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Posted By Author on October 30, 2010


I had a beautiful colored dream and when I got up early the sounds of music of orchestra were still clearly ringing in my ears.  Day before yesterday I and Baba had chat on the great philanthropist Yehudi Menuin and probably the dream was its sequel.  Menuin breathed his last in Berlin on 12-3-99 at the age of 82.

Baba had come out and he was taking the sun rays in his eyes.  After that he called me. (There is news item that a person in Assam gazes at the midday Sun for hours and yet his retina is not injured. Another news reported an Indian in America was under scientific investigation.  He lived without food or water by gazing at Sunrays alone.)

Yesterday when I observed that attainment of God was also selfishness, he observed, “Expanded selfishness becomes selflessness. It can be expanded to infinity where it becomes one with creation and then both selfishness and selflessness disappear.”  This he did probably ponder over at night and gave the following dictation:

What is selfishness?

“You look after your own need, you carry out your own process of expansion.  In itself it is not selfishness.  Whether it is selfishness or not is determined by how you look at it and how you carry it out.  Let us start from the true destined.  Suppose you live with the members of the community.  You have your neighbours too.  You require milk for your physical growth.  You take it.  You have not the ability to supply milk to your poor neighbour who needs it but you genuinely aspire that your neighbors should also have it.  Then it is not selfishness but when you eleven live together with common physical need, morally and physically, if you take it alone even if with the desire that they also should have it but you deprive them of their due share, it becomes outright selfishness.  Suppose you have the means of prosecuting your education.  A friend of yours in the neighborhood has the same merit as you have but has not the means to have his studies continuing.  You have not the ability to supply him with the necessary means but if you continue your own study and feel for him, it is not selfishness.  But if your mental attitude is ‘let him go to dogs, why should I care for him, let me do my own things’ then it becomes selfishness.  Coming to the Supreme Ideal you can never take it up in its real import and implication with even the smallest particle of selfishness.  Approaching your own God realization means approaching nearer and nearer to complete selfishness that is infinitely developed selfishness.  Suppose you go on with your self-expansion.  When you go on with it even without your knowing, you have your contribution to the expansion of humanity at large.  May be it is a drop in the ocean but albeit it is a contribution.  Selfishness does not lie in object.  It lies in emotional attitude.  The most crudely selfish are those who deliberately get their own illegitimate share emotionally at the cost of their fellow men.

Man in his search towards infinite expansion progressively deepens and widens his selfishness.  Really speaking there is nothing like selflessness. It is an emotionally coined rhetoric expression.  In fact infinitely expanded selfishness is selflessness.  Only a man who is void and vacant may be described as selfless and actually such a man is non-existing.  In our attempt to understand the connotation of expression, we must have the ability to distinguish between the facts and rhetoric.  Expansion as a process is of course relative.  You are expanding yourself from the narrower to the wider, from the shallower to the deeper, from the lower to the higher.  The process goes on progressively until you infinitely expand yourself and objectively become one with the entire cosmos.  In nature there is a double process of expansion and contraction going on simultaneously and note here nature includes mental, vital and physical nature both individual and universal.  When a man endowed with self-consciousness does not try with deliberation, yet the process of expansion in him goes on as a result of the double process of simultaneous expansion and contraction.  There is an apparent retardation too and by this phase of apparent retardation any short time is not referred to.  Intermittently there is acceleration with retardation but the long run resultant is always pointing towards expansion but if a man endowed with active self-consciousness with proper deliberation endeavours to expand himself having adopted right procedure and the right means, the infinitesimally slow process of natural expansion will be immediately accelerated so much so that what takes centuries to be done in the process of natural expansion can be done by self conscious attempt and deliberations in years, in months, nay, even in days.  It depends upon with what velocity you proceed on, upon how much momentum is gathered out of the forces you can generate.  One thing is to note in particular, there is a type of personality that is inherently equipped with the apparatus for speedy progress and at the same time has the very queer trend to digress from the advancing process with equal speed.  The result is painful and wasteful penelopising.  All aspirants for infinite expansion must be on their guard about this inherent though not innate drawback that may place the most obstinate hurdle in their path. It is of course true there is no progress in a straight line. (Subhash Bose has used this self-coined phrase in his writing.) The process of progress, even in case of most powerfully equipped mental apparatus goes in a zigzag course but if it is the outcome of indolence and carelessness at a certain phase then it undoes what is done in the previous one.  Struggle will be always there and your best self notwithstanding, sometimes there will be retardation.  This is one thing but to allow such a retardation to take place by your indolence is quite a different thing.  The one blocks the whole prospect of your future progress, the other turns the stumbling block into the stepping stone.”

I was astounded to see Baba dictating nonstop. See parallel writing of Subhash Bose:

“It is possible for one, through his own efforts, to develop love and devotion and thus reduce selfishness. By gradually enlarging one’s love, man can leave all narrowness behind and eventually lose himself in the infinite. So, one should think of and meditate on objects of love. Devotion, and reverence.”

Baba then told me, “Write down reason you will not understand now.

Ekadashi, Trayodashi, Paurnima and Amavasya (lunar calendar’s eleventh, thirteenth day, full Moon and dark Moon days) these are the ‘tithis’ (dates) most suitable for getting a force penetrated into the cosmos.”

In the morning session of his indignation he said, “ Suresh mind it.  There is a queer habit in me.  You note down.  Nearer you are to me more rebuke, more harassment, more punishment will be your lot. (Netaji admitted in writing that he had his own eccentricities. His parents thought that by sending him to Calcutta he would shed his eccentricities and take a normal life like the rest of his tribe.P33.Autobiography)

In the above dictation on selfishness after first paragraph Baba diverted to other topics and later on completed it.  I then brought to his notice that sense of expanded selfishness is selflessness was missing in the dictation.  Baba said, “Alright.  I shall give you more but let my mood come.”

The gossip commenced.  He repeated a few stories of the partition of the country, which are already mentioned. Baba then said that professor of Shubir Das, an Ashram member, was a staunch pukka communist.  Shubir requested him to give a good rebuff to his professor.  Baba dictated a letter to that professor in which he put the visionary sentence knowing not death knell of communism in Russia was imminent.  His criticized, “Communism is the bastard child of the autocratic oppression and suppression prevailing in medieval Europe.” What a perfect forecast and concise definition! Had there not been autocratic Czar (Tsar) and hanging of Lenin’s brother there would not have been communism.  Even its last vestige the China has wiped out communes and Red Guards and introduced capitalism.

Baba said, “One eminent psychologist in discussion stated ‘modesty is an expression of inner pride’.  He is absolutely wrong.  Hypocritical modesty can alone be the expression of inner pride.  But real modesty is an expression of inner humility.  Suresh, note here that humility and humiliation are poles apart. Once Gandhiji said to Sir Strafford Cripps. ‘ You have greatness indeed but some germs of humility you should have also.’ ”

After more gossip we had a serendipitous invitation for gastronomical food.  He decided to give up his fast on this third day and extended enticing invitation for dinner. He was connoisseur of cooking. He dictated a note to Gita regarding preparation of dishes.  Then all of us were relieved except me.  Our talk began.

On judiciary he questioned, “Mistake committed is similar.  Whether a person nearer or farther should be punished more?”  I replied ‘nearer’.  He then asked, “An offence is of same nature.  Whether educated or uneducated should be punished more? I said ‘educated’.  He queried, “If it is so then why a seasoned or poor accused is awarded three years jail whereas a millionaire gets only one month?  Is this unjust?”  I replied that the social stigma of a millionaire of one month’s punishment was equivalent or rather more than three years.  Baba observed, “The greatness of the country is measured from system of judiciary. Where justice is best the country is great.” He further opined that judges must know psychology of men.  After more discussion Baba left for bath and I retired for rest.

At 5 P.M. the bus stopped on the road.  I sent servants up the hill.  Rajat Bhadra arrived from Shaulmari Ashram.  Baba came out to see him.  He brought lot of things. It was very heavy luggage.  Baba was very happy to see the plants that Rajat brought and showed, roses, Camellia, Magnolia, dahlias, chrysanthemum, carnation, etc.  Some plants were wrapped in three kilos mud.  He then left. After some time he returned and under his direction we dug pits, filled manure, set plants, and watered them.

He had brief talk with Rajat and went inside. Immediately I was called in.  The sight was memorable.  In his kitchen hut he was squatting on the door without touching bottom to the floor.  I was made to sit near him but outside the hut.  Ladies were handing him spices and assortments as demanded.  He put the condiments in a vessel on fire.  He was engrossed in preparation and at the same juncture discussed with me. The sizzling aroma and pungent effervescence not only filled my nostrils but also leaked gastric juices profusely.

He narrated his first visit to Haridwar with parents and another with an attendance in his childhood. (Was not the same case with Netaji?) He then imparted a sort of synthesis revealing to me as to why people did not see any spiritual activity in Shaulmari Ashram.  With intermittent quiescence in dictation due to cooking he ultimately completed it as below:

6 to 10 P.M. “Purification of the feelings which must be the only goal of the aspirants in the beginning stages can be done either through ‘Karma’ in accompaniment with deeply sincere attempt to make one ‘Anasakta’ (detached) or by deep meditation with the clear and distinct endeavouring to bring about the task undertaken, i.e., complete purification of the heart or by way of synthesis of the both.  Synthesis of course is the best procedure in as much as in both the former two there is a danger of having one-sided development making and keeping oneself blind about the other aspect of the growth as much so this may even sometimes arouse in oneself a sense of contempt for the other side.  If this takes place, the prospect of ruination of the integral spiritual growth is complete.  If you take a sojourn throughout the country you may meet highly developed ‘Dnyan Yogi Sadhaks’ who would ridicule Gandhiji if described as one of the highest Yogis of creation.  So also you may meet much highly developed persons marching onward rapidly through selfless ‘Karma’ who would express plight and derision even for the highest ‘Yogis’ who have all the power and all the knowledge of Godhead as escapist.  The other day I told you about the President of India Dr. Radhakrishnan having had this poverty of understanding in him.  The poor fellows of both the groups in spite of their otherwise great achievement are just prating like a new babe.  The first surge of a little knowledge has blinded them so much that they always prefer to remain in their self-created, a little and a limited paradise, which may crumble at any time like a withered leaf in the autumn.  Both require correction and re-education.  In your march towards complete self-development your eyes must be always so penetrating as to discover all the avenues of growth relative to both the particular aspects of it and to its totality and integrality.  If this approach is not adopted by an aspirant, sooner or later either in this life or in the lives hereafter with great suffering, he will discover for himself that he has advanced little and will naturally come to grief.  He will discover, in his following a one-sided path, an enormous amount of time and energy have been squandered away with little gain.  If this painful experience is to be avoided and a really healthy growth without any possible back stride is what you aspire after then keep it in your mind and heart the integrating synthetic approach is the method you have to take up.  But synthesis does not mean agglomeration, it can never create synthesis, nay synthesis is even far deeper and far wider than conglomeration.  The conglomeration of course is the outer sheath of synthesis.  Real synthesis is not an adaptation, is not an adjustment and readjustment of the elements involved.  In synthesis, you first discover the innermost current that equally flows through all the elements that are to be made synthetic and through it you combine all the elements into an integral whole and within that integrality each constituent has its distinct role to play without breaking the connectivity and the equilibrium of the total integrality already secured.  In a conglomeration, there is a sort of mechanical and automatic cohesion whereas in synthesis, self-conscious  life-impulse running through all the constituents keep them nucleated without disturbing the special attributes each constituent possesses.”

Netaji used synthesis approach and wrote on ‘a synthesis between Communism and Fascism, synthesis of eastern and western food, synthesis of all Vedas is Gita.‘ Synthesis was his favourite concept.

Evening vanished and darkness crept in.  We were sent in for dinner.  Gita served.  Owing to severe cold and spicy dishes, intake of food was more than required and already exuberant belly got unavoidable top dressing of sweets and fruits.  I could realize plight of pregnancy.  Baba was seated on the chair near us with his torch on our plates to take personal care and to see that we were well fed with helpings.  Baba then said that after dinner with a little interval he would call us to his hut.  I was oblivious of his torch beam focused on my countenance and with reflex action I stared at Gita and pulled out my tongue, an obvious expression of annoyance. Baba’s vigilant eyes caught it and laughingly he exclaimed, “Alright, alright.  Cancelled it.  Have rest. You will have to change clothes again.”  All of us heaved a sigh of relief.

With balloon like bellies we retired to our hut, which was very crowded.  We lit fire, had a chat and called it a day.

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