Asshram again: Baba’s Dictations

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Caught first gate and arrived at Rudraprayag at 3 P.M. Agent of News papers Mr.Bhat stopped newspapers for non-payment. Told him to continue and cleared his dues. Before Rudraprayag Agent of cigarettes met at Shrinagar and purchased one carton for Baba.  Got bus for Okhimath. S.D.M. of Joshimath occupied my reservation at Rishikesh.  I removed him and later on he talked nicely.  His name was Mr. Sharma. H.C.

At 5.30 P.M. got down near Chunni. Gobind Shah came to receive.  Reached the camp.  One Mr. Ramesh Saxena, Principal of Junior College of Etawah (U.P.) and formerly secretary of Subhashwadi Janata met for the first time.  He was staying with us. His address was 400 Katra Fateh Mehaboob Khan, Etawah. He was on leave and was to go on 18th but detained by Baba.  I had high temperature.  Medicinal mud was applied to forehead.  Called on Ramanidada.  He gave sweets and showed court cases. He told that one day Baba went in anger but returned next morning.

Baba called me in.  With Shomu and Ramanidada I sat near him.  After preliminary inquisition Baba put a question to us, “Shall we put on flesh on a new skeleton or use the old one?” (Whether use old M.P.s or not).  Ramanidada opined to use the old one and I suggested that if the old one was diseased better use new one; otherwise flesh would get contaminated and gangrenous.  Ramanidada said that we would chop off gangrenous parts.  I remarked that it depended on surgeon’s skill, patient’s endurance and gravity of spread of disease. Baba laughed heartily and opined, “ Let us see what Mother tells.“ He said that we should wait till 15th Jan.  Then he told me to send telegram enquiring health of my parents, as they were unwell when I left. He told me to inform brother to take date in the last week of January in Shah Nawaz case.  About Ratan’s attendance on 9th Jan. at Amravati Baba refused to submit false medical certificate for adjournment.
He dictated a telegram:

“Unable to attend the court on 9th January due to my mother’s serious illness stop please do the needful and oblige.  Ratan Maheshwari” He told to send this on 4th Jan.   He quoted Bernard Shaw’s sentences, “Politics is the last resort of scoundrels.  Democracy is the rule of vulgars. Churchill is 18th century wry fossil.”

He then gave the following dictation:

“With a will and motive to be conquered and with a feeling of joy in the prospect of being conquered the forces both proximate and remote, both personal and impersonal will many a time lay bare their avenues to you for conquest will ultimately lead to your self conquest.  If this fundamental principle of spiritual operation fails to be caught up by you and if with proper discernment you do not do what should be done in this respect with your eyes always fixed on your Supreme Goal, your progress will be tremendously retarded, nay, even sometimes the whole prospect of progress may be out and out eliminated.”

This Baba explained by giving a simple example. “ If one was abused and told to rectify his mistake he should conquer the adviser by accepting his advice.  If in vanity he refused, he was lost.”

Then discussion on Fatehsingh’s threat of immolation and Jagat Guru Shankaracharya’s fast were discussed.  He did not mind about Jagat Guru’s action.  According to Baba he was a good man but detested Fatehsingh’s fast.  We were sitting near fire in his hut.  He was in lively mood.  We discussed current situation in politics and after an hour we left the hut.  Ramanidada told me that Baba spoke freely after many days. He observed that my presence was good for him. We parted.  Weather was cold. I completed diary after dinner.

At 9 A.M. Baba called me and showed the garden.  Lot of vegetables, vines and flowers were in bloom.  Then we sat in the Sun for a chat.  He told that by 15th or 18th January foreign delegates would come.  He would then go by helicopter to Shaulmari Ashram on 26th January for two days.  I told the difficulty. Then he agreed to go by copter to Dehradun and from there by jet plane to Hashimara aerodrome and by car thirteen miles to Ashram.  We discussed other topics and ended on politics.  He said the weak could never influence.  He observed that these people did not learn a lesson from failure of the Khilafat movement. He dictated the following at 11 A.M.

“One fundamental principle that is the main one for leading to successful collective work in any sphere of life involving genuine co-operation from all the units forming the collectivity.”
“When the ideal is there a sheer sentimental approach to its realization will not do.  When you try to find out the means for its realization this should be kept burning in your brain and heart that sentimental means will never lead you to the coveted realization.  Man as such is a very queer creature.  His inner structure is a storehouse of conflicting ideals and ideologies, fighting actions and reactions and with emotions at loggerheads with each other.  There are also elements in him that are apparently at contradiction with one another but with proper discernment may be combined into conglomerated whole to achieve a definite purpose.  Man has collective urge in him but side-by-side he has his individual urge too.  If the individual side is left hungry and you aspire only for developing collective side, a dismal failure will be the only sequel.  Then when you make a plan and a scheme for collectivization of human units, you have to see to it that side-by-side his individual urges get proper avenues to express themselves.  This is quite possible and not only possible but also indispensable for any real progress.

Work in itself means nothing.  An objective success in work means little.  An objective success will have to be measured in terms of the success of the human personality associated with the works in relation to the evolutionary progress he brings about in himself through the work.  Strip it off, work becomes meaningless.  I clarify this point with one example.

Gandhiji took upon himself the work of physical freedom of the country but with all my reverence for his unique personality I am constrained to observe if with the same zeal and with the similar means he had taken upon with himself        man-making mission and combined the two into an integral whole for at least into a healthy running parallel system, the picture obtained and obtainable in the country would have been altogether different. There the consideration of physical freedom was given first priority whereas both should have been given the same status and same importance.  Under the wheel of stupendous personality men were without knowing compelled to do certain things without getting them transformed.  The objective success is attained but so attained at the cost of human growth.  If the aforesaid integration of approach had been there the achievement of external success of physical freedom might have been delayed by a few years but that delay notwithstanding the future would have been framed on a firm and solid basis. In spite of otherwise vastness of the approach, I say with all conviction that had been a shortsighted policy.  The enthusiasm for attaining physical freedom was in full swing but no sooner that goal was achieved the genuine enthusiasm for healthy reconstruction had vanished like withered leaves in autumn that could not have happened without some basic primordial mistake in the main approach.”

When I asked meaning of individual urges he explained by giving an example of co-operative farming.  If individual was not given scope he would remain unsatisfied and hence there should be combination of both in such efforts.  This was the reason why the Russian farming and communes of China failed. “ He then projected his view:

“From the political field I give you one instance.  Take the case of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and his followers President Iesmeth Inonu who after Kemal Ataturk for about twenty-five long years remained the President of Turkey.  The poor fellow, with his entire feverish craze tried as best as he could to follow the life and ideal of Ataturk.  But the real emotional formation was not there and therefore all his attempts of following ended in sheer imitation and in spite of the great position nationally or internationally he enjoyed all throughout his life, he remained a poor caricature of the great Ataturk.  Imitation will not do.  It is the objective and subjective following combined into a totality that should be the only approach. I do not say Vinobaji is a sheer imitation of Gandhiji but in spite of himself, in spite of his aspiration to follow Gandhiji, he has remained an imitation.”
(Netaji used words ‘objective’ and ‘subject6ive’ of  Marxist philosophy and so did Baba.)
“I said that Vinobaji could not work properly on Bhoodan because he did not understand Gandhiji.”  Baba dictated the following regarding this.

“Bhoodan is a dismal failure.  It is a funny thing.  Suppose he would have succeeded in real re-distribution of land, would he have been able to increase fertility?”

“What we require is deep emotion and not surface touching sentimentality.  When the feeling permeates the whole being then it is called coveted.  If it is selfish feeling then it is uncoveted.”
“There is no line of demarcation in selfishness and selflessness.  Selflessness on a large scale is also a form of selfishness.  A Yogi sitting in the Himalayas was once praised by a commoner that how selfless was he.  But the Yogi replied that by not allowing bad elements to enter his being he was attaining selfish attitude.  Once Ramkrishna Deo told that out of two persons having two palaces, one cares for cleanliness and other is very careless.  One who maintains house clean is selfish because he wants his thing clean and intact.  In a way other person is more selfless.”

“To expand narrow consciousness is real spiritualism.”
“Real greatness is always full of contradictions.”
“Neglecting human side you cannot achieve success objectively.”
“The approach must be a combination of objectivity and subjectivity.”

“The present attitude of students is the ghost of non-violence.  Without understanding the principle people followed it blindly.  The student must be kept engaged from morning to evening.  There is no need of unions.  They are not laborers.  But if they are not properly engaged, their energy is bound to find such unhealthy outlets.  Residential universities will be prime necessity.  Even later on it can be possible in rural areas everywhere.”

“All young politicians will have to be segregated and properly trained.” I said that those who were already adulterated would also have to be segregated so that they should not contaminate others and Baba said I was perfectly right.

Baba expressed, “If I get a chance I shall write a nice book on Gandhiji.  Let us see.  But on population, I would definitely like to write. There must be optimum population for different parts of the world.  I am against contraceptives.  It has bad effect but I am thinking of what you suggested. Suresh, do you recollect about ‘period’? (Example the fertilization period should be avoided). I do not bother about growth of population for another five hundred years, at least for hundred more years.  We can produce enough food.  Certainly high productivity in agriculture will have to be brought.”
India’s productivity of food increased due to invention of Mexican scientist Norman Borg, the inventor of hybrid seeds.

After some more discussion he went inside. I had lunch. I wrote diary.  Mitranand, Udaysingh and Ramsingh came.  At 5 P.M. Baba called me.  Together we planted grafts of grape vines.  After a month he proposed to re-arrange them.  Then he talked about cases on different newspapers.  He told me that I should represent in the Hitavada case at Mathabhanga, north Bengal.  He pointed out that presiding magistrate dismissed it on the ground of jurisdiction. After brief talk he left.

Shomu prepared Bengali sweets for the dinner.

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