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Posted By Author on January 26, 2011


I gave seventy rupees to Budhiballabhji for purchases and thirty to Ramanidada.  I gave more than sixteen hundred rupees since my arrival this time.  Not well. I had trouble of burning feet?  I was taking rest. Baba as expected came out. Umpteen times I found he could not remain closed as assured.  He called me. He was very happy to show me first buds of the roses with typical crooked finger.  A common custom in India is not to hurt the plant by pointed finger. Scientists have proved that maximum energy is emitted through fingertips. That could harm the bud. We moved through the garden.  I was not well and hence under the pretext of sentry duty I sneaked out.  Others were busy in work in the garden.  I was sitting nearby.  While loitering in the garden he came across seeds of okra lying in a plate since four days.  Negligence.  Baba exploded. He felt very much that in four days none lifted the plate and seeds and kept aside.  He lamented that there was no genuineness of work.  He said that work for ego was not work at all.  Baba said to me, “I did not come across a single person during my sojourn who would work with full devotion of mind and feelings.”  He then removed his pots of cooked food and told cancellation of his lunch as protest.  Then Baba dejectedly said, “ Suresh, is God so brutal that he creates fools only in the world? Explain it to me.”  After a while he remarked, “God only creates man and he lives according to consequences. See collective work in communistic countries failed miserably.  Lenin killed Czar’s children including a two years old infant.  What a cruelty.”  Baba then told stories of Stalin, Hitler, Goebbels, Beria, and Mussolini etc.  His mood changed and smilingly he would reminisce probably his own past experience. Lala seized the opportunity and urged him to take food.  He yielded.  Again fresh cooking was done for him and all of us too had food simple khichari inside. Till then we profusely watered plants within his fencing.  At 1.30 P.M. finished lunch under his observation and took rest.  In the evening we gossiped briefly and after dinner I called it a day.


Got up late as it rained heavily at night.  We could not sleep as the roof of hut was leaking like a sieve.  We bundled up our beds and heaped them in dry spots.  We spent the night sitting and shifting.

I put my clothes and bed in the Sun for drying.  After my bath Baba called me and asked whether we were wet at night.  I said not wet but bathed. He laughed. He expressed to pull on a few days more.  I said that after 5th May, the rush of pilgrims would begin and create nuisance.  He told that his intention was to leave even before that.  “Let us see what Mother does”, expressed he.  Then he repeated a few stories already told.  Chat. He left for lunch.

It was evening and our discussion prolonged on prohibition.  He went in and after some time called me and told, “Suresh, you write an essay on prohibition. First discuss social, economic and administrative sides and then draw general conclusions.” (Netaji was against prohibition and lot of controversy erupted about his statement. Even U.S.A. tried and failed to implement prohibition.) I agreed, dined and slept.


Today was a monotonous day with no event.  Got up, meditation, exercise, watering the garden, lunch, nap, garden work, helped cooking, dined and slept.


I watered garden. I had a little gossip with Baba.  Baba took lunch of half boiled rice. Nap.  With Gobind went to Kund to see if our parcel had come.  It did not come.  We were told to be ready before 7 P.M.  So rushed back.  Baba was slightly off on Lala for making the circles around plants in level.  Then we sat in his courtyard.  He related Vishwajit Dutta’s episode at Shaulmari Ashram.  We were served two pieces of rosgullas.  Shomu had tooth ache.  Mud therapy was applied.  Saxena had gone to Chunni. At 10 P.M. Baba came out and called Lala and me. Then he rebuked Lala for his faults and went in.  Lala said that Baba was finding an excuse to burst off.  We dined late at 11 P.M. and after gossip retired.


Friday.  After routine, worked in garden.  Plucked spinach washed it and gave for inner kitchen.  Prepared parathas. Had breakfast together.  Worked in Garden.  Baba came out and joined me.  He told that on ‘Akshaya Tritiya’, i.e., third lunar day we would have function of administering first morsel of rice to Chinu (12th May).  Then he proposed another function on ‘Buddha Paurnima’, Full Moon Day’.  We were sitting in his hut.  Gita was there.  He was going through Bengali Almanac.  He then told me to call the rest.  All gathered.  Then Baba said to me, “Suresh, the moment arrangement of money is done you will go to Delhi and charter one helicopter and one jet plane in your name so that there would not be any commotion.  We will start at 6 A.M. and reach by 11 A.M. at Shaulmari Ashram.  A party will go in advance to Calcutta and get barbed wire fencing and a generator set in the Ashram.  The rest of us will join by another chartered flight.  Absolute secrecy will have to be maintained.  If we could detain plane for three days we would be back here after three days.  Now let us come via Buddha Gaya.  We will make arrangement of cars.”  Etc. We then came out.  Gobind left for Kunda. I prepared beds of dianthus.  Loosened soil around rose plants for aeration. Made circles to retain water. Then seeds of ‘shasha’, i.e. cucumber were sown and watered.  This all work was done together with Baba.  I then took rest.  Saxena avoided work as he said he felt feverish. (?) I  mischievously  told him to remain on fast to recoup his health. Fearing he pounced on food and voraciously devoured it to the hilt before all.  He was binge eater and probably suffered from bulimia. Everybody laughed to witness him glutton and hypocrisy exposed. Being hefty he always avoided hard work under one or other pretext.

After lunch, I had a nap.  Baba called me and gave certain questions and told to answer them in writing then and there.  Knowing him well I had to do it.  It was a new form of brainwash perhaps or probably some one related the mischief I played on Ramesh Saxena.

7.30 P.M. “Suresh, I am dictating questions, you write your own answers”, decreed Baba.

1. Suppose some day you are not feeling well, you are feeling feverish, headache and pain in the limbs.  Suppose too I know that you are not well and that headache and pain are troubling you, your physical condition does not even give you the liking to get up from bed.  In spite of knowing all these—– and you know, I know all these—- I send somebody to call you to do some physical work here.  What will be your spontaneous reaction?”

I read out my answer: “ If knowing I am ordered to do physical work, I shall spontaneously feel lazy and do work for you and not for work’s sake assuming that you are doing it for something good to come or to overcome my psychological and physical weakness.”

Baba after listening my answer dictated the following:

“To the extent you feel lazy and you do that work with laziness, is not this a part of good thing spoiled? Of course physical laziness is one thing and associating yourself with that physical weakness is quite a different thing.”

I answered: “By laziness I mean in normal course if I would lift two buckets of water, in this condition I may lift one only.  The work will not be spoiled.  The time factor indeed shall tend to be prolonged.”

Baba, “Here you are perfectly right and it means in spite of your genuine physical disability, you will try to do your best and if you can do it without any sort of feeling of grumbling in the heart and with a clearly open

mind that in it lies something conducive for your growth and with the conviction that when on my part knowing that you are not physically well, you are asked to do physical work which normally one cannot and one should not do, the illness to that extent does not remain your responsibility but the responsibility of the Divine.  Then the means for opening the doors of knowledge and integral feeling will be progressively done for you by the Divine but take note, slightest grumbling under such condition will make the forces to work retire at their original height from where it will be increasingly more difficult to draw them down into your consciousness and always keep it implanted in your heart and brain, one thing on the face and another thing even to the very slightest extent in the heart, you may deceive the whole creation but not the Divine.”

Baba then told me to explain this to all.  I did it.  In the heart of heart I was thinking of Baba’s efforts to completely brainwash us.  There was dearth of erudite colleagues. All were plain simple folks.  I thought it to be full of ego and could not trace any Divine element in it.  But in short he meant ‘you do the assigned work happily and he will see our benefit, if not in this birth in the next one.’ (Like Baba Netaji was a staunch believer in Karma and rebirth.)  I felt it as shenanigans.  However in deep thinking I was convinced that to generate a powerful united force and team of devoted workers, followers must be brainwashed with absolute loyalty and submission to him. ’ Theirs not to reason why but to do and die.’ (The party in power Bhartiya Janata Party is the product of same methodology adopted by R.S.S. Hitler is the best example of it.)

I sneaked out.  Helped cooking.  Finished meals.  Parcel from Budhiballabhji arrived through Gobind. I intimated Baba accordingly and he told me to write to him that on 30th April he should send fifty Malta fruits and hundred lemons.  There was no money left?  I slept.

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