Back to Amravati

Author | June 21, 2010

It was raining yet and I had to take bath.  Message came that both of us be sent.  We went in and were sitting in his hut.  Baba got up and in his usual style held Radhakant’s ear and showered slaps on his cheeks.  He would wash hand and again repeat the performance then said, [...]

From Calcutta to Ashram

Author | June 19, 2010

At 6 A.M. both of us got down at Mogalsarai station and by taxi went to Chakraborty’s house.  He had gone to Nainital therefore Radhakantji took me to Mr. Munshi postmaster.  He complained about Ratan Maheshwari.  After ablution we left for Banaras station.  On way we collected our luggage from a petrol pump where it [...]

Legal matters in Calcutta

Author | June 17, 2010

After bath, I completed diary.  Kalibabu’s mother came and I was shocked when she said she came to know that I was a good palmist and that I should see her hand. She was very unhappy. She lost her elder son and husband and wanted to join them. I consoled her.  After breakfast Gobindbabu and [...]

Netaji’s submarine came to Madras

Author | June 15, 2010

26/6/2010: (continued..)
Then Niharendudada directly turned on the topic of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.  He questioned me as to what was my opinion.  I politely told him that I would not tell then and there.
He said, “ Baba himself told lot of stories of Netaji to Krishnakant and Radhakant and they are convinced that he is [...]

Met Niharendu Dutt Mazumdar

Author | June 13, 2010

Reached Howrah station at 3.30 P.M. No one came to receive me. I managed to reach Kalibabu Chaterjee’s house and met him for the first time.  He is a young man with narrow eyes and fair complexion.  He roared in the house.  Seemed temperamental.  Gave me warm reception. We talked. He showed a six-inch long [...]

To Amravati then Calcutta

Author | June 11, 2010

Got up at 2.45 A.M. bath.  Wrote diary. Winded up.  Ready to start my journey to Kunda chatti, Rudraprayag, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Delhi, Nagpur and Amravati.
After Agastimuni driver of my bus drove fast to catch further gate.  When bus was on climb and slow near Rudraprayag the steering rod broke.  All of us escaped certain death [...]

Plans for loans

Author | June 9, 2010

I completed routine. At 7 A.M. Dinbandhu and I left fast by taking sweet ‘Chhana’ (split milk).  At 10 A.M. I had lunch.  Some villagers with Shyamlalji brought petition of scarcity of drinking water. I kept it.  He handed Radhakantji’s letter care of him.  I had to read it as it was in Hindi in [...]

Bose & Baba – similar traits

Author | June 6, 2010

Got up at 4.15 A.M. drank water. Performed meditation and ‘japa’.  Lost comb.  Bath.  Took buttermilk.  Wrote Diary. Read Dasbodh.  I was talking with Dinbandhu when Ramanidada brought the file on Shah Nawaz case and as per Baba’s direction handed it over to me.  I was reading it.  An open challenge [...]

Nehru’s suspicion

Author | June 3, 2010

Got up late.  After routine met Baba outside.  He offered ‘khichari’ to dogs but they did not touch.  Calf of the cow was also brought.  I told Baba that loan bonds were given to Budhiballabhji.  Baba observed that he was economically poor.  I expressed worry about money.  I requested him to suggest different sources.  I [...]

Baba is upset, visitors

Author | June 1, 2010

Got up and finished routine. The sanyasi from the bank of the Narmada came again.  His hut is six miles away.  He brought spinach for Baba.  I paid half rupee.  He would rest here today.  Mitranandji and Dhasmana came.  Mitranand gave two hundred rupees yesterday and one hundred today.  Total loan was Rs. three hundred.
After [...]