Baba goes to Gaurikund

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Baba remained closed.  I was on sentry duty chitchatting with Salil.  Ramanidada joined us.  He said Baba would definitely come out and that he would not remain closed.  His premonition through long association and experience proved to be true.  By then Baba came out with his chair. He ensconced and we were called.  One constable brought a radiogram.  It was from Commandant of Home Guards of Chandrapuri camp near Shrinagar seeking Baba’s appointment for ‘Darshan’.  Baba dictated the following letter in my name to him.  It was in Hindi: Its English translation is as below.

Revered gentleman,

Received your letter, His holiness the founder of our Ashram has now embarked upon some spiritual sadhana for the welfare of mankind. In the present circumstances he cannot see anyone before the coming full-moon day.  It cannot be promised right now as to when the interview will be granted after full-moon day.

With best wishes,

Sureshchandra Padhye

Member of Shaulmari Ashram

We shifted to his courtyard.  Baba told me, as no work would start I should go home.  Upto full moon it would definitely not begin.  He said he had decided to leave for Gaurikund after an hour and only Radhakant would accompany him.

We hurriedly finished our meals. Baba’s message came for two persons would accompany him.  Who would be second?  I told that I would go.  After a while it was finally decided that Radhakant, myself, Shomu and to carry luggage Indersingh would go with him.  From Gaurikund all of us were to return and he would remain till his physique recovered to normalcy.  Gaurikund is seven miles before Kedarnath.

I made a bundle of two bed sheets, a blanket, two dhotis, a towel, and shirts.  With dhoti on I was ready to start.  At 2 P.M. our journey began.  Atmosphere was grim and tense. Shyamlal accompanied us.  Ramanidada walked upto Gharat beyond the island and saw us off.  Baba said to me that he could not think peacefully until and unless he cleared the huge debt.  Moreover, he wanted to use new method and for that he wanted to go away from humanity in seclusion.

We took path of Vidyapith of Guptakashi.  On way Saxena came across and he accompanied us up to Vidyapith.  Baba sat near the Vidyapith and boys and teachers thronged.  Baba sent a message and Principal Shridhar arrived.  After a brief talk the march began.  Chamoli and Sharma accompanied us.  Chamoli told his Shikar stories to me while walking.  Radhakant was carrying Baba’s mat, mosquito net, cotton bag etc.  Inder, Shomu and myself were carrying rest of the things.  After taking many halts for rest we climbed a five hundred feet tall rampart adjoining our camp on the north.  There were round masonry platforms built around Pipal, Bakul and Champak trees.  There we took rest.

It was 5 P.M. Baba went for meditation and Radhakant and I performed sentry duty there.  Shomu and Inder went to Nala chatti to make arrangement of food.  They did not return for a pretty long time and therefore I walked a mile in search of them.  My left knee was very painful.  I came to know that Shomu and Inder went to Guptakashi to buy provisions.  When Baba came to know about it he lost temper and said his important time was being wasted, etc.

After some time Shomu arrived with oranges, cooked vegetable and chapatis.  Baba took bananas and oranges and we hurriedly swallowed chapatis.  Radhakantji was clever through past experience and with all foresight he preserved a few chapatis for future need.  Radhakant’s torch became out of order and my torch was dim and needed button to be continuously pressed.  Again Baba got upset and expressed that it was difficult to go on just two torches and that all his work was full of impediments.

At 9 P.M. our further journey began.  Baba showed signs of exhaustion and yet tenaciously he was treading the path.  We arrived at Nala chatti and enquired about availability of torch and a gentleman named Puran Singh offered his empty one.  Further on from Masta chatti we borrowed another torch from a resident.  We were walking along motor road. The distance between Nala chatti and Masta chatti was one mile and that from Masta chatti to Narayan chatti was one and half mile.  Baba would walk at a stretch for about two furlongs, then sit, smoke and restart.  After covering lot of distance it was realized that a piece of cloth covering Dalda container held by Shomu was missing.  Baba never allowed anyone to touch a thing he used once.  It was always burnt, whether a matchstick or a piece of thread. The mishap of missing cloth posed a big problem.  Baba’s resentment knew no bounds.  He insisted that the cloth must be searched out and brought otherwise whosoever would get it would be totally finished.  If not found he told to start return journey.  Shomu and Radhakant went on the search mission and Baba and I sat for rest.  His mood suddenly changed and in melodious voice he began to recite Sanskrit verses and then explained it’s meaning to me.  All were full of description of the Himalayas.

Shomu and Radhakant arrived successfully after retracing four furlongs.  The cloth was in our acquisition and we marched forward.  At 12.30 in the night Baba was utterly exhausted.  Cold winds were blowing.  On request he slept in an open barren field near the road and at a distance we took naps turn by turn. In spite of biting cold all were sound asleep due to the magical effect of exertion and exhaustion.

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