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Washed clothes and took bath.  Baba called me in.  We gossiped.  He was very much obsessed by Ratan’s behaviour and Baba’s pugnacious nature made him restless.  We thought of alternative measures to straighten Ratan.  He then left for bath.  Day’s dak arrived.  Saxena reached home safely.  Nityababu from Dibrugarh wrote that he sent rupees nineteen hundred and seventy five on 6th by T.M.O.  The money was not received till date.  It was very intriguing.  I informed about it to Baba and he dictated a pungent complaint to the Post Master General of India.  I typed it and sent it through Post Master of Falakata.

I was lucky to have full and delicious meal in Baba’s kitchen. I came out. Dipali obliged me by smuggling a packet of State Express cigarettes from Baba’s quota.  Capstan was out of market. Sandip sent it for Baba but he did not like it.  Snatched some rest.  Then typed a copy of missing registered letter sent to me from Okhimath and was dictated by Baba in the name of Ramanidada. In the postal script Egypt-Israeli war was reviewed and criticized and I was blamed to be biased and communal.

The letter is as below…

Regd. Receipt of Dispatch. No. 92

Dated: 8-9-67 P.O. Okhimath, Dist. Chamoli,

Address to S. S. Padhye, Amravati (Maharashtra)

Letter missing till today, i.e. 10-11-67

Complaint lodged today.

Dt. 5-9-67

Dear Suresh,

Your urgent telegram from Jhansi dated 31st August has reached here after long six days only today. A very strong letter about this continuous criminal negligence of some of the employees of the postal and telegraph department one to the P.M.G. of U.P. and the other to the Director General of Post and Telegraphs are being sent.

When your telegram was readout to Baba, He heaved an air of relief in as much as He would have undergone immense physical suffering in the process of inwardly assimilating the money, it had come from Ramprasadji. The Mother by Her grace has averted this suffering, so far, so good. Secondly, the responsibility of correcting incorrigible ignoramus has been finally cast off from His shoulder by their own folly and Baba is painfully happy that He will not have to squander his energies away in his one enthusiastic approach with these obstinately ignorant people.

Trust you must have reached home safe. Trust too this letter will find you all in the best of your mind and physique.

The troubles in the journey on foot must have given you all sorts of physical inconveniences. Trust you must have recovered from it by now.

Gita and Dipali are sending their affectionate love to you and love and regard to your mother.

Baba has directed me to convey his love and blessings to you.

With loving regards,

Affectionately yours

Sd/- Ramani Rajan Das

P.S. Baba has directed me to tell you, you must be always on your guard out how and what you think and feel about the general problem of humanity. He has been grievously pained by your pro-Israel and anti Arab trend. Really your anti Arab trend, whether you know it or not, flows from your inherent anti Muslim feeling. It is simply surprising, how you lose sight of all the brutalities perpetrated by Israel on the Arab countries apart from their very brutal brutalities of the past, Israel has very recently driven out more than 10000 Arabs from their home in Jordan near the Israel-Jordan border, it is really surprising, how you shut your eyes from the satanic brutality of Israel under the impulse of a debasingly communal pulsations? You may or may not be expressly communal or sectarian but definitely in the depth, perverted communal bias for and against the relevant people are there operating in you, it is a sordid brutality and has to be corrected as early as possible, it is a smallness that must be kicked off.

From this particular issue let us lead upon a very grave problem of general character. Suppose Israel has done us no wrong, suppose she has done us some good and suppose in spite of our best services rendered to the Arab countries at the time of the Suez crisis and at other times, the ungrateful Arabs had not even raised their little finger when we were attacked by the Chinese marauders and Pakistani gangsters, do you think then the stupidity

people, when they are                                                         ted  by Israel an

This, we should take                                                               against the


(Gaps above in sentences are due to paper eaten by bookworms. Copy is in files of Ashram.)

The contrary and this principle must invariably guide our social and international relationships. Any deviation from it out of selfish so called national interest will finally make us stumble in the rock of that interest and will throw us impairably into gore of disgraceful ignominy and we shall ourselves be quite unfit to do our destined work for the suffering humanity beyond the barriers of nations.

Just try to find out when you are obstinately small, if you cannot and you prefer to remain where you are in your fool’s paradise, all prospect of your aspiration to be of service to humanity will remain forever a funny moonshine. Cannot it be expected, you will rise to the occasion before age has impaired your energies and every thing becomes too late? Do keep it ablaze in your mind if any body comes near to Him with a communally biased mind it is pouring insult on Baba to whom all creatures are the creations of the Divine Mother of whom He is a loving child to whom all religions flow in response to general human minds from the same Supreme Mother in different manifestations, perhaps out of your crude brutality, you never pause to understand, not to speak of realizing how all this instinctive smallness gives immense pain to Baba and mind you, becoming and remaining communal minded is insulting to the Divinity of your own concept whom you worship. If you cannot be practical with your ideals, it is a fool’s way of living a sordid life.

(Old paper pieces broken and lost hence gaps)

In the evening Post Master of Falakata informed that the T.M.O. from Dibrugarh reached three days before but as he received two successive telegrams of confirmation he sent an enquiry and its reply was awaited. However he promised to handover the amount next day.  The poor fellow was panicky due to our complaint.

In our discussion in the morning Baba remarked, “Niharendu has little chance in future.  Old rot won’t do.  Young blood is required.” Etc.

In the evening I had a cup of coffee at Dinbandhu.  His temperature was normal.  Baba sent a word for me and called in. It was 8 P.M.  We chatted for a long while.  He then dictated a timetable to Ramanidada as to when and at what time his food should be kept covered on the bedi outside his hut with a note and who should bring incense and at what time as he would remain closed. (Netaji used to close himself. Used incense. Would instruct to keep his food covered outside his door.)  After that I took my dinner inside and added another humdrum day to my adventure.


A letter from home reached informing that my eldest brother Ramesh’s operation of piles was fixed on 22nd at Bombay and my eldest sister Chandrkala’s son Dilip had kidney trouble.  After bath took breakfast of popcorn and coffee at Dinudada.  Baba came out and we gossiped.  He enquired about the sale of Ashram’s land.  Then I read out Hindi translation of his statement on Nehru’s death.  He made some corrections and told to wait.  As demanded I gave a copy of his English version. I came out and after his meals he called me in.  He dictated a reminder to Post Master General about not handing over the T.M.O. of Dibrugarh.  I then took meals inside.  Rest.  Chat with Gita and told her about my mother’s letter.  She insisted that I should give my clothes for washing to her, which I flatly refused.  Took evening walk.  Shantididi offered a cup of coffee.  After many days exhausted Dinudada took rice and looked fresh.

Baba called me in.  I remained a mute witness when he talked.  Then I took food inside and had lively and free talk with Dipali and Gita in their pidgin Hindi.  I returned to my hut.  Gaylord were useless cigarettes.  Old man Nitya Sen came from Assam. Retired for the day, thinking that Baba told umpteen times to remain closed but he never did it.

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