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Posted By Author on July 18, 2010

At Bombay discussed historical aspect of Baba’s survival, national and international legal position of Netaji’s existence with great historian Setu Madhavrao Pagdi. Out of six members I was one on the official committee to revise District Gazetteers of Maharashtra and Pagdi was chairman. The revision is done once in hundred years.

Received Regd. Letter from Baba with a copy of challenge thrown to Bhupesh Gupta and other M.P.s about their defamatory statement against Shaulmari Ashram in the Parliament.  They were challenged to repeat the same outside the Parliament.  A copy of it was sent to Northern India Patrika and Zakir Hussain, Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. The challenge thrown was dictated by Baba in the name of Radhakant Pandey. The language is very caustic. I have the copy in my file. It cannot be reproduced here because insects ate the old paper at places. The original can be had from Ashram record or Radhakant Pandey. Two letters are in the name of R.K. Pandey and third signed by Radhakant Pandey and Rajat Bhadra. (See Annexure-III at the end)

As per instruction from Baba I typed challenge to Bhupesh Gupta and sent it for publication to the editors of leading Marathi and English dailies of Maharashtra.  A copy was sent to Organizer, the mouthpiece of RSS, Delhi.

The contents of the challenge are as below:

Dr.Suresh Padhye, M.A., Ph.D.
Khaparde Garden
Amravati (Maharashtra)

To: Times of India, Free Press Journal, Indian Express, Maratha, Maharashtra Times, Blitz (all from Bombay); Nagpur Times, Hitwad, Tarun Bharat, (Nagpur}; Kesari (Pune); Organizer (Delhi); Matrubhumi (Akola); Hindustan, PTI Reporter (Amravati).

Subject: An inmate of the Shaulmari Ashram throws a dauntless challenge to Bhupesh Gupta and two other M.P.s

Date: 29/9/1966

On 7/9/1966 Shri Bhupesh Gupta and others made certain baseless and irresponsible allegations regarding the working and function of the holy Ashram of Shaulmari. All leading news agencies and newspapers of our country have reported this allegation.

As an inmate of the Shaulmari Ashram I throw our open challenge to Shri Bhupesh Gupta, Shri Loknath Mishra, and Shri B.B.Das, all members of the Parliament, to repeat outside the protective sanctity of the Parliament the observation they have made about the Shaulmari Ashram and its great founder His Holiness Shrimat Saradanandaji. Men with perverted conception cannot see and those diseased with mischief making tendencies will not see things as they really are. How the Ashram was founded seventeen years ago and how since then it has been run by the total sacrifice of the members of the Ashram—sacrificed of whatever mundane they had—and by occasional loans taken from the well-wishers of the Ashram, all these are widely known.

The aforesaid Members of the Parliament have abused the privilege in relation to whatsoever they speak in the Parliament as Members of the House. If these three gentlemen instead of cowardly maligning us behind our back under the protective shelter of the Parliamentary privilege and immunity have the courage enough to repeat the same observation about our Shaulmari Ashram and its Great Founder outside the Parliament, I assure people of our country, they will be thoroughly made to learn what malignant and mischievous misrepresentation of holy Ashram with monstrous falsehood really means.

Signed by: Suresh Padhye

(I was aware of the fact that this letter might result in losing my Government job.)

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