Baba & Netaji on Synthesis

Author | October 30, 2010

I had a beautiful colored dream and when I got up early the sounds of music of orchestra were still clearly ringing in my ears.  Day before yesterday I and Baba had chat on the great philanthropist Yehudi Menuin and probably the dream was its sequel.  Menuin breathed his last in Berlin on 12-3-99 at [...]

Real Greatness..

Author | October 28, 2010

Got up and finished routine.  I was about to go for bath when Baba came out and called all of us.  He then told us to pluck all beds of spinach and cauliflowers because he said he was going to remain closed for fifteen days and none would be allowed to come to that side.  [...]

Idealism & Selfishness..

Author | October 26, 2010

Got up early.  The temperature was almost zero degrees centigrade.  Message came that Baba called us all within half an hour.  Cold wind was blowing. We had to take bath with cold water.  Every one of us was shivering.  We lit the fire but by then final call came.  We sat in his hut in [...]

Shah Nawaz Case..

Author | October 24, 2010

I got up before sunrise and finished bath.  Attended sentry duty.  A message came to us that all of us were to take lunch in Baba’s kitchen.  We were elated to see that delicious and palatable food prepared by him awaited us. After some time, Baba came out and took me around the garden.  He [...]

Dictations on sub consciousness

Author | October 22, 2010

I got up early.  Wrote diary and went on sentry duty.  Radhakantji relieved me.  Finished routine.  I then got busy in construction of urinals.  Radhakantji warned me not to trust Ratan Maheshwari. He told stories of Calcutta and by then Shomu brought the message that Baba called us.  I rushed with notebook and we sat [...]

Shaulamari Case, Poetry & more

Author | October 20, 2010

I was awake in bed and whiled away time presuming that Baba was closed inside and hence there was no pressure on mind.  However, Shomu came, and told me that Baba has called Radhakantji and me.  As if I had electric shock I bounced out of bed ran to the river, had bath and change [...]

Spiritual Sadhana..

Author | October 16, 2010

Baba’s dictation in Hindi at 3.30 P.M. is translated as below:
“Spiritual Sadhana is making the intellect and heart both deeper and vaster seriously and successively. You meditate, count beads, and worship but if meditation, counting the beads and worship do not make your heart and intelligence deeper and vaster, the meditation, the counting of beads, [...]

Like Netaji, Baba wants unfaltering loyalty

Author | October 14, 2010

I finished routine and Baba came out in the morning and we moved around to see plants.  Then again I was with him at midday.  Weather was cloudy and chilly.  Baba again told lot of stories of the revolutionaries.  He told how Mr.(I forgot name) accelerated Netaji psychosis. He told  his daughter about it. Once [...]

Baba’s three questions to me

Author | October 10, 2010

I got up leisurely, as Baba was to remain closed.  However, Ramanidada came and told that Baba had given three questions for me and I should be ready with answers at 9.30 A.M. when he would call me after finishing his meal.  I jotted the questions and during sentry duty prepared answers.  The questions were:
(1) [...]