Attempts on Baba’s life

Posted By Author on March 7, 2011

Got up late.  Finished routine. At 8 A.M.  Baba came out and called me to give the following dictation.

8 A.M. “Lack of attention in a discussion and intercourse sometimes makes one speak foolishly which with a bit of attention could have been easily avoided. Of course, whenever there is a discussion with your elders or with your younger, full attention must be given otherwise there will be waste of time and attention is also a mark of not showing sufficient respect to them and as such it is unmannerly.  Not that generally such lack of attention is always deliberate.  Various factors are responsible for this and these factors generally work themselves out without your being self conscious about their working.  It is only by vigilance that one may be successful to have any grip over this sort of psychosis.  Let me exemplify it.

Yesterday during our discussion about Jawaharlal Nehru’s darker side of nature, I explained to you how my former belief that in spite of defects and drawbacks he could not stoop so low, as to be instrumental for clandestine murder was completely shattered. The Ashram was quite unaware of all these developments behind the curtain.  Many rumours, of course, were heard but none in the Ashram took it seriously.  The Ashram was seriously alerted when the Chief Minister of Bengal, Dr.B.C.Roy one morning sent from Calcutta a whole planeload of police officers and policemen to Falakata to give protection to the Ashram and from next day five onward five temporary police posts were established around the Ashram. Now just when I was telling you this, you observed “Was it not the same case when Vishwajit Dutta was arrested?” (In Bengali language ‘V’ is pronounced “B”.)  Now about the arrest of Biswajit Dutta one police officer was being sent by P.C.Sen on being telegraphically informed about the happening to get Biswajit Dutta arrested.  How you confused these two expressions?  One or two   planeload of police officers and policemen is, of course, to a great extent responsible for this and there is a moment in mind about the probability or improbability of Jawaharlal Nehru being surreptitiously involved into such a prospective dastardly crime.

As far as that man Bhandari was concerned perhaps it was the plan to carry out the murder and then manage to have the judicious verdict that it was the act of a mad man. In those days the happenings in North Bengal though not definitely but to a great extent point to this probability.  Now from the external point of view first you have to find out the reason behind these protective precautions of Dr. B.C.Roy.  The Ashram never approached him for any such things.  What he did, he did of his own free accord.  Definitely then he got it from the State Intelligence Department that at the instigation of Jawaharlal Nehru and some of his obliging followers must have hatched up a plot to burn the Ashram and to commit clandestine murder there.  Then again what is the explanation of why Jawaharlal Nehru gave a stupidly indifferent reply amounting to a clear and deliberate falsehood when everything about that creature Bhandari was brought to his notice. Any child can read into the incongruity of his reply and its undercurrent.  Before coming to any conclusion, one way or the other, about his behaviour all these factors will have to be thoroughly scrutinized.”

Baba then related as to how officers of the intelligence department of the state used to come and disclose inner secrets to Baba and various attempts made by the Center to murder him as follows:

(1)           Once the news was leaked that about five hundred people with guns were purposely spread up around the Ashram to rob an opportunity to murder Baba.  Dr. B.C. Roy took all precaution of safety of Ashram, of course, presuming Baba was Subhash Bose.

(2)           Once the Central Intelligence Officer Bhandari entered the Ashram with a revolver and with intention to murder Baba and he was left scot-free on the plea of insanity. He had All India Licence of a revolver.

(3)           Once news was leaked that a pilot would bail out and the plane would crash on Baba’s residential hut in wee hours.

(4)           Once a message came from Jawahar that Baba should accept two to four crore rupees and sit silent if he was Subhash Bose.

In Baba’s surmise there could be an exaggeration or officers might have had been over enthusiastic but my mind did not accept that Jawaharlal Nehru might have had been directly involved in a plot to murder Baba.  Let it be.

I worked in the garden, had lunch and nap.  Today one old man came and told us that he was Sanyasi from childhood.  He expressed his desire to see Baba and immediately then he wanted to take ‘Samadhi’ in the Ganges, i.e., the adjacent river Mandakini.  He asked help of about four persons to heap boulders on his body when in water otherwise he said his body would be swept away.  Funny creature.  One day a woman came and asked for a salaried job otherwise she threatened to commit suicide in the adjacent river.  She then demanded food and refused, as it was not pukka rasoi (fried food) and we had to comply that for Baba’s wish. Even a fiction writer would not imagine such weird characters.

In the afternoon it was raining.  I was called in by Baba in his hut.  Chinu was in his lap and Gita was sitting nearby.  I joined.  Gita then left and we two remained.  Baba dictated a very long Hindi letter to Krishnakant Pandey.  After writing I read it out to him and he Okayed it.  Then discussion followed on roses.  He knows lot about it. It is unimaginable. He is a genuine connoisseur of gardening indeed.  I apprised him about World Society of rose lovers ad their magazine quoting up to date new mutations and new varieties of roses. I also informed him that nursery at Deogarh sends bud points called eye by post in wet cloth costing eight annas per bud  only and then they are grafted on wild rose. Baba became very inquisitive further more. I then came out.

In the evening we worked together in the garden.  He was planting tomato plants prepared from cuts and I was watering them.  Then we prepared a bed of dianthus.  I was then given off.  I had dinner and then retired.

While working in garden I informed Baba that I received a letter from Prabhakar and that all was well at my home. My parents were considering a proposal of marriage for me.

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