Ashram’s Response

Author | July 18, 2010

At Bombay discussed historical aspect of Baba’s survival, national and international legal position of Netaji’s existence with great historian Setu Madhavrao Pagdi. Out of six members I was one on the official committee to revise District Gazetteers of Maharashtra and Pagdi was chairman. The revision is done once in hundred years.
Received Regd. Letter from Baba [...]

Ashram Defamed in Parliament

Author | July 15, 2010

My father and me had difference on Ashram business.  He did not want his son to be befooled.
A Regd.letter from Gyanbabu, Shaulmari, came.  A court case against Navabharat was to be instituted at Amravati by my brother Advocate R.S. Padhye. He sent a copy of petition of Ashram for guidelines.
Ramani Rajan Das’s Regd. Letter dictated [...]

Funds-INA soldier-Ltr to Taiwan

Author | July 8, 2010

Mitranand shivered and had high temperature.  Called our family physician Dr.R.G. Wani. He began treatment. I gave a room to Mitranand upstairs and was shocked to see him sleeping naked.  I met lot of people begging for loan and about four persons promised.
The whole day I was in search of loan.  Suresh Sikchi gave hundred [...]

Guruji Gowalkar

Author | July 1, 2010

On 6th M.P.Deshmukh informed me that my name was in Central Intelligence Department regarding Netaji. Some officer Mr.Patwardhn cautioned him. I already knew that I was under surveillance and my mail was opened and censored regularly.
Read news in Free Press Journal, Bombay that H.V. Kamath was going to Taiwan in October for enquiry of Netaji’s [...]