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I finished routine early.  Baba came out and with Sandip we sat near him. The talk was of general nature. Sandip asked quaint and ridiculous questions to Baba regarding meditation. Baba then enquired with me whether I applied mud to my ear yesterday night. He stressed that to prepare one maund of good medicinal mud at least fifty maunds of wood-fuel was necessary to burn to boil it. I told him that my need was not an urgent one and hence for emergency let limited stock remain in reserve. He agreed. He then went in.

I finished fair letters and telegrams and Gobind took them to Okhimath for posting. We discovered five rupees with us and it was eureka. It saved us from sale of rice to collect money for postage. I had to take ‘Chiraitas’ water. It gives bitter belching for an hour. I was hungry and hence became drowsy. I prepared chapatis and took bath again. Gobind returned and informed that there was no moneyorder for us. We had stock of food for the day. What next day?

In the noon completed diary. Wrote letter to Kitty Kurti on fresh aerogram. Others then got up from noon siesta. We watered the garden. My throat was dry and symptoms of dehydration were lurking. I therefore took rest. However, Baba summoned us all and was elated to show us the first budding flower of ‘Jui’ (jasmine) vine. Then he asked me whether my health was not normal. I told that due to threadworm infection I felt exhausted with dry and bitter mouth. He called Lala and prepared and applied mud therapy in his presence. Then Baba smilingly said, “Suresh, now your experience is complete. Is it not? Did you ever think that you would have to stay in this Himalayan Jungle and be worried about tomorrow’s food? “I told him that the experience was thrilling and enjoyable. There was no fun in monotonous life. He smiled again. Gobind was dispatched to Okhimath to sell a torch and if he succeeded he was to bring food for tomorrow from that money. I suggested that the booklets of Ashram might be sold to pilgrims at Guptakashi and he agreed.

Gobind came late from Okhimath from torch sale expedition. I was horizontal with mud layer on stomach. He told that he was unable to sell torch. No buyer. He then pawned my wristwatch with Ramsingh Pradhan for ten rupees. Ramsingh refused to keep the watch but Gobind insisted. He got ten rupees. There was nothing for inner kitchen and Baba’s need was old wheat not new. Therefore Gobind went to village Mangoli with Shyamlal of Chunni and through his advocacy procured two-kilo old wheat for Baba. The person concerned refused to accept money for it but with difficulty left one rupee as a token. He was promised to return wheat for wheat. The flourmill was closed and hence arrangement would be done tomorrow. After rest I removed dried mud. Had salt, chillies and chapatis for dinner. Sandip was grumbling to go back and we had no money even for his ticket. I enjoyed his status as refugee and bankruptcy. One more was added to Baba’s list. I slept.


Got up late. One aficionado of Baba came. I quickly disposed him off. Again thread worms passed. Took Chiraita water. Baba did not come out. Now a day he was seriously busy in contemplation. I took rest. Yesterday it was too hot and consequently weather was cloudy and river water level increased due to melting snow. It was muddy. Sandip asked for a cigarette. I gave him and he refused to accept it, as it was touched by me, i.e., other debased human being.  He was nothing but an absolute shenanigan and hypocrite. He is a great fraud. However, he had a knack to impress a person having shallow or little knowledge of Yoga or spiritualism. He was out and out dummy imitation of Baba without intelligence or knowledge.

Between 12 to 2 P.M.  We were near Baba busy in talk. I was hungry and food was ready.  Baba told me that if M.O. came from Rishikesh from Budhiballabh I should keep the amount separate for my return journey subject to postponement of start of programme.  He then asked Rajat whether he would approach Durgaprasad at Calcutta for money.  Most probably he wanted to keep the amount of the M.O. meant for me to meet Rajat’s expenses.  Baba did tear apart Sandip for his bad manners.  I was restless to satisfy my stomach.  Ultimately I was fortunate to take bite at 2.30 P.M. Owing to intense heat I could not enjoying a nap.  Went through the book ‘Aditti’ by Pandit.  Then Baba called me in and told that Sandip was to leave next day and that I should make arrangement for his ticket.  Baba wanted me to go to Guptakashi for that but I was not well and hence requested to send Rajat and Sandip.  I assured, that Rajat would promise conductor of the bus to pawn camera for Sandip’s journey. They left for Guptakashi and I sneaked out and returned to hut. Took rest and watered the garden. Rajat returned at night.  On way Dasmana met and he lent fifteen rupees.  As a token, Rajat pawned his pen with him.  Owing to high temperature a snake was witnessed in Ramanidada’s hut near water storage.  Another snake passed over Gobind’s feet.  We dined and Rajat had foolish altercation with sober and silent Gobind on milk issue.  I then listened to Sandip’s bluffs. He insisted that I should once visit him at Rishikesh. I wrote a letter to Captain Sohni about return of Captain Sudhir Deshmukh’s belongings He died in a motorcycle accident in the cantonment of Dehradun.  Retired for the day.


Rajat went to see off Sandip in early morning.  My worm infection continued.  After wash Baba called me. He talked about Krishnakant and enquired about my infection.  I told it continued. He called a glass of warm water and mixed himself two spoonful of rock salt and lemon juice and in his presence forced me to drink.  I was then left for rest.  I took bath and my throat dried.  I was warned by him not to drink water.  I took a nap and then purged heavily.  Took bath in cold water in the river.  Felt relieved and better.  Ramanidada came and explained that while giving bath to Chinu, Baba casts Divine Force on us. My disorder was a reaction of it.  He too had trouble.  Lala had upset stomach and Shomu had chest pain.  I felt it to be most ridiculous and foolish but who knew what was the truth?

Baba came out and called me.  We had general chat.  He told that if Chinu could not be administered rice in the eighth month then it was not possible in future. He fixed auspicious dates of 7th June ‘Mruganakshatra’ and another 18th June.  He expressed his worry that the first one was too early.  Watch and wait.  I suggested that I would return to home and would strive to send some money.  He was reticent and then left. We had lunch of chapatis and tomato sauce.  I took rest and Gobind left on sale of torch mission to Guptakashi. There was no rice inside and Baba gave authority to Lala to arrange for it anyhow. He left to Okhimath for that and also to collect dak.

At 5 P.M.  Baba came out and dictated the following note:

“Work is causing violent reaction and as such it may be delayed.  The work undertaken now may not be completed. Even in the first week of June and naturally in that case you have to go to Amravati without waiting for the work to be performed. It is for this purpose the money which Prabhakar is sending must be kept reserved when it comes and if I remain closed in work and there is every chance that I shall be, you without waiting for any further instruction start for Amravati so that you will reach within the first week of June and if in the mean time continuous reaction of the body is assimilated and the thing comes to some material fact then alone there will be room for rethinking and readjustment.”

I told Baba that I would take only eighty rupees for ticket and leave twenty rupees for expenses of the camp.  Sandip was sending some amount and I would send more so that he need not worry about two times square meals at all.  He Okayed it and said that even if three days fasting came to lot he would prefer it to asking for money to anyone.

Lala arrived with dak.  A letter from Ramen Roy and Shibnath were there. Litigation was going on against Mukul Pal, the editor of Shaulmari paper. Ramen informed that on 19th and 20th May defense argument was over and from 1st to 3rd June complainant’s argument was fixed.  Then Baba dictated a letter to Ramen of stratagem that Ramen would apply to start a case in my name. I was very hungry and with permission I crept out. I took lunch of salad and chapatis with a pinch of chilly powder along with others. Gita came and both of us were freely gossiping. She told me that Baba gave her a note that between 10 P.M. to 5 A.M. none should go to him, as he wanted to work all alone.  In fact none dared to go without his clap. Anyway.

Gobind arrived from Guptakashi without success in his mission.  Lala wanted to take bath but he was very timid. Consequently Gobind and I accompanied him to river.  At night I had a cup of milk and a chapati.  Nothing is left for eating. After chat I went to bed.

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