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As decided earlier Haribandhu was due to collect money.  With Chandrashekhar in his car we went to Motor Stand. Haribandhu was not there.  Therefore we went to State Transport bus stand.  Found him there waiting for us.  Shri Baba had instructed him not to spend more than five minutes with us.  Collect money and be back.  I did not bother.  We took him in car.  Made some purchases for the camp.  Reached hotel Neelam.  Enjoyed first class non-vegetarian dinner.  Then Chandrashekhar gave Haribandhu rupees two hundred and twenty and I gave rupees fifty which was borrowed from Mr. Tambe of Bank of Maharashtra.  We left Haribandhu on the bus-stand and were back by 11 P.M. slept.


Prof. Hari Nirmal as promised brought loan of rupees three hundred and fifty.  Then putting rest from pocket I returned the loan of my cousin Sachitanand at Raipur by money order.


A letter received from Gobind Shah from Calcutta.


I met S.D. alias Baal Muley. He was my classmate from primary school up to college. He was Chief Officer (CO) in the Municipality.  He told that Pyarelal Pahelwan met him and narrated the story of Wadali when Shri Baba touched down there. It was Pyarelal who became suspicious and called the police but then he assured that there was no more doubt and hence there would be no trouble in future.


Shri Dhawakalseth of Paratwada came to house. He is a client of my lawyer brother.  He renewed our recent acquaintance when along with Shri Baba we met him at his farm for oranges. I had a mind to extract money for Shri Baba by disclosing the truth about him but dropped the idea.


Parents left by our car for Raipur as brother’s father-in-law expired today.  He had darshan of Shri Baba when we went to brother’s home.


Father and mother returned from Raipur. She came to know about Shri Baba’s visit to brother’s house.  She gave a shocking news that brother Umesh, uncle Madhukaka, and taxi driver Darshan Singh were constantly being questioned and harassed by sleuths of the Central and State Intelligence department to know about Shri Baba’s whereabouts. Although coerced, Darshan Singh was loyal and did not disclose destination Amravati.  Moreover the sleuth found me regularly attending the college. The Central Government was panicky and perplexed.  My mother was very inquisitive about the matter but I avoided her.

Mother had brought ‘basmati’ rice from Raipur.  Ashok Ganorkar, my relation, gave hundred and fifty lemons and cabbages from his farm.


As already planned Prabhakar Wadodkar reached with his new Vespa Scooter at 6 A.M. I surreptitiously collected ‘basmati’ rice and packed it with lemons, cabbages, etc. on the scooter.  We camouflaged ourselves to avoid identity and set on at 6.30 A.M.  With couple of halts and refueling we reached the destination.  We pushed the scooter up the hill from the road.  Haribandhu arrived from Ghatang with butter. We then reached the huts.  I had chat with Ramanidada and Gitamasi.  Then Prabhakar and me by virtue of necessity took bath in the stream.  It was 10.30 A.M. We took breakfast.  Pandurang was still on the job but was a lazy guy.

Haribandhu informed me that Shri Gondu of Ghatang was supplying milk and butter on credit.  One Gauli (tribal milk producer) had extended a loan of rupees hundred and he was to give further hundred rupees.  The news of Shri Baba’s stay spread like wild fire in all the surrounding Korkus (a tribe of the Satpura) and people poured for Darshan.  All were informed to come after 20th December.  Truck drivers were giving free rides to Haribandhu and Pandurang.  All were curious.  They were after three things from Shri Baba (i) A digit for Worli Matka Mr. Ratan Khatri of Worali, Bombay daily took out random playing card from earthen pot viz. matka and stake of crores of rupees were put on wager and gambled on the possible number.  (ii) Cure of ailment. (iii) Some magic and miracle.

I came to know that a week before a tigress mauled a man from the survey party of Govt. at a distance of about five miles from our camp.  Bears often snort in nocturnal visits around our huts.  The pugmarks of tigers were seen in the vicinity but never had any trouble.

Shri Baba prepared food in the morning inside and in evening Gitamasi cooked meal outside. The servants used to cook their own food. A sketch of our camp is drawn in the diary.

A police of the area visited and with reverence promised all help from his side.

I gave a plastic ball and toys to Chinu.  Sweets, pickles, etc. were presented to Gitamasi.  She enquired whether there was any letter from her mother or the Shaulmari Ashram.  I said nil.  She was frustrated and melancholic.  Dejectedly she said that she was bored with the lonely place.  She was eager to leave.  She then confided that her relation with Shri Baba was getting cordial and harmonious.  The lingering friction since we left Amarkantak was over.  I was pleased and happy to see them all in good health.

Shri Baba called Prabhakar and me outside the palisade of his hut. We made Pronams and discussion began. I informed him that the Central intelligence Departments of Delhi and Raipur were perturbed due to missing link to locate Him. Baba smiled and enjoyed the fun.  I also intimated Him about the sad demise of my brother Umesh’s father-in-law.  He expressed sorrow.  I also broke the news that sleuths of Intelligence Department were constantly harassing my brother and Darshan Singh at Raipur and both of them gave a cold shoulder.

I further apprised him that we lost the case in the Calcutta High Court. He instructed me to get the information about time limit for appeal before the full bench or the Supreme Court.

Shri Baba came in story-telling mood. Rest assembled.  He recited tales from biographies of Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar, Motilal Ghosh, Ashutosh Mukherjee (Ashubabu), etc.  Shri Baba then went inside.  We took a nap at 12.30 P.M.  He called us back and made to serve food cooked by Him.  We enjoyed vegetable (cabbage) rice. After lunch we returned for rest.  At 3 P.M. Shri Baba came near our hut and called us.  We sat there around him.  He encouraged us by telling to keep patience and wait till the second week of January.  He specifically warned that we should not return on Sunday the 29th Dec. However, we must be with Him on the following Sunday the 5th January 1969.  This was a must because He said He would be at the height of His work on 29th and 30th December 1968 shunned from everybody and any disturbance.

Whenever month of January approached Baba used to be restless to jump in the fray. All major events in his life took place in the month of January, the month of his birthday. But as usual it might again prove building golden castles in the air. His loan taking habit was since college days. Here also loan began to mount and I was worried. I wondered how people came and why they offered money in the dense forest. It was charisma of his magnetic personality that played the magic.

Our gossip deflected to his favourite topic viz. politics. He tersely remarked that Nixon, a Satan, came to power in U.S.A.  He added further that Humprey would not have been any better.  He expressed that it was a choice between the Devil and the Deep Sea. About Pakitsan He prophesised that Zulfikar Bhutto would be worse than General Ayyub Khan.etc. He then enquired about my mother and father.  He was also inquisitive about Chandrashekhar.  Shri Baba warned Haribandhu not to accept money from me telling him that Suresh was in predicament and great difficulty.  I was stirred by His realization.  However, I insisted and handed over rupees hundred to Haribandhu.  Another hundred that I had brought I preserved for the next visit.

In spite of our negative repeated request Shri Baba told Gitamasi to prepare ‘halva’ for us.  After further chat we enjoyed the delicacy and bade Pronams to Him. His love and hospitality was inversely proportional to his rebuke and anger.

With Gitamasi we came to her hut.  She accompanied us to the main road to see off.  On way she implored that I should visit them without letting Shri Baba know it.  She wanted me to come stealthily and sneak out quietly. She was bored to the neck at this lonely place.

When we left two Gaulis were there.  Prabhakar drove the scooter and before the Sunset we reached in the plain of Paratwada.  After that I drove and near Achalpur textile mill a boy on the bicycle came zigzag and hence I applied sudden breaks.  Both of us fell and the slight accident left us with lacerations and my bruised knee.  We reached Amravati at 8.30 P.M. I got my wounds dressed and went to sound sleep without any food.


I warned Chandrashekhar Dandge to be on guard about C.I.D. enquiry.  Mother was grumbling about Raipur episode and my spending of money.


Made a typed copy of a letter written by Shri Baba to me. The letter was sent with Haribandhu. I foolishly cut three words from it to tally Netaji’s similar words and lost in transit hence gap. It is as below:



Dear Suresh.

Just after reaching xxxxxxxx Haribandhu will leave xxxxxxxx and will proceed to Amrabati. There at Amrabati procure some service for him so that he earns his own livelihood. Let the service be preferably in an agricultural farm. If such a service is not available, then find out one according to availability.

Love and blessings


Note: Second time spelling of Amravati is typical in Bengali toning as Amrabati similar to Panchvati as Panchbati.

The intriguing part of date of this letter is that on 13/11/68 all of us were in Amarkantak and the letter was sent from the Melghat. So probably Baba mistook the eleventh month instead of twelfth.

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