Return to camp without Baba

Author | December 30, 2010

Though awake since long I came out after the Sunrise at 7.30 A.M. I replenished the stock of logs near Baba’s fire.  I cautioned him that giant rats were profuse.  He immediately collected his belongings from the adjacent open room and kept near him.  I was made to sit in front of him.  Then he [...]

Return to Rambada

Author | December 28, 2010

Got up late.  Baba called us. He told his decision that he would not return. He said that he studied all the avenues but no way out.  It was of no use. He decided to proceed farther and told us to start when the Sun would be sufficiently high in the eastern sky.  He told [...]

Gaurikund to Rambada & beyond

Author | December 26, 2010

Got up at 7.30 A.M.  All of us were stiff due to cold.  Collected luggage and began our march forward.  After fifty yards the climb was over and we were treading the slope. There we came across fresh spoors of a tiger and a pair of bruins.  We continued the march.  Owing to snowfall surrounding [...]

Tough hike to Gaurikund

Author | December 24, 2010

Got up at 7.30 A.M. we finished ablution on a spring near P.W.D. cabin.  Shomu and Inder went ahead to arrange meals.  I had fifty rupees out of which ten were spent at Nala chatti and ten were then given to Shomu.  At 9.30 A.M. we began our trek.  On way at a spring Baba [...]

Baba goes to Gaurikund

Author | December 22, 2010

Baba remained closed.  I was on sentry duty chitchatting with Salil.  Ramanidada joined us.  He said Baba would definitely come out and that he would not remain closed.  His premonition through long association and experience proved to be true.  By then Baba came out with his chair. He ensconced and we were called.  One constable [...]


Author | December 20, 2010

Got up at 4 A.M.  After ablution Govind, Chandrashekhar Dandge, servant Inder and I walked down to Kunda Chatti.  My knee sprained and troubled.  For my mother I gave plants of ‘Chandramaulika’ (chrysanthemum) and holy Ganges water in an empty bottle of brandy.  The bus arrived in a minute of our approach and Dandge rushed [...]

Sarat Chandra Bose

Author | December 18, 2010

In the morning Baba came out for a very short time and went back.  We did not talk.  After lunch we had brief rest.  Then I prepared the approach road of boulders leading to urinals.  After that laid bricks along the flower and vegetable beds.  Till evening Baba did not come out. When he came [...]

Swami Vekanand

Author | December 16, 2010

Radhakantji tried to appease me.  Baba called me early.  He opened yesterday’s discussion regarding Grand Canal construction. He was thinking of construction of a canal from Assam to Bombay. He proposed its dimensions as sixty feet deep and four thousand feet wide and that would be utilized for navigation, irrigation, fishery and flood control. I [...]

I got upset

Author | December 14, 2010

8 A.M. I got up early and completed routine.  I was about to go for bath when Baba called me and I was surprised to see him because he was to remain closed.  He warned that all the cooking in the camp must be finished before 10.30 A.M.  Then he told me to call Ramsingh [...]

4 Categories of men

Author | December 12, 2010

Got up at 6 A.M. and hurriedly got ready to go to Deora Tal.  Before leaving Shomu brought the message from Baba that we should not catch fish by hook because fish would have lengthy painful death.
Dandge, Shomu, Gobind, servant Indersingh and I began our journey.  We reached Okhimath by 9 A.M. and made purchases [...]

Life subsists on Life

Author | December 10, 2010

I got up early and took hot water bath on health ground.  I left for meditation during which I contemplated Baba’s nature and behaviour.  I came to conclusion by analyzing the week’s hectic activity and experience upto date that no member or follower of the Ashram, no disciple or devotee, no acolyte or aficionado ever [...]

Operation fox

Author | December 7, 2010

Got up early and together with Chandrashekhar alias Bhaiyya, we finished routine.  Baba was already sitting outside in the morning Sun.  We approached and realized that an inconceivable and unconventional problem emerged.  At night a fox entered Baba’s kitchen and relished surface layer of ‘ghee’ stored in a container.  All contents of the kitchen were [...]

Back in camp

Author | December 4, 2010

In wee hours taxi left. I was told that the driver was asking for me.  I arranged to give him baksheesh.  After my bath I was called.  Baba was sitting outside.  He told me to read out the note dictated in Hindi for Radhakant.  Its import was Radhakant did not give his [...]

Baba’s Escape..

Author | December 1, 2010

I got up at 3 A.M. Baba called me in his hut.  He was indignant because ‘ghee’ (boiled butter) was kept in an aluminum box.  It should have been kept in threaded one and that should have been packed in another box otherwise according to him magnetism was lost.  He scolded for carelessness.  He ordered [...]