Baba returns to Shaulamari

Posted By Author on May 8, 2011


Reached Howrah at 11.30 A.M.  Salil Mittra and Gobind Shah came to receive me.  Had bath and lunch of fish at Salil’s house in Baliganj. We spent time in movie ‘Amne Samne’. Then we went to Air office. I purchased Gobind’s ticket for ninety rupees. He was to go by train. I did not allow.  We went to Shibnath Bose and dined there.  Delicious preparations were served one after another and I felt my stomach was going to burst open.

Then we went to Adv. Ramen Roy at Baliganj. He accompanied Baba from Okhimath to Banaras.  He narrated Baba’s journey from the Himalayas back to Shaulamari Ashram:

“A summons was issued by the Sub Divisional Magistrate, Okhimath, to vacate unauthorized possession of land at Gangtoli island. They started immediately with balance of two rupees after tickets to Rudraprayag.  Baba walked afoot about twenty miles to Rudraprayag.  Then on 2nd Oct. complete bus was engaged.  At Rishikesh Baba himself collected about two thousand rupees from Antibiotic Industry.  From Rishikesh they left in car for Meerut where Baba collected another two thousand rupees. At Meerut confidential typist of INA trial Mr.Jain called upon Baba. Our dog Bholu was in the car.  Baba and entourage headed for Vindhyachal via Etawah. There was a severe accident to Baba’s car.  A bus brushed and crushed right side of Baba’s car. At Vindhyachal police detained and obstructed them for over seats. Baba left and walked a few miles all alone.  Another taxi was engaged and it picked up Baba.  At Varanasi Krishnakant Pandey and Ramen Roy left them to minimize expenses of another taxi.  In one taxi Baba, Ramanidada, Gita with Chinumai and Dipali went to Shaulmari. At Ambari aerodrome Baba was very anxious to see me.”

I was happy to know that there was no serious injury to anyone in the accident.  We left Ramen’s house and I retired at Salil’s house.

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