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Posted By Author on August 25, 2011


Got up early.  Packed clothes, etc. I bade Pronams to all elders. Parents were displeased.  My sister-in-law gave Tiffin. It was stolen at Nagpur. Caught Howrah mail at 7.30 A.M. from Badnera by offering bribe of ten rupees and got comfortable reservation of a seat.  Later at Raipur same mode enabled to get a berth.


At midday reached Howrah.  By taxi went to Maniktola.  Luckily Gobindbabu was at home.  Told him that I tried to find out Salil’s office but could not trace it.  Then at 4 P.M. both of us went to Radhakant Pandey via Salil. Shibath Bose came there.  The picture was gloomy.  Refreshment.  Radhakantji was half pulled down in health.  With Salil and Shibnath went to Ramen Roy’s house.  Had a chat for a long time.  Shibnath left.  There was marriage at Salil’s place.  Reached Gobindbabu’s house.  Bath and dined.  Felt fresh.  Slept at his scrap-iron shop in the open.  At night a stray dog stole my sandal.


Got up and went to Gobind’s house. I took bath.  Purchased new sandals from Bata. I had lunch at Gobind.  Shibnath too joined.  Had a nap.  Gobind left for his business.  With Shibnath by bus went to Netaji’s house at 38/2 Elgin Road, Calcutta 20.  It was converted into museum and there was office of the Netaji Research Bureau.  On way, in bus, accidentally met Radhakantji.  Saw museum minutely.  Studied palm prints of Subhash Bose.  The museum was fine and inspiring.  Gave remark in the book for visitors.  Then went to Shibnath’s house.  Gobind joined.  All of us had typical sumptuous and spicy Bengali dinner to the brim. We were back to Gobind’s house.  Slept at his shop.  The dog was socialist enough to take away Gobind’s shoes today.


I finished bath and lunch. Gobind cancelled to accompany me to Ashram, as his business consignment was due.  He saw me off at Sealdah station after managing a berth for me. I left Sealdah station, at 11.30 A.M. In the evening reached Farakka and crossed the Ganges in steamer.  At Khajuria Ghat boarded train again.  Met two youngsters named Aurobindo Ghosh and Bose of Assam who were members of Communist Party of India.

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