Subhash & Baba – Love for Flowers, Sandalwood, Incense

Author | December 15, 2011

Love for Flowers, Sandalwood, Incense

” Flowers collected from the forest and with burning sandal-wood and incense…”  (N-123) In his room and during daily pooja he and his mother would  lit incense. See diaries as to how incense was kept burning between Baba and the audience whether in Ashram or outside. When his body burnt due [...]

Subhash & Baba – Aesthetic Sense

Author | December 15, 2011

Aesthetic Sense
1.        ” … Blue sea at Puri is dashing with fury against the sandy shores….  the bare, rocky and barren hills of Naraj rising up to a noble height on the banks of the lordly and majestic Mahanadi.” We lived with Baba on the bank of the Mahanadi at Mahasamunda in Madhya Pradesh.
2.        “    [...]

Subhash & Baba – Parting

Author | December 14, 2011


” ………  Midnight contributed to the rearing up of such weird feelings. I believe everybody experienced such feelings and especially those who attend PARTING CEREMONY. ” (N-113) See diary. When we left the Shaulmari Ashram for the Himalayas, all assembled at the main gate. All were serious and grave. Some ladies were weeping. Taxis were [...]

Subhash & Baba – Truth Denied by People

Author | December 14, 2011

Truth Denied by People

Earlier passing reference is made in describing Icon status. A movie was made on Netaji’s life showing father tearing revolutionaries photographs in the study room of Subhash. People revolted and the exhibition of movie had  to be abandoned.
“Politics was tabooed in our house. Our interest sometimes found expression in peculiar ways such [...]

Subhash & Baba – Panchvati / Panchbati

Author | December 14, 2011

Panchvati (In Bengali Panchbati)

In a letter to mother from Cuttack young Subhash writes:
“  In the Deccan (South India), I see the Godavari, with her pure and sacred waters reaching up to its banks, wending its way eternally to the sea, a holy river indeed! To see her or think of her at once brings to [...]

Subhash & Baba – Medicines

Author | December 14, 2011

1. Netaji would take AYURVEDIC medicines in honey. (C-108), (S-483) Baba liked only Lotus honey. He used to take Ayurvedic medicines and naturopathy.  Rock salt with lemon juice and warm water. Haritaki and black big cardamom after lunch. Netaji used to take Supari with cardamom. Baba used to rub lemon on body and massage with [...]

Subhash & Baba – Eugenics

Author | December 14, 2011

The ancestral trend of having 8 to 9 children continued among his brothers and sisters. He believed in eugenics. (N-11) Bose believed that some aspects of culture were inherited by blood. (O -133) Baba believed in eugenics and hereditary transfer of traits.  See how he remarked that the Brahmins have added advantage by birth. In [...]

Subhash & Baba – Sane Rationalism

Author | December 14, 2011

Sane Rationalism
1.        ” For a people so prone to MYSTICISM and SUPERNATURALISATION the only hope of political salvation lies in the growth of the SANE RATIONALISATION and in the modernization of the MENTAL ASPECT of life.” (M-115)
2.        “  After all, what has brought about India’s downfall in the material and political sphere?  It is her [...]

Subhash & Baba – Narrow Provincialism & Bold Warning

Author | December 14, 2011

Narrow Provincialism
It is already pointed out that Netaji was tooth and nail against Provincialism. One example is quoted below: ” So far as the members of our family were concerned we could never think or feel in narrow – provincialism or parochialism. (It came because of father) Such parental influences work unobtrusively and only in [...]

Subhash & Baba – Sarcasm of Netaji

Author | December 14, 2011

Sarcasm of Netaji

Collection not completed yet. A few examples below:
1.        Mahatma Gandhi, the Congress Dictator. Gandhi is a useless piece of old furniture, Gandhi and his band.
2.        Congress is the National Institution and not property of any individual or group. (L-354)
3.        The GRAND MOGHUL of the Congress is fast becoming a comic figure. (L-353)
4.        And [...]

Subhash & Baba – Bangla ‘Acche ‘

Author | December 14, 2011

Bangla ‘Acche ‘

West Bengalies think themselves cultured and derogatively call east Bengalies as ‘Bangla’ denoting rustic. (S-101) To call a person Bangla is a sort of invective.  Bose was a Calcutta man. His opponent Jatindra Mohan Sen Gupta was from Chittagaon. Mahatma favoured him. His wife Nellie was British. He died in Ranchi jail on [...]

Subhash & Baba – Habit of Dictation

Author | December 14, 2011

Habit of Dictation

1.        “…. Only after that I could commence dictating my statement.”  (L-119)
2.        Usually worked late into night, dictating to Emilie Schenkl, then reading and writing up to 4 to 5 A.M. and get up at 11. (G-452) See diaries. All letters, pamphlets were dictated by Baba in the name of Secretary or some [...]

Subhash & Baba – Astrology and Palmistry

Author | December 13, 2011

Astrology and Palmistry

1.        Besides his rational planning Bose consulted ASTROLOGERS and PALMISTS in 1940.   (G-421)
2.        Dilip Roy was worried about Netaji’s loss of weight and with his HOROSCOPE he went to Banaras to an ASTROLGER without disclosing identity of Netaji. Believe it or not Dilip Roy sent letter to Subhash on 30/9/1925 giving twenty-eight surprising [...]

Subhash & Baba – Poisoning

Author | December 13, 2011


While in Seoni jail (C.P.) his health broke down within a short time. On enquiry from him we could learn that his food was very bad, and in certain quarters there was a suspicion that some kind of mild poison was administered through his food and drinking water. (I-115) See diary as to how Baba [...]

Subhash & Baba – Intolerance to Criticism

Author | December 13, 2011

Netaji was so emotional and sensitive that he did not tolerate criticism. He would feel hurt by criticism. For example, the Congress Working Committee and Gandhiji, The Communist party, the British Govt. all hurt him by their criticism.  He was highly inflammable to criticism and so was Baba.  Here is an example of [...]

Subhash & Baba – Statesman Newspaper

Author | December 13, 2011


1.        The newspaper Statesman had never been a friend of Bose. (G437, 454)
2.        Netaji urged the criticizers, ” My only prayer is that my well-wishers may not form any hasty opinion about me.  THE MEANING OF MANY EVENTS CANNOT BE PROPERLY ASSESSED TILL THE VERY END” (N -173) A reporter of the Statesman published news [...]

Subhash & Baba – Written Complaints

Author | December 13, 2011

Written Complaints
It was a typical habit of Netaji to send written complaints whenever injustice was done.
1.        He told Indian student in Munich to send complaint to foreign minister of Germany. (S-203)
2.        Complaints from Mandalay, Madras, Jabalpur jails demanding amenities to play badminton, funds for book, allowances for festivals, to pay his expenses to recoup [...]

Subhash & Baba – Long Telegrams

Author | December 12, 2011

Long Telegrams  (Important)

Subhash Chandra Bose had a typical habit of communicating telegraphically. His telegrams were long and he never abridged the contents to save cost. He would put even degrees and designations of a person in the telegrams.
1.        Within a month Netaji and Gandhiji exchanged thirty-two telegrams and thirteen letters.   (S-285)
2.        See exchange of telegrams [...]

Subhash & Baba – Political Assessment

Author | December 12, 2011

Political Assessment
1.        ” Fascism had not started on its imperialistic aggression. It appeared to me an aggressive form of nationalism.” (F-121)
2.        ” Communism, in India, seemed to me anti-national ” (F-121)
3.        On corruption among politicians. (F-120)
” We shall have to take steps to ruthlessly eradicate whatever corruption or weakness entered our ranks largely due to [...]

Subhash & Baba – Belief in Rebirth & Karma

Author | December 12, 2011

Belief in Rebirth
Like Buddhism and Hinduism, he had firm belief in rebirth. (S -164) ” We have to suffer their results in this life and those that follow.” (N-118) ” We do not know where man goes after leaving this world or what happens to him, but, ultimately our soul merges with the eternal — [...]