Baba Explodes & leaves

Author | May 31, 2011

After bath took coffee at Dinudada.  A man who was to purchase land and give money refused because of his wife’s insistent denial.  Everything was upset.
Baba summoned me in and gossip began.  Haribandhu interrupted and informed about the cancellation of sale of land.  Baba became furious.  His reverberating roaring could be heard a furlong away.  [...]

Ashram Correspondence

Author | May 29, 2011

Washed clothes and took bath.  Baba called me in.  We gossiped.  He was very much obsessed by Ratan’s behaviour and Baba’s pugnacious nature made him restless.  We thought of alternative measures to straighten Ratan.  He then left for bath.  Day’s dak arrived.  Saxena reached home safely.  Nityababu from Dibrugarh wrote that he sent rupees nineteen [...]


Author | May 27, 2011

Got up early at 4 A.M. I finished routine chore.  Had mudi as breakfast at Dinudada.  His temperature was still ranging high.
After return Baba called me in and made me sit very near him.  He taught and demonstrated as to how the Sunrays were to be absorbed in eyes.  He then advised to follow the [...]

Buadi & Gita reunited

Author | May 25, 2011

Got up early and finished routine chore.  I was prepared to leave and meet Baba.  At 8 A.M. Gita expressed her inability to go on the mission, as it was a must to prepare ghee from butter for Baba’s kitchen.  Moreover she feared that by going that day Baba might doubt about sudden transformation of [...]

Baba’s domestic troubles

Author | May 23, 2011

In the morning Gobind left for Siliguri to receive Ramesh Saxena.  I got up at ease. Typed a letter and took bath.  Since Falakata township was boycotted I had to send a man to Birpara for posting the letter.  Then  I called upon Dinbandhu as he had fever.
The secretary Ramanidada too was groaning with throbbing [...]

Baba moves out of Ashram

Author | May 21, 2011

Got up at ease. I had bath.  Kalibabu returned.  He informed that Baba stayed under a railway bridge at night and then turned towards tea garden.  He cancelled his programme of going to Assam.  After some time a man approached the combing party and leaked the news that Baba was in tea garden.  Gobind, Parth [...]


Author | May 19, 2011

Got up early. Festival of lights begins today. First day of Diwali festivity called ‘Narkachaturdashi’ meaning the fourteenth day of lunar almanac, a day before the dark Moon, on which Lord Krishna killed demon Narkasur.  ‘Laxmi Poojan’ is also today. It is on the day of dark Moon.  It is a ritual on which day [...]

Financial woes at Ashram

Author | May 17, 2011

Got up late as I had cramps in the stomach.  The boiled rice did not suit. Rest.  Bath.  Then with Gobind went to Sukumar for breakfast.  Baba was loitering in the garden.  Message came we all were called.  Again there was no ration in the Ashram.  Worry and stark worry. Baba proposed to sell a [...]

Netaji’s Obituary to Nehru

Author | May 15, 2011

On hearing about sad demise of Jawaharlal Nehru Founder of Shaulmari Ashram, His Holiness Sardanandji was disturbed very much. On the next day he dictated the following obituary, i.e., on 27th May 1964 and told to give it to newspapers for publication. However all Ashramites restrained him from doing so.
On 30/10/1967  His Holiness instructed me [...]

Routine with Baba starts again

Author | May 12, 2011

In the early morning finished ablution and meditation. After taking bath got ready for the call. Soon Baba ushered me inside.  We discussed the whole situation and had some intimate discussion. Then pondered over pros and cons of the case to be instituted.  Yesterday he proposed that I should draft the petition but I expressed [...]

I arrive at Shaulamari

Author | May 10, 2011

Tuesday.  Reached Air Carrying Corporation in the morning.  Gobind arrived directly.  Shibnath and Salil saw us off at the aerodrome.  The flight of the old Dakota took off at 8.15 A.M.  Reached Cooch Behar at 10.30 A.M. (two days journey by train).  Sukumar was sent to receive us. By bus we reached Falakata and got [...]

Baba returns to Shaulamari

Author | May 8, 2011

Reached Howrah at 11.30 A.M.  Salil Mittra and Gobind Shah came to receive me.  Had bath and lunch of fish at Salil’s house in Baliganj. We spent time in movie ‘Amne Samne’. Then we went to Air office. I purchased Gobind’s ticket for ninety rupees. He was to go by train. I did not allow.  [...]

Short stay in Amravati

Author | May 5, 2011

Sent letter to Baba dated 5/9/67 in the name of Ramani Ranjan Das.  Attended a lecture by some P.N.Oak on Subhash Chandra Bose.  He is absurd fellow and much egoistic. Half knowledge is a dangerous thing. In his book on Netaji he wrote that plane made two rounds around the Taipei aerodrome and then crashed [...]

Arduous journey back home

Author | May 2, 2011

Got up early. The flood was receding. Shyamlal Pradhan came.  He brought only fifty rupees and told that he tried to pawn his gold but in vain. When I came finishing bath our servant boys Rajender and Inder came for work.  The bridge was to be repaired.  One of the servants was sent to Mitranand [...]