Baba returns

Author | June 3, 2011

At 5 A.M. Nityababu left by bus for Ashram but before that he managed to take twenty-five rupees from Madhu Dey and handed it to me. With Haribandhu both of us reached Matiguri by bus. Took breakfast and resumed the search afoot. We took Kurseong road. Crossed and re-crossed the river, searched tea garden and [...]

In search of Baba

Author | June 1, 2011

Got up early and along with Haribandhu we embarked our search of Baba towards Siliguri road.  Hardly we walked ten paces and we were surprised to see Baba about fifty feet away sitting in meditation.  There was a small mound of earth, which obstructed our view at night and hence could not locate him.  Without [...]