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A                             Atom

A/C                         Acknowledgement Due

AD                          Anno Domini

AD                          Acknowledgement Due

Adv                         Advertisement

AFP                        Associate Free Press

AIA                         Some degree of Sydney

AICC                      All India Congress Committee

Aids                        Acquired immune deficiency syndrome

AIFB                       All India Forward Block

AIR                         All India Radio

AITUC                    All Indian Trade Union Congress

AM                         After Meridian

An                           Answer

APO                        Army Post Office

B.A (Hon)               Bachelor of Arts with Honors

B.Sc.                       Bachelor of Science

Bar                          Barrister

BBC                        British Broadcasting Corporation

BC                           Before Christ

BE (Tel)                  Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunication

BJP                         Bharatiya Janata Party

BP                           Blood Pressure

C                             Centigrade

CBI                         Central Bureau of Investigation

CD                          Compact Disc

CIA                         Central Intelligence Agency (US)

CIC                         Central Information Commission

CID                         Criminal Investigation Department

CIS                          Central Information Commission

CM                          Chief Minister

CNV                       Report of JMCI mentions this many times as Director/Deputy Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs.

CP                           Central Province

CPI                          Communist Party of India

CPIM                      Communist Party of India Marxist

CPIO                       Central Public Information Officer

CSFL                      Mentioned in JMCI Report Vol. II B Page 306 as director CSFL, Kolkata. FL is for Forensic Laboratory. JMCI has not given list and explanations of abbreviations that are used profusely.

CSP                         Congress Socialist Party

CW                          Commission’s Witness ?

CWC                       Congress Working Committee

D, Lit                       Doctor of Literature

D. Sc                       Doctor of Science

DAVP                     Department of Audio Visual Publicity

DB                          Dak Bungalow

DDA                       Delhi Development Authority

DDT                        Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, an insecticide banned by UN.

DFO                        District Forest Officer

DIR                         Defence of India Rule

Dist                         District

DJ                           District Judge

DM                         District Magistrate

DNA                       Deoxyribonucleic acid

DO                          Demi Official Letter

Dr                            Doctor

DSP                        District Superintendent of Police

Dt                            Date

Dy SP                     Deputy Superintendent of Police

e,g, or eg.                Exampli Gratia (Latin) means ‘ For example’

EB                           Efficiency bar

ESP                         Extra-sensory perception

Etc.                          Et cetera

ETV                        Television channel

Exam.                      Examination

F                              Fahrenheit

Fax                          Facsimile transmission

FBI                          Federal Bureau of Investigation

FM                          Field Marshal

Gen                         General

GOC                        General Officer Commanding

Govt                        Government

GPO                        General Post Office

GR                          Government Resolution

HH                          His Highness

HQ                          Head Quarter

HVPM                    Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal

IAF                         Indian Air Force

IAS                         Indian Administrative Service

IB                            Intelligence Bureau

ICS                          Indian Civil Service

IENS                       Indian and Eastern Newspapers Association

IFS                          Indian Foreign Service

IIL                           India Independence League

INA                         Indian National Army

IPS                          Indian Police Service

JCO                         Junior Commissioned Officer

J.J.                           Jamsetji

JMCI                       Justice Mukerjee Commission of Inquiry                                                           JNU                            Jawaharlal Nehru University

KEM                       King Edward Memorial

LCC                        Left Consolidation Committee

LMP                        Legal Medical Practitioner

Lt Gen                     Lieutenant General

Lt.                            Lieutenant

Ltd.                          Limited

LTTE                       Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam

M.A.                       Master of Arts

M.P.                        Madhya Pradesh

M.P.                        Member of Parliament

M.S.                        Master of Surgery

M.S/ M.Sc.             Master of Science

MBA                       Master of Business Administration

MEA                       Ministry of External Affairs

MLA                       Member of Legislative Council

MO                         Money Order

MPSC                     Maharastra Public Service Commission

MSL                        Mean Sea Level

N                             North

NCO                       Non Commissioned Officer

NDA                       National Democratic Alliance

NDF                        National Democratic Front

NEFA                     North East Frontier Agency

OTC                        Officers Training Camp of R. S. S

P                             Page

PA                           Personal Assistant

PE                           Protestant European

Ph.D.                       Doctor of Philosophy

PIL                          Public Interest Litigation

PM                          Post Meridian

PM                          Prime Minister

PMG                       Post Master General

PMO                       Prime Minster’s Office

PO                           Post Office

Pol Sc                      Political Science

Pp                            Pages

PRO                        Public Relation Officer

PS                           Postal Script

Pt                             Pundit

PTI                          Physical Training Instructor

PTI                          Press Trust of India

PTO                        Please Turn Over

POW                       Prisoner of war

Q                             Question

R/o                          Resident of

RAF                        Royal Air Force

RAW                       Research and Analysis Wing

RDC                        Resident Deputy Collector

Reg.                         Registered

RIA                         Right to Information Act

RMS                       Railway Mail Service

RO                          Range Officer

Rs                            Rupees

RSS                         Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh

RTI                          Right to Information Act

Sd/-                         Signed

SDO                        Sub Divisional Officer

SE                           South East

SI                            Dub Inspector

Sj                             Srijut

S/O                          Son of

SOP                        Save Our Prestige

SP                           Sir Parshurambahau College

SP                           Superintendent of Police

Sq.Ldr                     Squadron Leader

St                             Saint

ST                           State Transport

STD                        Subscribers Telephone Department

T.V.                         Tele Vision

TB                           Tuberculosis

TBL                         To tug Tail Between Legs

TC                           Ticket Checker

TMO                       Telegraphic Money Order

TO                           Turn Over

UGC                       University Grants Commission

UNO                       United Nations Organization

UP                           Uttar Pradesh

UPA                        United Progressive Alliance

UPSC                      Union Public Service Commission

USA                        United States of America

USSR                      Union of Soviet Socialist Russia

VC                          Vice Chancellor

VIP                         Very Important Person

Viz.                         Videlicet (Latin) means namely

VMV                      Vidarbha Maha Vidyalaya

VPP/VP                  Value Payable Parcel

WWF                      World Wildlife Fund of UNO

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