Buadi & Gita reunited

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Got up early and finished routine chore.  I was prepared to leave and meet Baba.  At 8 A.M. Gita expressed her inability to go on the mission, as it was a must to prepare ghee from butter for Baba’s kitchen.  Moreover she feared that by going that day Baba might doubt about sudden transformation of their will and change of attitude.  I gave her a word of honour that I would shoulder all the responsibility and safeguard their well-being but that we must go. She nodded.

Baba’s punitive action to break off relationship between Gita and her mother was the result of his insult by Gita’s mother’s refusal to go to Gangtoli camp when Ratan was specially sent to bring her immediately after Chinu’s birth.  The penalty was too heavy as she was separated from Gita.

I sent Gobind, Ramesh Saxena and Shibnath Bose to Jaldhacca as an advanced party to intimate Baba about our arrival.  Hurriedly took rice at Dinudada and proceeded. 10.30 A.M. Rajat, Gita, her mother, kids Pilu and Zuma and Masima, the mother of Dinbandhu, Haribandhu, Shantididi and I commenced our journey.  It was hot and inclement weather.  Cherubic Chinu the toddler was on my back.  Out of her innate modesty Gita requested to handover Chinu to her but I refused as I could see it would have been too strenuous for her.  Gita’s mother got exhausted.  We slackened our pace.  Slowly we arrived on the bank of river Moznai.  Mohan met us there and brought the message that Baba started and was coming.  We sat and rested there.  After some time Baba and others arrived.  They crossed the river and Baba called me near him.  I made a sign to others to remain behind and away.  I told Baba that I wanted to have a talk with him and that he should come with me.  With Rajat and myself as pilots we walked to the ladies’ group.

Gita’s mother broke and sobbed, nay, wept uncontrollably.  I pitied her humiliation.  She sat at his feet. Two stray villagers were heading to see the fuss.  I stepped forward and drove them away.  Baba was assuaging her and tried to allay her grief and misery.  All of us were dumb, dazed and tense.  My eyes became moist.  Baba lifted Bahudi, i.e., Gita’s mother holding her arms.  He calmed her down.  Without a word from anyone the storm in the teacup was over in five minutes.  Matter was over.  Baba again called me near him and told me to carry Chinu on my shoulder and further cautioned me to take all possible care of Gita’s mother.  Then he made a sign and others joined.  We resumed our return journey. Gita, her mom and I were at the rear end of the single file.  We three used to lag behind and Baba would halt intermittently for us to join.  We reached the Ashram.  Narendrababu of Jalpaiguri had already come and joined us.

At 1 P.M. Baba gave the following dictation knowing fully well my efforts of mediation.

“Dealing with the hostile elements is a toughly painful job.  At the outset you must understand the difference that ignorance is not necessarily anti Divine but merely undivine.  However hostile forces are out and out anti Divine and as such dealing with the undivine and the anti Divine Forces cannot be an easy process but the difficulty is that in your doing so you until you are fully illumined may run the risk of yourself being the victim of the same force which you aspire to give a deadly blow at and to eliminate in different garbs but with the same nasty soul.  There is every possibility that under such circumstances self-deception may creep in without your consciously identifying as such and this inability of identification will emanate from your too emotionally toned object before you without its being thoroughly and adequately analysed and synthesized at every step.  The task is very difficult but this difficult task will have to be performed, if you are to render any real service to this immensely stupid and hostile humanity.  A spontaneous trend of quietude developed through incessant introspection, retrospection and circumspection is the foremost need.  But note clearly quietude does not mean silence.  It implies the stillness of the mental substance.  In a still mind which quietude really is, if thoughts come and go, they will not emotionally disturb you.  They will just enter your mental space and quietly pass away as a flight of a bird passing through a calm windless sky.  You will remain a disinterested, detached and sometimes a joculant observer.  Establishment of this type of quietude in one’s self is the first pre-condition for one’s successful dealing with the collective hostile forces.  Always imbibe in yourself with the eternal lines dropped from Lord Krishna.” The Sanskrit verse is rendered in English as below:

Yasya nahankruto bhavo budhir yasya na lipayate |

Hatwapi sa imam lokanna hanti na nibadhyate ||

Meaning: “He who has not the idea of egoism, whose internal organ is not tainted, he does not kill; neither he does become bound, even by killing the creatures.”

“Now when this first precondition is there dominant in your central being, some sporadic lapses will not matter much because the occasional loitering mind will be brought to balance by the prevailing dominance.  Note that for jumping into all around collective growth, sometimes very harsh and immensely painful methods will have to be taken recourse to.  It is a sheer futility in generality to preach nonviolence before a leopard.  Mark the expression  ‘in generality’.  A human leopard should not be treated like an animal one but the basic fact remains that the onslaught of brutality in man sometimes needs be confronted in an apparently brutal manner without the emotionally brutal colour in it.  When this trend is dominant in you, then and then alone you are worthy of dealing with the human brutes, ‘the Luchha Nanarayan’ of Bhagwan Shri Ramakrishna. Any deviation from this fundamental principle will be disastrous, nay, fatal for your spiritual growth.  The perfection about this quietude is a very long journey but if dominance in the central being is forthcoming, it is enough to start with in spite of occasional lapses.”

Baba told me to read out a note dictated the other day in the name of Ratan.  After that the above dictation was given.  On his demand, I read out the dictation, which he okayed.

Two strangers accompanied us up to river and Baba allowed them to come in Panchvati.  We were all resting below the haritaki tree.  Then gossip started on politics. P.C.Ghosh along with seventeen M.L.A.s resigned and Bengal ministry was on the verge of dissolution.  Baba said it was very good thing that happened.  By appointing a subcommittee they insulted such a veteran politician, etc. Baba then ate popcorn and drank water.  Then he went in and after a while called us all.  We sat in the Panchvati.

Baba told me that he might remain closed next day.  He decided to take a ‘Prarthana Morcha’ (prayer procession) of five thousand people after two days and would march in Falakata Township. Either he or Ramanidada would lead the procession. He said he had not made a definite plan.  However he insisted that hooligans must be taught a lesson.  He lightly asked me, “In emergency, Suresh, will you hit the goondas?”  I told him that his condition that blood should not come and no bone should be broken was difficult to implement.  I would finish them to disability.  Baba laughed and told others,”Suresh had been fighting with Goondas since childhood. Don’t you know?  He made bombs too.”

We then worked in the garden.  I pruned the grapevines.  Message came that Dinbandhu’s temperature shot up.  Baba was prepared to call on him.  He was stopped and Ramanidada himself went to see him.

I called upon Gita’s mother.  I disliked the way Baba treated her harshly.  My heart churned at her plight. She was but naturally shocked by Chinu’s birth and distanced herself and hence Baba took punitive action to alienate her from her family.  Even threatened to oust her.  Her custodian, the husband, also boycotted her.  How could she survive and on whom she should depend or rely.  This incident added to her already frayed nerves.  Baba demanded unfettered devotion from her in spite of Chinu’s birth and she was tormented for frustrating his command to submit to him ungrudgingly.  Her recalcitrant attitude was the root cause of Jaldhhacca episode.  That gave outlet to Baba’s wrath and his retaliatory measure brought her to knees.  She reeled under immense mental pressure and rancour.  Anyway with all gimmick she was reunited with her family and that was the happy end for me.  Baba knew fully well that I did not like his so called spiritual method and hence indirectly he gave the above dictation to circumvent corrosion of his behaviour.

Baudi looked relieved.  She told Dipali to give me popcorn and milk.  Before she wanted to say something Ramanidada arrived.  He said to me that all people were under misconception that he was very docile and silent type but he assured that when time would come all would realize his temperamental nature.  He confessed that at the time he was suffocating.  He then enquired about my mission with Gita and her mother.  He lamented that when he sent a letter from Gangtoli and called her there, as a loyal Hindu wife she should not have disobeyed him by rejecting to accompany Ratan to see newly born Chinu.  All of us were elated to see that the storm quelled.

I went to see Dinudada’s health.  His temperature was 104 degrees Fahrenheit.  A channel made of banana plant was put on his head and buckets after buckets of cold water were poured over his head.  Surprisingly the temperature waned.  I called upon Baba and apprised him of Dinbandhu’s health.  I then sought his permission to make necessary reservation for my return journey on 23rd.  He gave the consent.

I had dinner at Dinudada.  His temperature was still high.  Baba called me. I had a little discussion on politics.  He told that poor boatman of Jaladdhacca was summoned by the S.D.O. at Mathabhanga and he was in trouble for lending his canoe to us.  It was late night and I was permitted to retire.

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