Baba’s Future Government

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In the early morning Ramanidada and Gobind carried Malta fruits and went to Baba.  I finished my routine and then saw Baba descending followed by others. He reached the camp and sat on a chair near Ramanidada’s hut under the shady tree. All of us assembled.  He was in good mood.  He told me not to take external work but principle behind it and gave the following dictation:

“Occasional forgetfulness and consequent mistake, about some particulars can be understood in view of inherent weaknesses, but what will explain continuous forgetfulness about the fundamentum relation is? Suppose you forget many things about the details to be worked out in a particular external thing. That is understandable but if you continuously forget the principle that governs the work then it is the forgetfulness about the fundamental relation of the work.  With the latter it cannot move a jot.  Then for all work you must keep it in mind that forgetfulness about the fundementum is a clear symptom for the purpose of the work not genuinely taken in its right meaning.  If that right meaning is imbibed in heart, there can never be continuous forgetfulness about it.”

(Netaji used to work very hard He would skip food to complete the work in hand and expected spontaneous urge and tenacity from his associates. Baba always expected spontaneous urge to do work from us.)

It was 9.30 A.M. Baba was in a joyous mood and left for bath. His anger and solo outings with fast were to relinquish burden of constant worries on many fronts.

I had breakfast and rest.  At midday Baba called me.  The discussion was on history.  Baba opined that instead of Aurangjeb, had Dara been on the Mogul throne India’s history would have been altogether different.  He remarked that Prithwiraj was veritable fool to pardon enemy.  Then we talked on the Marathas, Shivaji, and Redfort etc.  He explained historic event from Panipat to Plassey that were turning points.  We talked for a pretty while and then he went for lunch.  I knew after his every bout of anger our delicious meals were reserved inside and today was no exception.

At 1.30 P.M. Mahatma of Kalishila came.  He was served food and given flour etc.  We then had delicious meal in Baba’s kitchen with three vegetables, payash, etc.  We returned for rest and I could not enjoy badly needed siesta as Mitranand arrived.

At 5 P.M. Baba sent a message that I should attend with a notebook.  He gave the following dictation:

Today I am giving you a task as to the future mode of Government.”

“As I told you existing political parties in the country are the first problem that has to be dealt with successfully.  By some means or other, all political parties will have to be uprooted and banned.  How this is to be done is a great problem and you need not enter on this problem just now.  After all political parties are done away with, how you have to proceed?  Naturally two roads are open: Dictatorial regime or a ‘popular’ Government.  By popular, of course, I mean a Government by democratic election.  If the former is your choice then how to proceed on with it and if you choose the latter then what should be the procedure keeping in view the following difficulties?

(1)           How to do away perverted jamboree of pre-election period?  Note if the type of hooliganism and perverted self-expression obtainable in the country today, is allowed to remain, no good will come out.

(2)           Now suppose six hundred persons are elected as members of the supreme legislature.  It is general human nature that in congregation persons of like nature or like interest will cluster together ultimately giving rise to sort of unnamed parties in the Supreme legislature.  What precautions have to be taken against these unhealthy formations and how?  Note the whole process of election in all detail will have to be chalked out.

(3)           If some zones are to be created what should be the principle behind it? (Abolition of provinces and states) If there are several units under the same unitary Government then will it not be wise to utilize these units in some way or the other as ground of preparation for the would be statesman?  If this is to be done, how is it to bring about?

(4)           If on the other hand for some time to come a dictatorial regime is your choice then though not in form but in essence cannot it be made and can be shown as such as popular?

(5)           According to your own understanding associated with existing political parties that call for their eradication, root and back.

(6)           After the things have settled in healthy pattern, would be the revival of political party system being a conducive approach? If so, how, if not why?

In your thinking about all these always be careful by force or device the more you suppress a trend the more will it smoulder in the depth awaiting for getting any advantage to be utilized for its resurgence.  Naturally if a change is to come, it must not come through general suppression or repression but through understanding, though possibility of some suppression or repression in external cases cannot be altogether precluded and ruled out.”

(Netaji mentioned, “Communism will never come to India. Synthesis of communism and Fascism is needed. For fast progress India needs strong benevolent dictator at least for ten years.”)

After this Shomu, Saxena, Lala, Budhiballabhji, Ramanidada and I accompanied Baba to garden and we were busy in sowing seeds under his direction. It was a great function itself.  Baba was jubilant.  While busy in working Budhiballabhji related to Baba that a newspaper titled ‘Satyagupta’ was being hawked in Rishikesh. Subhashwadi Janata ran it and the editor had been here to see Baba, “Wait for a while.  Do not worry about it.  I shall tackle the problem.  When in ten to twelve days he will be beaten by shoes in streets and paraded then he will realize.”

Then I initiated a topic on problems given by him. I asked him whether it was possible or not to change this system of general franchise.  He said it could be useful. I suggested that record of social work done should be used as yardstick and impetus to undertake political work.  He was convinced and agreed to it. He said, “Suresh, always remember suppressed man is a future danger. Special care will have to be taken to see that no communal feeling raises its ugly head. Did you realize how Prabhakar showed communal bias in his talk?”

After completion of sowing and watering operation Budhiballabhji and I sat near him in the grove of rose plants.  Chat.  He went inside for his meals and we returned for our dinner.  Rest and sleep.


Sunday.  Bath and then watered plants. I had chat with Baba.  Lunch. Nap. I watered plants inside his barricade. In the evening, Budhiballabhji and I sat near him.  After a little gossip he went for his meals. Sometime later Baba called all of us. He started discussion on increasing production. He observed that currency should be increased without caring for the gold control standard.  He wanted that eighty percent arable land should come under irrigation.  According to him foreign exchange was no problem.  We should barter goods without caring for gold.  I tried to make him understand that by increase in currency inflation would set in.  The international trade depended on gold control and that it could not be changed. Even in discussion he was losing balance and getting angry.  I was smiling in my mind. I was not willing to change my views because he did not care for the fundamental law of demand and supply.  It was 9.30 and his voice went in crescendo and hence I had to be submissive to end the debate.  He then dictated the following note:

“When a discussion goes on about something then at every stage of discussion you must be careful that the thing which is to come and has to come for discussion in later stage or phase should not be allowed to interfere in with the previous stages and such undue interference is bound to create chaos in the main body of thinking.  A discussion should always develop gradually into  climax, step-by-step, phase-by-phase. The matter of a subsequent state or phase is allowed to intrude into its antecedents will naturally distract your attention from systematic thinking.  In discussion there are factors, which if these are not placed and weighed upon in the proper sequence, will disturb the thinking as a whole.  Such kinds of desolatory approach will at every step cloud what you aim at.  Then again you must be on your guard that tendency of speaking for speaking’s sake must not be allowed to crop up in as much as this just turns itself into more or less gossiping.  Serious about the process of thinking is the first thing to dwell upon if your own process of thinking is to become systematic.  Strip off the sequence, a discussion is bound to move circuitously in a vicious circle and a semantic jugglery will naturally creep in.”

On the above note I dared say that if the topic itself were vicious the stages ahead would crop up early.  I pointed out that inflation, hoarding, black money, tax evasion, profuse currency, increasing prices etc. formed a

vicious circle itself.  Baba laughed and said, “Suresh, you are right but we must try to break this vicious circle in discussion.  Always first broad outline of the plan, then details of the plan, then broad thinking about execution, and then details of execution should be a chain. I agreed.  During discussion when he lost his temper it affected others as they were unable to understand A, B, C of what was going and hence Gobind, Lala, Budhiballabh sneaked out and he rebuked them.  He pointed out to them that impatient mind was not a yogic quality.  Anyway. Then he alone was speaking.  I saw my watch. It was 10.30 P.M.  He marked me.  Then he gave a note of instructions as he told that from next day he would remain closed.

I brought it to Baba’s notice that Gobind felt like going home to make domestic arrangement. He got off and called Gobind and chastised him.  Gobind changed and said that he casually talked with me.  Baba then told us not to bother him about money matter.  This incident took place in the afternoon.

It was too late.  We finished our dinner and retired.

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