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I got up leisurely, as Baba was to remain closed.  However, Ramanidada came and told that Baba had given three questions for me and I should be ready with answers at 9.30 A.M. when he would call me after finishing his meal.  I jotted the questions and during sentry duty prepared answers.  The questions were:

(1) Distinguish between need of speaking and urge of speaking and urge of speaking and their effect good or bad on human growth.

(2) Describe how they are intermingled to give to the combination of a deceptive appearance that play the role of hoodwinker thereby subscribing to degeneration of personality?

(3) By introspection try to find out whether once or twice last night you spoke from the subconscious and in course of speaking from the subconscience committed mistake both of understanding and expression?

My Answers:

1) There is a gulf of difference in need, necessity and indispensability.  Need may or may not be fulfilled or sufficed by one but indispensability is that which must be fulfilled.  An urge of speaking may be termed as another phase or form of indispensability of speaking.  It is my conviction that need to speak comes from superficial layer of consciousness while urge to speak is percolating type and hence its outcome can be easily stopped or patched up by strong desire or conscious willpower but on the other hand an urge to speak is of bursting nature or explosive type coming from within the core of sub consciousness and hence one cannot refrain himself from the urge of speaking.  The urge of speaking reveals one’s real nature while need of speaking exposes one’s contaminated, adulterated and degenerating thoughts coming from consciousness which is all the while in contact with various types of people both good and bad.  In the present age the latter is more often exposed to Devilish forces and evil deeds. Naturally, urge of speaking would be benevolent to human growth as it erupts genuine and wealthy thoughts of the subconscious mind.  On the contrary need to speak would give rise to both good and bad thoughts but if the thoughts are bad then this flow would prove malevolent to human growth.
It may be noted that sometimes an apparent urge of speaking is in reality a strongest form of need of speaking when it comes out of selfish motive or egoistic desire.  In such cases also need to speak instead of percolating may burst out and mislead one. Therefore one shall have to be very careful to see that such egoistic or selfish need of speaking is not taken as an urge of speaking.  This type is nothing but hoodwinking which would subscribe to degeneration of humanity.

2) Yes, by introspection even before getting these questions I found out mistakes only yesterday before I went to sleep.  Mr. Mitranand is an elderly person and I should not have said that Shomu and Mitranandji are of same mental age.  This expression was probably the outcome of his selfish behaviour in the past, which left deep imprint on my subconscience.  A couple of examples may be quoted here.  When we were in acute economic crunch and Baba left for forest, he insisted on preparing sweets for him when we were without food.  When he came to my place as a representative of the Ashram he asked for ten rupees to my servant in the name of his temple.  I despised this act of begging in the name of God without doing any creative work for the nation.

After thinking still deeper I feel that he is the outcome of harsh life of the Himalayan environment and I might have been mistaken.

Third answer I wrote on psychosis but did not read it.
When I read out the above Baba said the first one was correct but I have confused between urge and intuition.  He then gave, the following dictation:

(1)    “ Here you have confused urge and spontaneous intuition.  Urge is mechanical.  It is an automatic outcome of some actions and reactions in the physical and vital structure. All urges bad or apparently good are equally bad from Yogic point of view.  Of course making use of the urges as a master is quite a different thing. There it becomes actual need and between need and indispensability is only deeper and more urgent need but albeit need it is.  All urges will have to be overcome cent percent.  It does not mean that urges will have to be always denied their external actualization but when out of the sense of necessity you have it actualized, it must be done as a master, not as a slave. So far as the plan of the nature is concerned, urge is a mechanical and vital device of fulfilling automatic necessity.  In that form to a more or less extent we have it in animals but man endowed with superior consciousness (here by superior consciousness I do not refer to any better attribute but to more active and more powerful one) has the ability either to distort or to sublimate the natural urges. So far as general humanity is concerned it is enormously distorted and there we have a combination of animal needs and distorting and distorted need in urges. Take the case of simple urge of eating.  There clearly need and greed are combined in different proportions in relation to different individuals.  Less the element of greed and more the element of necessity the more advanced you are.

(2) Very often worst type of mental diseases co-exists in human nature with something good.  Hence when you observe something very nauseating in some individuals, do not at once jump into the conclusion that this is only the real nature of man.  The darker one you have observed but he may have his brighter one too though not necessarily. About your two observations you are cent percent right but there are brighter elements also existing in his nature and you must take special note that a man is to be judged not by his defects but by whatever good he has.  It is not a sentimental expression.  When a man starts his onward march from the simplest particle of the creation, contraction is his natural attribute. If he expands himself in one sphere, it means he is advancing and this advance must not be measured in terms of back stride inherent in him.”

Baba then gave the following Sanskrit Sutra with its meaning. He explained:

‘Maitri Karuna muditopekshanam sukh dukhh punyapunya vishayanam bhawanataha chittaprasadanam.’
Meaning:  With reference to all human defects you have to arouse a sense of compassion within yourself.  Until you have it you must have the sense of ‘upeksha’ (ignorance) without any pungent imprint on yourself.’

As per advice of Ramanidada I was speaking as less as possible.  Baba then again gave the following dictation:

“The place where ‘ Sadhak ‘ performs his ‘Sadhana’ may be conveniently surrounded by one or all of the following plants Viz., Tulsi, Nilgiri, Kalomegh, Devdar, Chir, Bel, Ashoka, Amloki, Neem, Haritaki, Pipal, Banyan because leaves of these plants have the wonderful capacity of both absorbing and repulsing human magnetism.  Some flowers like Bakul, Champa, Mogra, Chameli, Jui also have this wonderful attribute to a greater extent, Jui in particular.”

Baba was in good mood and he gave further the following dictation:

“ Objective discernment is a different thing.  Suspicion is a subjective defect and so it is the mentality of a slave as Swami Vivekananda put it.  When you are not to be suspicious, it does not mean that you have to be over credulous.  Both blind your eyes.  Proper discernment is the only way out.  If there is anything that benumbs your intellect it is all bad.”
Baba was talking for a pretty long time.  We were waiting for Radhakant’s arrival but hope was belied.  Baba then told me lot of stories of the revolutionaries. ‘ Subhash Bose hatched a conspiracy.  Miss Das was then seventeen years old.  The Governor came for a function at the Calcutta University and she fired at him.  The Governor survived because the bullet struck his diary, which had iron, cover.  Miss Das was sent to life imprisonment and she did her M.A. studying in jail. Now she is M.L.A. of Bengal Assembly. (Veena Das was Netaji’s ideal teacher Beni Madhav Das’s daughter.) When I asked him about a girl’s character shown in the Hindi Movie on Subhash Bose working with him. He was reticent. Then he told that Suresh Bose’s son in law Maitra was to meet Netaji on the coast of Orissa while on way to Japan by submarine and how he was sentenced to death.  Other three were also to be hanged for the same but Gandhiji saved their lives. (Herein is contradiction. Niharendu Dutta Mazumdar has mentioned that three were hanged.) How Bhagat Singh’s weight increased by ten pounds in jail and how he went to the gallows smilingly.  The magistrate present there wept.  Surendra Mohan Ghosh shot seven police officers and was a daredevil but power has corrupted him now, remarked Baba. He described how one revolutionary was sent to gallows because of a telegram, etc.  Baba was a very good story narrator and was creating picture of the incident.’ (Netaji used to spin lot of stories and narrate them to Bhagatram Talwar during their escape from Peshawar to Kabul afoot.)

Ramsingh Pradhan of Okhimath and Dhasmana of Guptakashi came.  Baba called them.  He rebuked Ramsingh for his habit of inhaling ‘ganja’ (marijuana). When Ramsingh became crestfallen, Baba laughed and brought him to normal mood.  It was past evening and Baba instructed me to offer them tea.  When they left it was too dark and hence Dhasmana was given our torch while Ramsingh was furnished with a ‘lalten’. (A kerosine lantern.)  I had my dinner and after chitchat I was fast asleep.  Baba sent a message to call me but knowing that I was asleep I was not disturbed on his instructions.

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