1971-1973 Letters & Telegrams

Author | September 30, 2011

Is left blank.  I do not remember why.
18/1/1971.  I received a letter from Salil as below. It is Baba’s letter through Salil. It is most caustic letter. If Baba was not Netaji the question of treachery does not arise.
Raj Salil Prakash Mittra                                          Dated     18/1/71
52 B.B.Chaterjee Road, Calcutta-42
Dr.Suresh Padhye M.A., Ph.D.
Khaparde Garden, Amravati,
Received your letter [...]

I go before Khosla Commission..

Author | September 29, 2011

I received the following letter from Mr.Madan Mohan of Meerut.
Madan Mohan                                                                         Date 27.8.70
Subhash Bazaar
Meerut City, U.P.
Phone- 4476
My dear Dr. Padhye
Hope this will find you in best of your health. Further you might remember that we met at Okhimath Ashram of His Holiness Saradanandaji Maharaj in January 1967 along with Shri Garg, Assistant Engineer of [...]

Baba is furious at me

Author | September 28, 2011

From 25/9/69 to 1/10/69 I could not write diary but there is a note that letter from Ramen and Salil came and that Baba was closed and now he came out.
Left for Bombay and returned by Air Via Nagpur on 9/10/69.
I repaid Shaulmari Ashram Bonds’ from my pocket.  Rs. 175 to Dhoke, 250 to Raman [...]

I am questioned by Intelligence Dept.

Author | September 27, 2011

In early morning Adv. Nanasaheb Bonde came and discussed about Shaulmari Baba.  I did not reveal anything.  When Baba crossed Amravati afoot in 1957 he narrated how he was impressed by Baba’s personality and knowledge.  Along with Anantlal Dammani, Narsingdas Agrawal, Ratanlal Verma, Krishna Nawathe and Nana Bhende, they served him for a week and [...]

Meet Niharendudada; Gita leaves for Shualamari

Author | September 26, 2011

Received letters from Shibnath Bose, Calcutta, Ramen Roy, Calcutta and Ramesh Saxena, Etawah.
Bombay (Now Mumbai).  Went to the University at Flora Fountain.  Along with famous world authority in Geology Dr. Sukheshwala cleared postgraduate papers quickly as the results were inordinately delayed.  My stay was in M.L.A. hostel.  I was back to my room.  I came [...]

Baba sends money & telegrams from Tanakpur

Author | September 25, 2011

I had been to Nagpur for conducting practical examination.  It was against my will but I had to supplement income to try to settle monetary matters of prime importance.
With wife I was back home.  Father surprised me by informing that a money order of rupees four hundred had come in my name.  Probably Shri Baba [...]

Gita’s misery

Author | September 24, 2011

My friend Anand Patwardhan, D.F.O. Melghat came to see me.  He met Shri Baba who sent him with a message for me that Shri Baba left for Dharni afoot.  Anand discussed about his workshop to be arranged on Yoga with Swami Shivanand.  He left.
I was scared to see the whole situation and Shri Baba’s plight.  [...]

Collecting Bhiksha in Amravati

Author | September 23, 2011

At 2 A.M. Haribandhu knocked my door.  I thought it was hallucination.  He told the reality that Shri Baba was at my gate.  I was simply dazed. Hurriedly I dressed and dashed.  Ramesh Bannore’s car was at the gate.  In it were Shri Baba, Ramanidada, Gitamasi and Chinu.  I requested Shri Baba to come in [...]

Plight of Subhash & Baba

Author | September 22, 2011

I had a duel of hot exchange of words with father.  He was annoyed with prolonged stay of my guest viz.  Haribandhu.  Brother was back from Bombay just then.  He saved the situation.  Although both of us, husband and wife, were earning-hands, juniors always had to compromise and curtail individual freedom as well as likes [...]

Trouble .. Rammu Seth comes to rescue

Author | September 21, 2011

In the late evening brother of a Sindhi tailor of Paratwada called on me.  He told that Mangalsingh had come.  I got the clue that Haribandhu had arrived.  I rushed and met him.  We had a chat and I put him in a rickshaw and directed him to get his belongings from the motor stand [...]

Central Intelligence (CID) watch

Author | September 20, 2011

As decided earlier Haribandhu was due to collect money.  With Chandrashekhar in his car we went to Motor Stand. Haribandhu was not there.  Therefore we went to State Transport bus stand.  Found him there waiting for us.  Shri Baba had instructed him not to spend more than five minutes with us.  Collect money and be [...]

I settle Baba in Melghat

Author | September 19, 2011

At 1.30 A.M., we packed luggage on Chandrashekhar’s car.  Ramanidada, Haribandhu, Chandrashekhar and myself were crammed in the front seats.  Gitamasi, Chinu and Shri Baba occupied the rear seat.  The car was overburdened.  In a confused and bewildered state we set off.  I decided to go to the Melghat forest in the lap of the [...]

Baba arrives in Amravati

Author | September 18, 2011

Reached Nagpur at 8.30 A.M. and immediately rushed to State Transport’s bus stand but missed 9 A.M. bus.  So we went to M.P. Deshumkh.  Aunt had gone to Hinganghat. I had a chat with Dada, Surekha and Nandu.  Gave them sweets.  Had bath and lunch and then caught an express bus at 12.30 P.M. I [...]

I bring Baba to Raipur at my brother’s house

Author | September 17, 2011

Up early.  Took wash and bath.  From refreshment room brought refection for all. A full plate of fresh cream with sugar was for only half rupee. All of us took two plates each. I never saw milk products so cheap in my life. Haribandhu arrived with luggage.  He informed that Shri Baba was coming in [...]

Leaving Amarkantak.. under CID watch

Author | September 16, 2011

Up at 4 A.M. finished ablution and bath. Sat near fire and had a cup of coffee. My wife Shefali got up at 6 A.M.
‘Puri ’, vegetables and ‘khichari’ were prepared for us.  I packed our things and moved the luggage towards road.  By paying rupees ten, reservation of seats was already [...]

Visited Baba with my wife

Author | September 15, 2011

Received letters in Bengali from the Shaulmari Ashram’s mates.  So went to Prof Roy.  There Mr. Bhattacharya read them and translated for me.
I withdrew money from bank. Borrowed Rolli Flex camera from Chandrashkhar Dandge purchased film rolls and packed things for journey.
The trouble with most sophisticated camera like Rolli Flex is that if one is [...]

I get married

Author | September 14, 2011

My marriage with Miss Kunda Moreshwar Damle solemnised at 8.30 A.M. at Brahman Sabha, Akola. It is the end of freedom and bachelorhood and beginning of Life Imprisonment. As wished by Shri Baba and as per custom gave new name to my wife as Shefali. (Flower of ‘Parijatak’. Her former name Kunda was after flower [...]

More letters to me

Author | September 13, 2011

Baba’s letter in the name of Ramani Ranjan Das viz. Dada from Amarkantak is as blow.
“Dear Suresh,
Baba has left here today for a destination not disclosed to us with a view to bring about a total changeover in the primordial principles according to which the divinising work has been being so far done or attempted [...]

Babasaheb Kahparde passes away

Author | September 12, 2011

It is black day for me.  My maternal grandfather B.G. alias Babasaheb Khaparde courted death in our ancestral home at Amravati in the noon by method of ‘Prayopaweshan’, i.e., courting voluntary death by fasting.  I was born at his official bungalow at Nagpur when he was a minister. Like his father he was an all [...]

My 1st evidence – Baba was Subhash

Author | September 11, 2011

First thing I did was to copy down the note read out by Dada, which was meant for me and dictated by Shri Baba.  It was as follows:
“Why Subhash Chandra (Bose) failed both in his ultimate objective and means thereto? ”
“ It is true He received something, at least a spark, from the Perennial Source [...]