Baba’s views on Violence

Posted By Author on January 22, 2010

I got up after the sunrise.  At night I sweated lot and had fever. After breakfast I sat in a secluded spot with Ramkrishnaji.  W talked a lot.  He told me that Krishnakant and Radhakant were of firm conviction that Baba is Netaji.  Once Baba narrated details of Netaji’s escape from India.  It was as follows:


‘After seeing and informing his father, Netaji came under house arrest. (Netaji’s father expired in 1934 and Netaji left on January 16th 1941. How could he see his father?) Shardulsingh of Punjab used to meet him.  He was instructed to send notes in letters addressed to Netaji’s mother as arranged previously.

On the day of departure Netaji adorned himself in the garb of Pathan.  Free liquor was offered to police personnel on guard.  Dance and singing was arranged. Then as a Pathan he himself talked to the D.S.P. present there.  He  asked his permission to see Netaji and said that he had come all the way from Kabul.  To avoid disturbance in the festivity, he was driven out and then by car and train he reached Kabul.  The two persons who escorted him to Kabul were told to take poison to maintain secrecy. The Pathan friend dissuaded him but Netaji told them that to guard interest of forty crore people, there was no harm in sacrificing two lives.  Then poison bottles were brought and it was decided that after Netaji counted three numbers they would consume the poison. After saying one and two, they took bottles to their lips.  Then Netaji stopped them, as he was convinced about their integrity.

Then as a dumb and deaf Pathan he performed ‘Namaj’ in a Masjid for thirty days.  Netaji was stayed for just seven days in the upper room of Uttamchand Malhotra.  He was living behind a screen in the room.  Uttamchand’s wife had a doubt and so netaji had to leave Uttamchand’s house.  Then he established contact with the German embassy.  They arranged his flight in a plane with four plain-clothed guards. Near Singapore a British submarine chased his submarine.  His submarine went deep down and gave a dodge.’

I feel that there might be flaws in the narration either due to loss of memory on the part of Baba or incorrect narration either by Krishnakantji or Ramkrishnaji. The narration is full of anomalous statements and erroneous facts.

Ramkrishnaji said to me that since Baba could tell all details of Netaji, either he was Netaji or a very near person to Netaji. That was his opinion.  I candidly told him that I had not an iota of doubt that Baba is Subhash Bose.  I told him to observe Baba’s teeth and how similar they were with Netaji’s.  Ramkrishnaji suddenly agreed hundred percent.

Then Ramkrishnaji told me a story of a twenty four year old boy of Meerut who was uneducated but he talked in Sanskrit and Hindi.  He spoke in two different voices as Shrung Rishi and his disciple Mahananda.  The boy said that he saw God Rama.  After chanting mantras Narad, Vasishta, etc. spoke through him.  I listened patiently his stories, treated it as money spinning publicity stunts. I was shocked to see the innocent belief of engineer Ramkrishnaji.

I took bath and rest and enjoyed lunch at 1.30 P.M. Baba called me in where Ramkrishnaji and Vinodji were already seated.  Baba initiated talk on Yoga and asked me about my meditation. I told him frankly that even five minutes sincere meditation refreshed my body and mind. However thoughtless concentration at a stretch could not be achieved even for a fraction of a second.


I asked him the possibility of giving demonstration of Yoga beyond the physical laws as was mentioned in ‘Siddhis’ and before I could complete the view of modern scientists, he misunderstood me that I had no faith in Yoga and blurted, “If you do not see it then go home”.  Then I explained my question and he realized his mistake.  He then referred to a Nobel Prize winner of chemistry who had experienced spiritual realization but people did not believe in him.

Then he turned to politics and said, “Misconceived ideals are very dangerous things.  The leaders in power did not understand the meaning of ‘Ahimsa’.  You have to do ‘Himsa’ (violence) but at heart you must be ’Ahimsak’ (non-violent).  For example you beat a boy to correct him.  While beating him your Himsa is for the good of the boy. So also if war is fought for Ahimsa, it is justified provided your own interest is not being under it.  The interest of humanity must be the motive.

I asked him his opinion about Vietnam War. He opined,” the American interest is the main consideration in fighting.  If their interest was not involved then it would have been justified.  Why should they appoint an ordinary teacher like Singhman Rhee as President of South Vietnam?  It is because he would yield to them and be a puppet.  No honest and fit man would listen to anybody else.”  I remarked that to check communism the Americans were fighting in Vietnam so that SE Asia could be saved.  He observed, “Communism must be checked but any means are not acceptable.  You must have proper means to achieve the end.  An ideology cannot be fought with weapons. The Americans ought to have fought an ideological war but it seems they have lost their brains.  Johnson has no character.  Even present Vice President or Robert Kennedy would have been far better choice instead of Johnson.  The loss of yJohn Kennedy was a great blow and India lost a true friend.  He would have been in the rank of Jefferson and Washington in near future.  He was stern yet considerate.  Right from childhood he was adventurous.  He was shot by plan and conspiracy.  Nobody could answer the question as to why the guards were not with the President and as to why machine guns were not fired on the window from where the bullet was shot.  Mrs. Kennedy and even Justice Warren kept mum to keep prestige of the country.”

Baba then put a question to me as to who was the builder of modern U.S.A. “Was it Jefferson?” I said perhaps it was Lincoln.  He said I was correct.  Then he asked, “Do you know that a saint from the Himalayas used to visit Jefferson every night for three years. It is recorded in his diaries.  A yogic power can take a saint from the Himalayas to U.S.A. in ten minutes. I was stunned (for his faith).

Then I turned the topic on ‘Siddhis’.  He told me that Swami Vivekananda along with Maharaja of Jaipur saw a Brahmin who could produce any type of fruit of nothing.  In western countries they believed in witchcraft.  It was dominant in uncivilized nations.  In Savannah in South America the natives dance around the poisonous cobra.  He said the origin of Yogic power was in India alone.  “Without self-experience it was useless to sing the glory of the past. What one did him-self was important.”

I asked him his opinion about invasion of Hungary by the Russians.  He said definitely it was ‘Hinsak’ but removal of Khrushchev was a great loss.  He was a reformist and favourable to humanity.

After two hours’ discussion we returned to our tent at 4 P.M. Ramakarishnaji took his medicines of chromo therapy.  I was sandwiched between mud therapy and colored water therapy.  I was not well.  I took rest and late dinner. Dinbandhu and Haribandhu had gone to Haridwar to fetch vegetables and Gangetic silt for medicine.

Late at 10 P.M. I was called in along with Ramkrishnaji.  As usual he was meditating with eyes open and door of the hut ajar.  We waited and then he called us in.  Ramkrishnaji told him that he was performing chromo therapy from the book by Bapuji Tongu.  Baba said, “The ancient Rishis transformed scientific things into custom so that the commoner could get benefit and that was correct.  Long before Galileo there are many references about the Earth revolving around the Sun.”  After brief meeting we were disposed off.

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  1. santosh says:

    why not our country ( india ) will celiberete Netajji’s birth day ?

    for me we are proud for Netajji & his contribution towards freedom idia.