1966 – To Himalayas

Author | September 26, 2009

Got up at 3 A.M. washed clothes.  Decided not to shave hereafter. Bath. Breakfast.  Had been to office. Came to know that it was decided to leave at 11 A.M. after taking lunch. Showed magic tricks to about thirty children.  All were bare bodied.  Poverty was speaking. They all had great fun. At midday I [...]

1966 – Back to Ashram

Author | September 20, 2009

An urgent telegram from Ashram came enquiring my welfare. Sent telegraphic reply.
Resigned from all committees of the state Government as it was too taxing and time consuming with a lot of journey every week. It was a substantial loss of additional income.
News. Bengal riots culminating worst. Military called in. Eleven persons shot [...]

1966 – Bombay

Author | September 17, 2009

Bombay. Lot of people from Amravati came to my room at C road, Curchgate. Arun Rudkar, Lalit Deshmukh, Galande, Captain Raja Deshmukh, Kamal Bokey with her younger brother, etc. I entertained them. All were inquisitive to confirm whether I was becoming a ‘Sadhu’. The rumor spread like wild fire everywhere.
At [...]

1966 – Quest for Funds

Author | September 10, 2009

1966:  A Year of Goodbye to Shaulmari Ashram
Address on the front page of Diary: Bhat Surendranath son of Dhirendranath, Pandya of Badrikashram, P.O. Badrinath, district Chamoli (Garhwal)
Krishnakant Pandey came by plane from Calcutta to Nagpur and further by bus to my home at Amravati.  In the evening we called on Anantlal Dammani who expressed his [...]