Individual vs Collective living

Author | January 28, 2011

I finished routine and took cold-water bath.  Felt chilly and hence wrapped a shawl.  Baba came out early and asked me whether I was feeling cold.  I told him I took bath in cold water.  He heartily laughed.  Together we worked in the garden and then I left for breakfast. He called others first then [...]

Ashram routine continues

Author | January 26, 2011

I gave seventy rupees to Budhiballabhji for purchases and thirty to Ramanidada.  I gave more than sixteen hundred rupees since my arrival this time.  Not well. I had trouble of burning feet?  I was taking rest. Baba as expected came out. Umpteen times I found he could not remain closed as assured.  He called me. [...]

Baba’s Future Government

Author | January 24, 2011

In the early morning Ramanidada and Gobind carried Malta fruits and went to Baba.  I finished my routine and then saw Baba descending followed by others. He reached the camp and sat on a chair near Ramanidada’s hut under the shady tree. All of us assembled.  He was in good mood.  He told me not [...]

Return to the Plains?

Author | January 22, 2011

I got ready and Baba came out in the morning.  He told me that he would go to the plains.  He was fed up with human nature.  He would make arrangement of money but would not return.  He was in a bad temper.  I sneaked out for breakfast.  Again I was summoned.
Baba said, “Why this [...]

Wadotkar leaves

Author | January 20, 2011

Finished routine. At 10.15 A.M. Baba called me and gave the following note:
“To a great extent man speaks from the subconscious and the unconscious.  He does not know from where the major parts of what he speaks emanate.  For all inner development unless by continuous analysis and introspection you strive hard to get at the [...]


Author | January 17, 2011

Got up early and finished routine.  Ramanidada came at 8 A.M. and handed over the following note.  Prabhakar was on the river for bath.  The note ran:
“For Suresh and Prabhakar
Shri Krishnamurti has confusion about the meaning of self-expansion and substitution.  When you substitute your district for your village, your province for your district, and ultimately [...]

Porposeful Dictations

Author | January 15, 2011

Got up leisurely, as Baba was to remain closed.  It was bright Sunlight. Baba called Shomu in and my premonition about his not remaining in isolation proved right.  We went to river for bath, washed clothes, finished breakfast, garden work, lunch chat and nap.
Today is the day of dark Moon viz. Amavasya. This is important [...]

Discussions on J.Krishnamurti

Author | January 12, 2011

In the wee hours Saxena left for purchases.  I finished exercise, meditation, warm water bath, etc. and was waiting for his call.
Baba called in Prabhakar and me.  We had discussion on J.Krishnamurti and other topics.  Baba then gave the following dictation:
“Let me start with one incident. In the year 1899, Swami Vivekananda had been engrossed [...]

At camp again, with Wadotkar

Author | January 10, 2011

In protest, mother was on fast and she was off on me for visiting Ashram and spending on it.  Brother Ramesh told that the Ashram’s case against Bennet Colman and Navabharat Times was dismissed in default.  The judge deliberately played mischief.  When brother met him in the chamber the judge told him that being March [...]

I reach home

Author | January 8, 2011

Not feeling well. I did not take bath but wash only.    Baba came out.  We sat together and general discussion began.  Salil’s letter was discussed.  He too would go home for some days, Baba observed.  Letters from his home came.  Baba then said that we should move on 16th.  Salil smilingly told that instead of [...]

Baba is back in camp

Author | January 5, 2011

At 3.30 A.M. in the wee hours a moaning sound calling Shomu’s name startled us all. We were electrified by Baba’s sound.  Rushed out.  Baba was so much exhausted that he was squatting on the ground in front of our hut. Bachiram accompanied him.  What a stamina and strain at this age to cover Himalayan [...]

Tragedy of Baba/Netaji..

Author | January 1, 2011

Got up late.  Body was stiff like a wooden log.  Took hot water bath.  Felt better.  Had lunch and rest all the day.
Never in my entire life span till today I was so much debilitated by about fifty-two miles walk in two days and the strain of the Himalayan one mile with stupendous ups and [...]