At Home for 2 months

Posted By Author on April 14, 2011


I planted all saplings of flower plants given by Baba.  Withdraw rupees two sixty. Sent T.M.O. of Rs.250 to Gyandada at Shaulmari Ashram. Also sent telegram to Ramanidada about safe arrival and informing money sent to Ashram. My mother was delighted to see the plants. I inherited love for gardening from mother and grandmother.


Prabhakar and I were in Pune.  I sent a T.M.O. of rupees fifty-one to Okhimath for Ramanidada.


Baba’s dictated letter in the name of Ramanidada dated 3.6.1967 received today.


Ceasefire declared in four days’ war between Israel and the Arabs.  The former a tiny nation of thirty-five lakh population defeated mighty nations of eleven crore population. Rare feat.


Baba’s very curt letter in the name of Ramani Ranjan Das received and decided to reply in the same coins.


I posted a parcel to Okhimath.


Adopted policy of Tit for Tat.  Wrote and posted a letter to Ramani Ranjan Das in severe and curt language.


I sent a registered insured letter to Baba with ten dollars in it.


Lala’s letter arrived from Gangtoli informing that Baba was very exasperated and left the camp with no one to accompany him.


A letter from Ramesh Saxena dictated by Baba came.  Father read it and started taunting me.  I retorted.  Mother sided me and was off on father.  It seemed it was not Baba’s dictation. The letter informed that Baba and Secretary were alone in the camp.  Gobind sent M.O. of rupees hundred from Calcutta, which was spent on Lala and Saxena’s tickets. There was no money at the camp. I was waiting for reply from Ramanidada.


I sent T.M.O. of rupees fifty-one to Ramanidada.


Telegram to Ramanidada.


Telegram received from Ramani Ranjan Das that he was not alone but Gobind reached back.


Wrote letter to Radhakantji Pandey.


I posted letter to Radhakant. I received a letter. It was signed by Ramanidada but dictated by Baba. It was full of sermon.  Relieved from anxiety.


Wrote letter to Shomu, C/O. his father Vishweshwar Shastri, Dhupguri, Dist. Jalpaiguri. North Bengal.


I received another letter from Baba in the name of Ramanidada giving lot of advice.


I sent M.O. of rupees fifty-one to Okhimath.


Typed notes dictated by Baba.  Told brother Rameshbhau about the real identity of Baba as Subhash Chandra Bose for the first time.


I sent M.O. of Rs. Fifty-one to Okhimath.


Withdrew last hundred rupees from my account and sent M.O. of fifty-one rupees to Okhimath.  Almost daily I was busy in typing Baba’s notes.


I received a telegram from Baba in the name of Dada asking me whether I received his letter of 22nd July 1967.  The telegram was posted yesterday and was received yesterday night only. Surprising.  Sent reply telegraphically.

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