I returned home

Author | August 31, 2011

I finished bath and lunch. After discussion, Gobind and left. Ramen and Salil gave a lift in taxi up to Howrah station.  Boarded train and started at 11.20 A.M. Gobind was generous to give twenty rupees to me and out of that I purchased a berth for four rupees from a lady passenger.
Early morning Bilaspur [...]

Letter to The Statesman

Author | August 30, 2011

I crossed Ganges at Farakka by steamer.  Rajat made my reservation from Cooch Behar hence there was no problem of congestion.  Reached Sealdah an hour late at 5.30 P.M. I had no money in pocket.  Walked down to Gobind’s house.  He was not at home.  So walked down to Ramen Roy’s place. Salil and Shibnath [...]

Gita’s Health

Author | August 28, 2011

Reached Falakata and by rickshaw to Shaulmari Ashram.  Floramasi first did not recognize me due to cap and sunglasses.  Went to Gita’s house. I met Bahudi (Gita’s mother).  Gave her hundred rupees from me and fifty from Ramen.  Dipali left for school after seeing me.  Had bath and lunch with them.  Situation was worst.  Gita [...]

Back to Shualamari Ashram

Author | August 25, 2011

Got up early.  Packed clothes, etc. I bade Pronams to all elders. Parents were displeased.  My sister-in-law gave Tiffin. It was stolen at Nagpur. Caught Howrah mail at 7.30 A.M. from Badnera by offering bribe of ten rupees and got comfortable reservation of a seat.  Later at Raipur same mode enabled to get a berth.
At [...]

Baba wrote me a letter

Author | August 20, 2011

In the evening received His Holiness Saradanandaji of Shaulmari Ashram’s letter written in his own hand from Shaijada in Punjab.
The letter was written in pencil in small letters in English.  It was of five full-scape pages.  I was rebuked for my past follies.  It was trifle for me and did not get panicky as before.  [...]

Bapuji Aney

Author | August 15, 2011

News flashed that Bapuji Aney expired yesterday at Bombay. He was eighty-eight years old.  He was follower of my great grandfather Khaparde and Tilak.  He hailed from Yeotmal adjacent to my township.  Whenever in Amravati he used to stay with grandfather.
He was member of the Viceroy’s council and presided first session of All India [...]

Naxalbari Report

Author | August 13, 2011

Balasaheb Wadodkar informed that he did not get the Naxalbari Report on the given address at Bombay.  Then Ballu Shingore came and delivered the very booklets from the very address.  He did not accept money for the same. He is retrenched emergency officer of army and presently Excise Officer at Bombay.
Browsed through Naxalbari Report.  It [...]

Ashram news

Author | August 12, 2011

A small secondhand generator set was available for five hundred rupees and hence sent a telegram to Ramanidada accordingly.
A telegram was received from the Ashram that I should send the generator set by plane.  Austerity was not the word in Baba’s dictionary.  I went to Prabhakar and suggested to send his younger brother with the [...]

I left Ashram again..

Author | August 11, 2011

Got up early.  Finished ablutions.  Packed my belongings.  Took coffee at Dinudada. Took measurements of frock for Shobha, Pilu, etc. Baba’s call came.  Went in. Had long discussion.  Had early meals in his kitchen in his presence.  Baba told me, if possible, to send a photograph of Dr. C.D. Deshpande, former Director of Education of [...]

My Blogging Resumed..

Author | August 10, 2011

I apologize to all my readers for the gap in my blogs for last few weeks.  Due to some unavoidable circumstances I had taken a break.
I got up late and leisurely finished bath and went inside.  All had already congregated near Baba.  It seemed his stormy anger diminished.  He took me outside and talked briefly [...]