shot a good news item and my letter of challenge to Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee who was due in neighbouring Yeotmal district.

2/1/1997. My Son Vilas married Miss Alka Badhe. Marriage was solemnized at Nagpur.  He is M.A. in Psychology and she in Music with statistic at graduation. She is a University champion and color holder of badminton.

18/1/97. News: Netaji Award given to Mujibur Rahman, posthumously.

23/1/97. Nation is celebrating Netaji’s birth centenary.

20/2/97. Daughters moved all documents on Netaji from the Godrej Almira long ago. I was not informed about it. All was in mess and disarray. I was very upset. With servant arranged all and God knows what is missing. Typing to start.

A bunch of about five hundred letters from all over India is missing. Some document are eaten by bugs and fungus formed on photo frames. My B.P. shot up.

4/3/97. I worked heavily for six hours with great mental strain.  Section 17 and 18 were misplaced.  First telegram and last letter from Shri Baba will have to be searched out.

14/3/97. Heavy work of writing continued.

7/4/97. Son Vilas selected by MPSC as lecturer in Govt. College, Aurangabad.

10/5/97. Wife alone for U.S.A.  I  could not go due to writing work.  She arrived on 10/9/97

17/12/97. Contacted the Times of India, Bombay by phone to flash obituary to Netaji. Rate was Rs.525 per cm per column. Out of reach.

19/12/97. Working on Notes and preparation. Pradip Deshpande, editor of Janamadhyam arranged press conference at my home. About twenty-five reporters came.  Gave them handout and two photographs of dead body of Netaji.  Two facsimile of Netaji’s handwriting were also given.  One Photostat was of original handwriting of Subhash Bose and another from letter to me.

22/12/97. The Press was told to flash the news on 2/1/98, the real death anniversary called ‘Punyatithi‘. I was shocked to see report and photographs published by Mr. Nanak Ahuja of daily newspaper Pratidin and he was to continue daily. He shot the news before assigned date.

24/12/97.  Mr. Shashi Ohale of Indian Express came.  Gave him notes on Netaji. Pratidin newspaper of Ahuja made a mess of press conference. He added fiction and released the news before time.

27/12/97.  I sent a letter to Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee through Adv. Dr. Ghatate of Delhi by courier service. Some Pressman from Bombay came.  Sent note to PTI. Given also to Ohale.

2/1/98. No news reported by any paper on Netaji’s real death anniversary.    Belied and dismayed.

7/3/98.  Nephew Vivek’s wife gave birth to granddaughter Arya. Premature baby. The kid is going to lower my blood pressure.

8/8/98. Cleaned all documents and library on Netaji.  Shocked to see fungus.  Bookworms and rats spoiled some papers and photos.  Cleaned everything. It took three hours. It was shocking to see documents spoiled.

17/10/98.  Along with wife Shefali alias Kunda left for Sanfrancisco by Singapore Air Line from Sahar, Bombay at 0045 hours. A full bag of books, diaries and papers carried with me to type in U.S.A

24/10/98   At Freemont, Sanfrancisco completed first chapter ‘Me’. Worked daily for eight hours on laptop

15/11/98. Daughter Vaishali delivered twin-daughters Anushka and Anjali.  I became grandfather first time.

21/11/98. Completed typing diaries up to 1965 in USA.

3/12/98. I carried Vaishali’s electronic typewriter and left Sanfrancisco. I reached Vaidehi’s house at Vancouver. Typing continued heavily.  Wife joined me later on 15/12/98. I did lot of typing with the aid of scotch.

29/12/98. Vancouver.  Sent letter to Prof. Leonard Gordon care of rector Brooklyn University and also care of Penguin publishers.

18/1/99.  In Los Angeles, after a day’s stay with wife’s friend Mrs. Parasnis, went to my cousin Mrs. Kishori Pathak.  She dropped us at the airport. By Singapore Air Line we took off at 11.30 P.M.

20/1/99. Fourteen hours after landed at Taipei (Taihoku).  One date is missing because of the crossing of the International Date Line.  There was one and half-hours halt at Taipei, Taiwan.  This was the place of so-called death of Netaji in air crash.  The Captain of the plane was Dilip Patel of Singapore and co-pilot Mr. Disoza Menon of Kerala.  I discussed with Mr. Patel that I wanted record of Netaji’s accident of 18th Aug.1945.  He told me to wait.  I sneaked around the offices of the airport.  Purchased photo cards and coins of Taiwan.  All young officers met and they could not tell anything about sixty-year-old record. The terminus was long one.  I was late.  The plane was detained and four calls were given but I could did not realize due to defective hearing.  My description was shot out.  A policeman detected me and was annoyed.  He rushed me to the plane.  My wife was panicky and searching for me.  I boarded the delayed plane.  After take off I went to pilot’s cabin.  In the cockpit Mr. Patel was annoyed.  He informed that thrice he searched me at the airport.  I apologized.  Both the pilots knew Netaji and his work.  They were very curious and inquisitive but at the same time were afraid.  Mr. Patel stressed that an enquiry at the Taipei airport would have ended in arrest of all of us.

Mr. Dilip Patel cooled down and showed me the map of the Taipei airport and confirmed the direction of the old strip.  The new airstrip was in the same direction but extended further to the North East. He emphasized that the direction of any airport’s strip depends on the average wind draft of the site.

Pilot Dilip Patel opined that if the speed of the Sally Bomber was 200 miles per hour and if the crash took place two minutes after takes off, the plane would have been three miles away and crashed on the city of Taipei. The discrepancies about the height of the Sally Bomber and the site and the way it crashed are already shown in the separate chart.

Both the pilots became polite and friendly.  I thanked them and bade good-bye. Left the cockpit.

21/1/99.  Ten hours after we had halt at Singapore. We reached Bombay at 1.30 A.M.

23/1/99. Netaji Jayanti is today.  Newspapers mentioned 102nd birthday. Birth anniversary is counted after one year from the birth.

24/1/99. An avalanche of economic crisis struck.  My niece incurred loss of more than seventy lakh and nephew eight lakh.  In addition loss of eight lakh to me in share transaction about which I knew little.

1/3/99. I completed page 417 of the diaries.

13/3/99. I received seven old editorials on Netaji by Shri Madkholkar, Editor of Tarun Bharat.

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