Netaji’s mother

Author | November 30, 2010

When I was on the river taking bath message came that I was summoned immediately. I hurriedly approached.  He changed his mind and told me to come after his early meals.  I finished breakfast and by 9.30 A.M. we were together.  He opened talk on poets.  He described alliteration of Scott and then stories of [...]

Name change – like Netaji

Author | November 29, 2010

The seventeenth Republic Day of India today.  By the time I finished routine Baba summoned.  He gave direction about payments and money matter. He gave a note to Saxena and told him to read out to others after his departure. The contents were that he was leaving to dodge the Devilish forces and would return [...]

Plans to avoid Arrest

Author | November 27, 2010

I completed routine. Dandge and I knew not that we were taking daily bath on a dead body.  A heap of boulders protruded in the turbulent current. It was convenient to sit on it. We found a green cloth and hence removed boulders. We were shocked to see a lady’s hand with bangles. Literally we [...]

More Dictations

Author | November 25, 2010

At 5 A.M. saw off guests of Meerut and took a nap again. Dandge and I finished bath at the river. Baba then called me and told that if he did not come out upto 30th Jan. 67, I should handover the following dictated letter to sub inspector Baljor Singh.
“To Shri Baljor Singhji,
Station Officer, Okhimath [...]

Jan 23rd Netaji’s Birthday

Author | November 23, 2010

Today is birthday of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. He was born on this day in 1897. It is seventieth birthday. I expected Baba to remain shut today but in the morning he called Radhakant and Rajat and told them to leave the camp and go back home.  Again twice he called them and rebuked them.  [...]

More bad news

Author | November 21, 2010

I was chitchatting with Radhakantji in the morning.  Salil arrived from Calcutta. He told work did not materialize.  Niharendu Dutt Mazumdar told him that he was not prepared to prosecute the magistrate who issued arrest warrant against Baba.  He expressed fear that if the case was lost he would be defamed and his reputation would [...]

Pressure & Anger

Author | November 19, 2010

I got up early and finishing the routine got ready in woolen suit and awaited Baba’s arrival in front of Ramanidada’s hut.  Ramanidada too joined me.  I was to accompany Baba wherever he would go including police station.  Exactly at 9.30 A.M. Baba came out. He was clad in white round dhoti and half sleeved [...]

Warrant pressure, Dandge arrives

Author | November 17, 2010

At 10.30 A.M. Baba called me and gave the following dictation, which was the result of my pleading for Radhakant’s delay in arrival.
“You all must understand my normal way to speaking and giving direction. When you go to a certain place and in my view it is a necessity for you to come back on [...]

Baba’s Arrest Warrant

Author | November 15, 2010

Got up early.  After exercise, meditation, etc., waited for the Sunrise to take bath.  Baba was to take early lunch by 9.30 A.M.  Therefore he came out early and was waiting for me.  As I was late he asked me whether I got up late.  I told that I got up very early but waited [...]

Dictations on Courage & Strength

Author | November 13, 2010

Due to cold got up late.  Took heavy breakfast.  Some people from Okhimath came.  Arranged tea for them.  Message came from Baba that I should be ready by 11 A.M.
Baba finished his lunch and came out.  Two of us sat outside.  He loved columnist of Dawn of Karachi, Altaf, and told Royjee’s wit on his [...]

Reconctruction after fire

Author | November 11, 2010

After finishing my routine at 6.30 A.M. we started cleansing operation of the burnt site.  Baba came and took Radhakant and me to his kitchen where we warmed up our frozen fingers.  Baba expressed his worry as to how to procure necessities and I informed him about serendipity find of hundred and seventy rupees in [...]

Fire breaks out

Author | November 9, 2010

In the morning Baba was enjoying the Sunlight. Radhakant, Shibnath and I were sitting near him.  Gossip on nature of Ratan, Ramen and Kali opened. I kept mum.  He remarked that Ratan had ‘Bania’ (Businessman) mentality. I said money was his drawback. I disclosed that he twice bamboozled me by asking money in the name [...]

Shaulamari Ashram case..

Author | November 1, 2010

In the morning Salil and Shibnath Bose arrived from Calcutta.  At 10 A.M. he came out and called me.  We discussed yesterday’s notes.  He aptly defined, “agglomeration is like mechanical mixture, conglomeration is like chemical mixture and synthesis like ionization.”  His art of explaining subtle nuances was unique and superb.
Salil and Shibnath were called.  They [...]