Marathon Dictations continue..

Author | September 30, 2010

I got up late.  Finished routine.  It was very cold and cloudy.  No Sunlight and yet fly killing campaign was to begin.  We were waiting for Penoli’s arrival with spray pumps from Guptakashi. Baba came out and said, “Suresh, you  must know all principles because in future people will ask you many questions and you [...]

Baba’s Dictations..

Author | September 28, 2010

At 3 A.M. Ramanidada came and woke me up and told that all of us were immediately called by Baba.  We reached.  As told by him I procured a book ‘Crisis of our Age’ by P.A. Sorokin.  It was lying near his bed half read.  A book on Yoga and two big volumes of Life [...]

Year 1967

Author | September 25, 2010


Got up at 5 A.M. It is New Year’s Day. Woke up others.  We all attended a prayer.  Shomu recited a line and we repeated it in Bengali.  After the prayer we completed ablutions and I went on sentry duty.  Ramanidada came.  We had a chat. The Sun rose.  Ramanidada left to take the Sunrays [...]

Dictations: Society, Politics..

Author | September 19, 2010

30/12/1966: con’t
Baba continued his marathon dictations..
We discussed the proposed plan and told him that the permission of the Government would be required to get foreign funds and after argument and explanation he admitted that he was assuming rules and regulations of the British regime wrongly.  He said, “The foreigners who were coming were of high [...]

Dictations: Spirituality con’t

Author | September 17, 2010

Finished routine.  Penauli and Saxena got ready to leave.  Radhakant and Saxena were talking with Baba. I purposely avoided joining them because I was not inclined to take bath in cloudy weather.  Baba went in.  I was told that programme had changed.  Radhakant was instructed to go to Punjab and get money from engineer Satyasaran.  [...]

Dictation: Dimension of Consciousness

Author | September 15, 2010

29/12/1966 con’t:
When everything was planned Baba gave the following dictation, which was reward of my question on Valmiki and Buddha.
“Any attempt to understand works and phenomena of one dimension of consciousness by referring these to another dimension of consciousness is a silly and chaotic one.  Today you have indulged in this sort of folly and [...]

Dictations: Spirituality vs Ignorance

Author | September 12, 2010

Got up at 4 A.M. because Baba himself came, woke Radhakant and took him to his hut.  He was warned not to hide other’s shortcoming.  He was made to do sit ups holding his own ears as punishment. He told him that his suffering of body was beyond ken of Radhakant.  He was made to [...]

Netaji Psychosis

Author | September 10, 2010

Weather was cloudy.  Ramesh Saxena recited some Urdu poetry.  He told that a few days ago Baba was angry because milk was not boiled before midday and did not take food for two days.  When calmed down he took the nostalgic trip down the memory lane and recounted that in his young days he had [...]

Asshram again: Baba’s Dictations

Author | September 7, 2010

Caught first gate and arrived at Rudraprayag at 3 P.M. Agent of News papers Mr.Bhat stopped newspapers for non-payment. Told him to continue and cleared his dues. Before Rudraprayag Agent of cigarettes met at Shrinagar and purchased one carton for Baba.  Got bus for Okhimath. S.D.M. of Joshimath occupied my reservation at Rishikesh.  I removed [...]

Short trip home

Author | September 5, 2010

It was cold.  I did planting and warmed hands in kitchen.  All were working.  Twenty villagers were invited for social work of gardening and only six turned out.  Baba came out.  He took me aside and asked whether I could procure a few thousand rupees through Dandge or from anywhere.  I flatly said no and [...]

Events that followed..

Author | September 3, 2010

Salil Mittra and I were having a chat on the isolated riverbank.  He narrated that a day previous to my arrival Baba was awfully angry because Udaysingh of Okhimath was allowed to leave without giving him food.  It was evening.  Then at 9 P.M. they were sent to Okhimath to fetch him.  He was brought [...]

Back to Ashram..Chinu’s birth

Author | September 1, 2010

Evening reached the camp and had cold-water bath.  Shomu was happy to see me.  Salilbabu, an accountant in steel firm, Gobind Shah and Ramen Roy, all from Calcutta were there since eight days.  Chamoli of Vidyapith met.  Then Ratan came and told that he wanted to give happy message in Hindi from Baba.  It meant [...]