1978 to 1999

Author | October 16, 2011

3/1/78. Received Illustrated Weekly’s Acknowledgement.
4/1/78. I typed addenda for Illustrated Weekly.
17/1/78. A letter from Shri Basantilal, editor, Jana Narayan of Delhi arrived.
18/1/78. I dispatched letter and addenda to Shri Khushwant singh, editor. Illustrated Weekly of India, Bombay.
13/2/78. Attended public lecture of Shri Charan Singh
24/2/78. Mr. Swami, Member of the parliament, released press statement vilifying Jawaharlal [...]

National Seminar on Netaji

Author | October 15, 2011

I read a letter by one Mr. Paranjpe in yesterday’s Tarun Bharat about Netaji and me.  Seemed egoistic and ignorant person.
In the evening Mr. Shyam Deshpande, correspondent of Nagpur Times came.  He talked with his editor.  I admitted that morally I was under obligations of his paper for giving outlet to lot of my statements [...]

Discussions with Uttam Chand Malhotra & others

Author | October 11, 2011

The Government had decided today to be the funeral day but had speeded up a day earlier. (?).  Mr. Sablok came.  We had discussion and breakfast.  It was decided to release a Press Statement.  Sohanlalji drafted a few questions and read out.  Again we had breakfast at Mr. Sablok’s house. Sohanlalji’s daughter was married to [...]

FUNERAL of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

Author | October 10, 2011

April 19th 1977:

I got up early. I had wash, bath and breakfast. Uttamchandji, Sohanlalji, and I went to a local bus stop.  Waited a while.  Got the bus.  Met other two acquaintances in the bus.  In midway to 194, Rajpura road, I saw a police jeep coming followed by truck with police and then [...]

Ashramites Betray Netaji, all attempts for National Funeral fail

Author | October 9, 2011

Got up at Bina.  Breakfast. Reading. Nap. Lunch. Felt that the train would reach late.  So had a nap again.  Reached Nizamuddin in time at 2.30 P.M. Left by an autorickshaw to Kashmiri Gate.  Had snacks.  Got bus at 4 P.M. Off to Dehradun.  The bus took unusual breaks at Meerut. Roorkee and Muzzafarnagar.  The [...]

Letter to Indira Gandhi & Press Release

Author | October 8, 2011

Letter to Mrs.Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India
Dr. Sureshchandra Sharadchandra Padhye, M.A., Ph.D.
Khaparde Garden, Amravati (Maharashtra)
The Prime Minister,
Mrs. Indira Gandhi,
New Delhi.
Sub: Samadhi of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
H’ble Madam,
I have to state the following for your consideration. If you are convinced beyond the shadow of doubt about my credentials, let us meet and plan further. Your [...]

Death or Samadhi Dilemma..

Author | October 7, 2011

11/2/1977 (in diary 10/2/77) I went to college in the morning.  Extended leave and back.  Sent message to correspondent of Blitz Mr. Suresh Shukla.  He came.  Told him to fix my appointment with Mr. Karanjia at the earliest on trunk call.  Prabhakar and Prof. Changole came.  Chat. Dined and slept.
(The error of one date is [...]

DEATH of Netaji

Author | October 6, 2011

Shri Baba expired on 2nd Jan.1977. I received his last dictated letter of 25th Dec.1976 posted on 28th Dec.1977 and to hand on 4th Jan.1977, i.e., two days after his demise. Since there was no further news I wrote a letter to Shri Ramani Ranjan Das enquiring about Baba. He sent a reply [...]

Last dictated letter by Netaji

Author | October 5, 2011

From this day to December end No diary.  In the mean time, mother became serious and was removed to Irwin Hospital.  She vomited lot of clotted blood.  Escaped death narrowly.  God is merciful.
I wrote a letter to Ramanidada.  Got reply on New Year’s Eve.  The letter was dictated by Baba and written by Ramen Roy [...]

Important Notes of Dehradun Trip – Nov 1976

Author | October 4, 2011

Important Notes of Dehradun Trip
When I opened my baggage, I found a red plastic covered small pad given by Ramanidada for writing in presence of Baba.  On this pad I wrote the dictation 17/11/76 and later copied it in the diary.  As usual various matters were discussed between Baba and me.  I jotted down [...]

I see Baba after 6 long years.. admits he is Netaji

Author | October 3, 2011

Up early.  Had ablution and bath and was waiting for a call from Baba. I was surprised to see the badminton court. Baba would teach children how to play badminton. At Ashram too there was a badminton court and Baba used to play. Badminton was Netaji’s most favourite game whether in jail or in Singapore. [...]

1976 – Trip to Dehradun with Dandge

Author | October 2, 2011

Note in the diary:  I left daily diary writing after I cut-off from Shri Baba because of publication of his handwriting in Nagpur Times. The major incidents in between were accidental death of my elder brother and his wife on March 6th, 1971 at Raipur, Madhya Pradesh.  Before death he warned me through letter [...]

I write my Netaji prognosis to Baba

Author | October 1, 2011

Baba’s letter in the name of Ramen Roy received as below. Watch address with degrees that is unique habit of Baba and Netaji.
Ramendra Kumar Roy
37, South Kumarpara Lane
Dr.Suresh Padhye. M.A.; Ph.D.
Khaparde Garden
Amravati (Maharashtra)
On behalf of the Shaulmari Ashram authorities I am requesting you to inform me at your earliest convenience how much money in cash [...]