I vist Amarkantak camp

Author | September 10, 2011

My eldest brother’s classmate and dear friend Shri T.G. Deshmukh, Member of the Parliament came.  We discussed Netaji’s survival.  I showed him some secret documents but I did not see much effect on him prima facie.  Gave him booklets of the Ashram written by Shri Saradanandaji, Founder of the Shaulmari Ashram.
Parents were worried about my [...]

I continued to receive letters

Author | September 9, 2011

Herein it must be noted that Baba used Ramani Ranjan Das, Ramen Roy, Shibnath Bose and Ramesh Saxena as catalytic agents to indirectly write letters to me. Anyone could immediately pinpoint from the language whether it was of a person who signed or of Baba. It is not possible to give all the long letters [...]

I return home & get engaged

Author | September 8, 2011

During my stay at Amarkantak Shri Baba directed Ramanidada to give some addresses and remind him at proper time:
1.     Mr. Solanki, Member of the Parliament for putting Question in the House.
2.     Mangalsingh, Village Bendula.P.O. Kalimath.  Dist. Chamoli, Garhwal.
3.     Raj Salil Prakash Mitra. 52. B.B. Chatterjee Road, Calcutta 42.
4.     Ramendra Kumar Roy, [...]

Letters from Camp to Ashram

Author | September 7, 2011

When Chinu and Gita did not arrive with me, Baba was in a very disturbed state of mind and the dictations given to me on 13th and 14th June 1968 were as below.  They are recorded on the last pages of the diary and hence misplacement is corrected here.
Amarkantak. 13/6/68. Early morning. Baba’s strict instruction [...]

I return without Chinu & Gita

Author | September 6, 2011

We reached Farakka.  Luggage was heavy.  Porters charged heavily. Ramesh was haggling. I stopped the bickering and let poor porters have their day. We occupied the steamer to cross the Ganges.  On the opposite bank we occupied the train, which was packed like sardines.  People were sitting on the roof of the train and even [...]

Gita refuses to go

Author | September 5, 2011

I was up early and had wash, bath, chat. Gave hundred and fifty rupees to Gita for expenses. I paid rupees ten to Nogen to fetch fish.  Gave a tip of five rupees to him.  Gave five rupees to poor Malati and paid rupees ten as fees of Doctor Banerjee to examine Dinudada.
At 9 A.M. [...]

Reached Ashram

Author | September 4, 2011

I reached Falakata at 11.30 A.M. An old acquaintance of mine, a rickshaw puller met.  He brought me to Ashram.  Rajat, Gita and Baudi received me warmly.  My telegram from Bilaspur reached them.  With proper guessing Rajat sold a cow and from that money made reservations from New Jalpaiguri to Khajuria Ghat.  Gita and Baudi [...]

To Ashram on Baba’s orders

Author | September 3, 2011

I was up early.  Baba was supposed to be closed and would not come out.  I went for bath and recapitulated yesterday’s events.  It was amazing to realize how Baba was so touchy, sensitive and emotional even on minuscule in our day-to-day behaviour.  He had an eagle’s eye and had some unknown remote sensing device.  [...]

Baba’s meticulous planning like Netaji

Author | September 2, 2011

Up at 6 A.M. Baba himself came and woke us.  Then he took me alone to his hut.  The hut was made of dry leaves and grass.  As usual there was a compound wall around the yard.  The hut was just on the bank of the Narmada and murmur of the stream could be heard [...]

Reached Baba’s camp at Amarkantak

Author | September 1, 2011

Thanked Pawar’s sister and her husband for hospitality and left.  Purchased a carton of Capstan cigarettes and snuff for Ramanidada, bidis for Haribandhu and sweets for Bawase family.  Had heavy and delicious lunch with them. Mr. Bawase saw me off on the train from Bilaspur to Indore at 11.30 A.M.
The journey was through beautiful mountainous [...]