Baba Explodes & leaves

Posted By Author on May 31, 2011


After bath took coffee at Dinudada.  A man who was to purchase land and give money refused because of his wife’s insistent denial.  Everything was upset.

Baba summoned me in and gossip began.  Haribandhu interrupted and informed about the cancellation of sale of land.  Baba became furious.  His reverberating roaring could be heard a furlong away.  He dictated a notice of prosecution to the Post Master of Falakata and then rebuked Kailashbabu who was looking after the land bargain. It was one more ‘Gandgol’ (obstruction).  He put all blame on others and scared all by declaring that he would go to the Himalayas.  He demanded ten rupees to go to Siliguri by train in third class.  Then changed his mind and told to get a taxi.  He said that fare would be paid at Siliguri.  By 2,30 P.M. he would start.  Again the old record of mistakes and blunders was replayed.  A peccadillo was enough to flare up.  I was skeptic about the whole affair.  I did not resist or desist him.  I came out and as instructed told Rajat to prepare sacred threads for Baba.  I took maze flour at Floramasi thinking that lunch would be skipped off but fortunately message came for lunch inside.  Then took rest.  The whole Ashram was engulfed with anxiety and murky feeling.  The atmosphere was tense and serious.  All were saying to him that they would pull on ten days without ration but that he should start work. Everything was queer to me.  There should be a limit to an ordeal.  I was thinking of leaving for home.

At 3.30 P.M. Kalibabu arrived with a taxi from Cooch Behar.  Number was 695.  It was washed and rubbed with lemon juice and leaves of banana were spread on back seat.  After giving vent to his anger to his satisfaction he declared that he would leave.  Ramanidada and I were ordered to accompany him.  In minutes I got ready.  At the time of departure at 4 P.M. all members of the Ashram assembled.  Gita was standing far off with wrinkles on her forehead.  Baba took cherubic Chinu for a while. Haribandhu and I boarded in the front seat and then embarked upon our journey with Baba.  The road through tea garden was very rough and bumpy.  We then came on the main road.  Baba warned the driver not to exceed the speed of thirty kilometers per hour.  However driver exceeded speed of 45 kilometers per hour.  We reached Dhupguri.  He told us to take taxi to the Marwari owner of a rice mill but he was not found.  We then proceeded to Mainaguri and reached the house of Lalitbabu Chaudhari.  He was not at home.  We then came to market.  Baba realized that he forgot to take his cotton bag in which he left cigarettes.  He insisted to return to Ashram to fetch the bag.  I managed two packets of cigarettes.  By that time Lalitbabu arrived.  He told him to arrange rupees two hundred and fifty and that after three hours he would come to collect it. Then at 8 P.M. we returned to Ashram through Falakata where Ratan saw us.  It was a sixty miles round trip, a joy ride for me.  However it was not the end.

Baba brought his bag.  Driver was taking tea.  I requested Baba to drop further plan.  He erupted in anger and poured rebuke on all present.  I sneaked out and brought the driver.  Again we re-crossed Falakata township and reached at Lalitbabu at 10 P.M. He was not at home.  We sent the taxi and fetched him.  Poor fellow was unable to collect the amount.  We then left at 11 P.M. Reached Jalpaiguri.  He told to avoid the city, as his body would deteriorate.  However the driver lost track and we had to cross the city. We went to the house of Narendra Das.  Baba sat on banana leaf in his courtyard.  Narendrababu gave sixty rupees for petrol.  Our journey resumed.  Reached Siliguri at 12.30 A.M. The driver refused to drive further as he had no permit of that area.  Baba got upset at him and he managed to leave us at the railway junction.  There was no taxi available at the station.  Baba said he wanted to go on the bank of the river Mahanadi after crossing the Bengal border.  First he preferred to go to Islampur then began to walk.  We had no money.  I gave a letter to Taxi driver informing him that he would receive his fare at the Ashram.  First he was panicky and then agreed.  In my letter I informed to send Nityababu.  Then Haribandhu and I walked three miles but Baba remained untraceable.  We came across two persons on the road and they too confirmed that Baba was not seen.  We were utterly confused and exhausted.  Both of us slept along the shoulder of the road.  It was cold and damp.

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