At camp again, with Wadotkar

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In protest, mother was on fast and she was off on me for visiting Ashram and spending on it.  Brother Ramesh told that the Ashram’s case against Bennet Colman and Navabharat Times was dismissed in default.  The judge deliberately played mischief.  When brother met him in the chamber the judge told him that being March ending he had to show record of annual work completed and hence he did so and assured that it would be revived in revision.


My bosom friend Dr.Prabhakar Wadodkar, a professor of Chemistry and learned man in Sanskrit, Yoga Vasishta, Patanjali yoga Sutra, etc. was granted permission to have audience with Baba and so we left Amravati via Nagpur and Delhi for the Himalayas and reached Rishikesh on the evening of 6th April 1967.  Made purchases of Baba’s cigarettes and vegetables.  Escaped narrowly from violent mob demanding food.  The procession looted shops and in firing there were casualties.  Met Budhiballabhji and gave him rupees two hundred for Ashram work.  He left us at Sarai. Caught the morning gate and one gentleman named Sharad Prasad Rao was with us.  He was joining at Karnaprayag as Assistant Conservator of Forest (ACF). Reached Rudraprayag at 3 P.M. Made purchases and reached the turning of the Gangtoli camp on 7th April 1967 at 5 P.M. No one came to receive us, as our arrival was not expected. After descending half way Inder came and others too joined. Saxena, Gobind, Lala and Shomu were there.

What Budhiballabh intimated in Rishikesh was true.  I came to know that in a feat of fury Baba alone left the camp on Tuesday.  He went to Bhilhiri about eight miles away and returned just two days before our arrival.  The reason was that Krishnakant Pandey, elder brother of Radhakant, together with Ramprasadji of Kanpur were there in the previous week.  Ramprasad promised to send rupees twelve thousand and later backed out.  Baba was annoyed.  Salil resigned his job and again joined the same and hence Baba was disturbed.  As a result Baba postponed the start of programme from 15th April to second week of May 1967.

After bath Baba called me alone.  We had discussion.  I informed him about the Nava Bharat case, that Ashram’s loan was washed off by me at Amravati, that rupees two hundred were given to Budhiballabhji to release the pawned wrist watch, etc.  He dictated a telegram to Budhiballabh, cancelled it, and again redrafted informing him not to release the watch but instead of that in that amount to bring ghee etc.  Baba then went in.

After his dinner he called Prabhakar and me. Baba enquired about his whereabouts and welfare of parents. General discussion followed.  Prabhakar told Baba his interest in the great philosopher of the century J. Krishnamurti. As a sequel to it Baba dictated the following:

8 P.M. “If sentimental likings and preferences for spiritual truths remain static, these will stagnate the human personality into an indolent daydreamer and in worst cases may contaminate it into developing cantankerous attitude towards those who differ.  In either case pre-potent reflexes doing away with the difference between error and truth will govern life. If you are really interested into spiritual truths sheer idealization about it will not suffice.  Mere idealization is not even the first step of getting at the ideal.  It merely prepares the mental background for adopting the means to get at the goal but sheer idealization has its dark prospect too.  If you only indulge in brooding over the ideal, the only result you have to face and you are doomed to face is a progressive degeneration of your own personality.  The only outcome will be a perversely passionate indulgence in languid vergency (original word vergocity?) and turn you into a semantic crack.  If there is real urge in you for getting at spiritual truth then with ever progressively mutually balancing heart and brain, you have to take up and apply right means for getting at them.”

Baba asked me about remaining photographs and I told him that I forgot. Probably he was suspicious.  He went in and after his dinner he called me alone.  We sat in the courtyards.  Talked and gave the following note:

10 P.M.   “Sometimes not always forgetfulness is brought about by some forces at work either in the subconscious or in the unconscious or in the both.  Sometimes forces work at such a depth that the human personality does not get the slightest understanding of how and why these forces work at all.  Really these forces do not belong to the real essence of human existence.  They intrude into the subconscious and the unconscious from the external sea of forces.  Getting at the root of these forces is a need that cannot be too much stressed upon.

Now start with the forgetfulness of brining the photos, gather as much mental discernment as possible, penetrate into the innermost layers of mental pulsation and try your best to find out whether this particular forgetfulness is brought about by any force anywhere in hiding.” (In short its meaning is ‘are you lying?)

I made clean breast and told him that I had no money for extra prints.  All the important photographs of Chinu, Gita and Dada were already posted.  He laughed and said, “You may not feel your own photographs important but others wanted and feel to see them.”

Anyway his misunderstanding was cleared and we had a chat in general.  Then I proposed that I would leave for home with Prabhakar and Baba said that after fifteen days it would be decided.  He then left.

At 1 A.M. Baba called Shomu and Ramesh Saxena and told latter to catch first gate to go to Rishikesh and Meerut to purchase ghee, fruits, etc.

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