Bose & Baba – similar traits

Posted By Author on June 6, 2010

Got up at 4.15 A.M. drank water. Performed meditation and ‘japa’.  Lost comb.  Bath.  Took buttermilk.  Wrote Diary. Read Dasbodh.  I was talking with Dinbandhu when Ramanidada brought the file on Shah Nawaz case and as per Baba’s direction handed it over to me.  I was reading it.  An open challenge to him was to be drafted. Then Ramanidada gave me letter of Gope Gurbax. Shomu brought my letter.  It was from my friend Dr. P.N. Wadodkar. He wrote that people from whom I took loan for Ashram on bonds were pressing hard.  I was bit nervous.  M.L.A. Maithani came. I made him sit and left on a nearby hill in off mood.  I worried about my refund.  I gave a serious thought to marriage.  By refusing good proposals I might repent.  I thought if I fail in adventure what difference would it make.  I shall be one bachelor amongst crores of people who are living from hand to mouth.  I closed this issue from my mind.  Worry about repayment remained.  Then I thought so many people lost thousands of rupees in Ashram loan business, compared to that my case was insignificant.  The breach of trust by Ashram was repugnant yet I laughed, calmed my mind and was back.

Baba called me. Ramanidada already apprised him that I was in bad mood due to some letter.  Baba queried and I assured him I would tell later on.  Maithani was waiting.  Then he and Mitranand were given audience.  Two persons accompanying Maithani were not allowed.  I was absent but Haribandhu on Baba’s say took me there.

The M.L.A. candidly confessed that leaders and Government talk and promise a lot but in practice do a little.  Baba asked him as to why then in bold letters it was written in the Parliament ‘Satyameva Jayate’ i. e, Truth alone wins.  (Netaji maintained that Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram inspire highest ideals of human race.) Maithani observed planning should be stopped.  Money was invested on it but people remained as they were. Baba asked him that Nehru made plans but what was done for the people.  What urge he showed?  After an hour’s talk Baba told me to offer lunch to them and left.
The guests finished meals and left.  Being on fast I had buttermilk and Mosambi.  Baba called in.  Only two of us were seated in his hut.  Discussion was about my loan taken for Ashram.  I proposed three alternatives:

(i) I should not take leave without pay for three months and partially repay pending loan from salary.  My presence would create confidence amongst debtors.

(ii) As per given word Ashram should pay six thousand out of ten thousand by the end of June.

(iii) I should not care and bother about service and not show face permanently there.

Baba laughed and said he did not like third alternative.  If I stayed with him without refund of loan Baba said my mind would not be tranquil. He said, “I shall make arrangements and by 31st July we shall clear them off.  I am thinking some amount we shall have to arrange.  I might send Ratan to you to go to Bombay.  If I think of getting five or one crore from abroad and if it would come by August then we shall pull on up to August any how.  No need to go in for petty loans.  The difficulty is not with our Government, which is always ready to accept foreign exchange but how much time that Government will take to sanction permission.  On it depends all.  If the person concerned is influential in that Government then I think it will be done quickly but before July I shall not take any decision.  That is definite.”
On this I suggested that till his money comes I shall stay in Amravati, wash off the loan and then come back.  Baba said, “ Alright this will do.  You stay at Amravati so that those people will not trouble parents.  If I inform you about Calcutta matter, you take casual leave and attend the court.  If Ratan comes, you go to Bombay and with that man fly to Delhi.  Till then request those people to wait for a month or two.  Will this do?”

I said yes.  My anger and fear dissolved.  I left worrying.  Baba proposed that after 15th July we would go towards Badrinath.  After one hour I came out.  My mind became stable.  I decided to tell that payment would be done after two months otherwise what the hell they could do.  Interest was to be given then why bother.  Whatever happens we will see.  While leaving his hutment Baba said, “ I gave many sources from where lakhs can be received but I do not feel like asking for the reason that they will not give up their habits and one day I shall not spare them too. They will have to be punished. This Haridas Mundhada made a scandal in collaboration with T.T.Krishnamachari.  He expressed his wish to come to Ashram and assured Radhakant that if Baba asked he would pay five lakhs.  He was prepared to come but some Congress members like Atulya Ghosh refrained him.  Of course I would not have taken his money. This money is of no use.”
Baba questioned me as to why I did not disclose about loan at home.   I explained that I thought within two months Ashram would refund.  If not, my dues from the Government were awaited.  I did not receive research scholarship of 1962 till then.  It was all Government’s red tapism.  Baba exclaimed, “What a wretched administration?”

I came out. Haribandhu started narrating and I enjoyed and laughed.  He said, “Sureshbabu, these thirty five lakhs loan has hooked all Ashramites for the last seven years.  They are still hopeful to receive money.  Baba hooks one after another skillfully.”  I have also become numb and seasoned now.  What Haribandhu said was true.  He said that Baba would aim in one direction and gets his kill in the reverse direction.  He would show that he was going to west and would go to east. (That is like Netaji.)  When he would say thirty five lakhs would come be sure nothing would reach and when he would say to fast for fifteen days for want of money, it would end the next day.  Haribandhu was convinced that Baba was reincarnation of Lord Krishna.  He was confident that great work would be done at Baba’s hands.  A time would come when multi millionaires will lay prostrate before him.

Netaji’s modus operandi of dodge was similar. When he told he was proceeding to Japan he escaped to Kabul in reverse direction during his escape from India. When he wanted to go to Kiel in the west of Germany to clandestinely escape by submarine to Japan he declared that he was going to east on Russian front. When he escaped showing plane crash he earlier declared that he was surrendering in Russian Manchuria but escaped to Tibet in reverse direction. About money in South East Asia like Ashram he floated the loan bonds of provisional Government of India and also squeezed millionaires in billions. One wealthy merchant Mr.Habib of Rangoon donated one crore to Netaji. His principle was. ‘Karo sab necchawaar, bano sab fakir.’ Meaning sacrifice all and become ascetics. The same continued till end in recluse. Poor Ashramites and well-wishers followed this precept. He presumed that he spent life for others and hence it was his right to extract money from others.  Netaji’s and Babaji’s charisma, influence and magnetism, extraction of money, and spending for others were identical traits.

I jocularly asked Haribandhu whether he ever received beating at the hands of Baba. He said he had that honor five to six times.  He disclosed that he would keep his hand on cheek and further disclosed his trade secret that when Baba held one ear he would cover his palm on the reverse cheek.  That lessened the gravity.  We all laughed from groin.  Haribandhu added that if someone comes to demand his loaned money we say, you idiot! Because of your virtue of previous birth your money was luckily accepted by Baba. Then the person concerned would pour more money or would not show his face.  The atmosphere was so hilarious that all my mental pressure dissipated. I was just a pebble on the beach compared to other debtors.

It was 5.30 P.M. I completed meditation and Baba called me.  He told me that from next day he would remain closed.  I then read out letter from Dr. Gope Gurbax.  He mentioned that he had mended his mistake.  Baba then said,” Let me test your knowledge of palmistry.”  He pulled his chair near me and bending down he sketched lines on the floor.  He asked that the fate line was independently starting from the base of palm formerly and at the age of twenty nine it obliterated from the base and originated from the life line what was its meaning.  I explained that formerly it showed independent income and monetary self-sufficiency and later it showed dependence on hereditary earning and living.  Baba asked what more.  I said I knew not.  He laughed and assured he would explain later on.  I was convinced that it was only his case.  He left and I came back.

I took juice and came to hut. My friend Haribandhu was in a frustrated mood.  He was a bachelor.  He told that many offers came to him for marriage.  That time he had a plan to establish fishery, dairy and gardening and then marry.  Then Ashram dawned.  Unless he would be self sufficient he would not marry and moreover being in the Ashram nobody dared to make an offer.  I assured him I was bound to be like him soon and both roared in laughter. Slept.

I got up early. Completed routine and continued fast. I browsed through Shah Nawaz file.  I did not find anything like challenging him because he never asked direct apology to Ashram.  He made a scapegoat of other person and blamed distortion by newspapers.  I repaired handle of my bag.  Haribandhu came from Guptakashi with purchases of his own, and soap and hair oil for me.  Baba did not come out the whole day. As usual his ‘thali’ (plate) with food was covered and kept outside his door. He did not partake meal.  He was really closed.  It was first time I saw him closed for twenty-four hours although many times he told his intention to do so. Netaji used to close himself in room and his food used to be kept covered outside door of his room.

Got up at 4.30 A.M. and finished routine.  After bath Baba called me and gave the following dictation:
“My experiment that starts from the base of humanity has been a total failure.  Now at this juncture the necessary amount of money as a part of the procedure will not come and it cannot come. The reasons are twofold:  Those around me neither have the aptitude, emotional and intellectual, nor the necessary least amount of understanding to handle and use the money for the purpose in the spirit and in the right direction.  Secondly, I myself cannot handle the money and supervise in all details for its right and purposeful use.  Unless and until the whole structure of experiment is revolved in a new pattern and I bring around me persons who after being properly trained by myself can handle and utilize the money rightly for the purpose for which the money is brought, the necessary money will not come and it cannot come and for all these a long period of time is what is required.  In the first place my physical condition shattered by these seven years’ futility will have to be repaired and remoluded.  In the second place after the necessary repairing and remoulding the plan structure, both internal and external, will have to be rebuilt.  I do not think all this can be done in less than two years time.  None of you need now remain in false hope. If any of you has foolhardiness to remain with me he has to face immense suffering to be forborne even without food and shelter.  It is not a conjecture.  It is what is coming.  I have been made thoroughly immobilized even if anyone of you decides to remain with me; he has to look after his physical need himself.  I shake off all my responsibility in, as much as if I stick to it then the future is also doomed. My physical body does not now at all receive any money from anybody.  If by nature’s bountifulness money comes then that is a different thing.  But be sure I shall not try, as I have nothing to try because the instruments with which the attempt is to be made and has to be made that is the physical instrument has been now completely out of order.” (8 A.M.).

After the dictation as usual he asked about past mistakes to Ramanidada, Dinu, Hari, etc.  His mood was dejected.  He told me that if he borrowed more money his body would deteriorate more.  These people would pull on with the incoming money and he would thrive on Bhiksha.  In future he would select twenty five to hundred men and train them for six months.  He had already in his mind to whom to call.  He added,” I want to collect young boys in my mind but unfortunately one died in an aeroplane crash in Kashmir, one from Madhya Pradesh died in railway accident and one from Maharashtra died of illness.  I have one teenager in my mind.  If he is properly trained he will do good.  He is related with Ashram. (Niharendudada’s son?)  Suresh, would you like to be one out of twenty five?”  I said that there was no question about it.  He laughed and said,” Yes it is more than sure but Ramani will not take to external work for five years after the start of work.  He will have to dive deep into his self.”

We discussed other matter.  To my question Baba replied, “It was not Rajendra Prasad but Sarojini Naidu who was the President of the Congress when Subhash was expelled from the Congress.  The first sentence she said was ‘ I know I am what I am doing is illegal and yet I am going to do it’ and thus she passed the resolution.  It was more at the instance of Nehru than Gandhi.  Of course Gandhiji was also afraid that if Subhash became President of the Congress again, the principle of violence would take the place of Non-violence.”

“In Calcutta Congress Session Subhash was ill and Nehru and he both drafted a resolution of ‘absolute independence’.  As Subhash was ill Nehru was to read the joint resolution.  His father Motilal Nehru was the President and while reading he was objected. Then Subhash though running a temperature of 103 degrees F. read out that resolution and insisted on voting saying that if no vote was cast for the resolution it must be discussed.  It failed miserably.  Although Nehru had joint responsibility he voted against the resolution.  Some two or three votes were for.”

I pointed out that I put a resolution in the college council that if authorities did injustice it should be discussed in the council. The chair rejected it. In the coming meeting I would insist it to be recorded in minutes.  Baba said, “You are right.  You must insist.  Why it should not be discussed and why authorities, if just, be afraid of it?”  Then Baba left for bath.

Shymlal Pradhan brought his P.W.D. contract papers.  He did not receive Rs. nine thousand of the road contract since 1962.  I assured him that I would draft the petition.  Baba again called me.
Baba informed me that Ratan sent telegram.  He sent five hundred rupees from Calcutta.  He told me not to refund Rs. three hundred, as I was to repay loan.  He said he was helpless for four months.  Baba then saw and kept with him my off prints of research publications.  Then he said, “Your friend is Ph. D who desires to come here.  Bring him.  There is no need but without his knowledge if you could send his photograph, see to it.”  I told Baba that another friend of mine K.B. Doifode just got Ph.D. in Chemistry.  I told him that now I had three friends with Ph.D.  Dr. B.J. Ghiya was purely academic, second Doifode was a politician and the third, Wadodkar was a saint.  Baba laughed and left saying ‘Let us see”.  We talked from 10 A.M. to 12noon.
I approached Ramanidada and asked for previous dictation given by Baba when he was at the zenith of anger.  It was recorded in his notebook. He brought it and in a melancholy mood said to me,” Suresh, do you see that big boulder?  See my condition is like that stone. I am not to see my brother, parents, marriages of my daughters, etc.  I have just to sit dumb.”  He inhaled a dose of snuff powder.  I really pitied his miserable condition. The dictation was as below:
“ Between honesty and vanity of honesty there is a gulf of difference.  Real honesty is always associated with pulsation of upgrading heart.  Vanity of honesty is an illegitimate offspring of dry intellect that has not the ability to relatives’ honesty under the demand of circumstances.  It is as perverted as dishonesty itself.” (26/4//66. 7.30 P.M.)

My fast continued. I had chat on agriculture with Baba, and then Haribandhu and I enjoyed a gossip. Retired at 12.30 A.M.

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