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Posted By Author on April 2, 2010

Got up at 4 A.M.  Started meditation in Raja Yoga as per Baba’s direction.  Saw off Shivacharanji who left for Banaras.  After bath meditated again.  I had no experience.  The body was getting jerks in spinal cord and from top to bottom felt a hot gust of blood-flow and darkness.  It was unbelievable experience.  While taking breakfast one Sanyasi named Chinmayanand Puri arrived. Talked with him and as per custom detained him for lunch.  I was writing complaint to the Director of Education about Sidholi havoc when Baba summoned me.  We all sat outside his fence. I read out Ramakrishnaji’s telegram from Lucknow, which indicated that he was not successful to send three thousand rupees to Calcutta for court case.  He was trying.  Baba lost his mood.  He rebuffed Haridas about his mistakes.  As usual he would repeat the same thing in his riveting and turnoff his face intermittently.  With heads down all of us were sitting calmly.  Ramanidada was great.  He never got ruffled or showed any sign of anxiety.  Even in Baba’s presence he would inhale snuff once in a while.  That was only his need, once he told me.

Baba told me that he would be busy in meditation up to full moon and till then no one should disturb him.  If need be all could have meals only one time but no disturbance.  He said he would search new path but chances of getting it were slim.  He stressed that he would require two years to improve his health. I mischievously queried that he often told that economic difficulties were for evolution of man then why delay.  He asserted that his postponement was not due to economic reasons.  I posed a difficulty as to how the Ashram would be pulled on for two years.  He maintained stoic silence.

A hut was to be constructed for Ramanidada for his meditation and so we all went in search of a spot.  The place was finally selected.  Baba was standing there and told me, “Suresh, do you know?  Madan Mohan Malaviya’s Guru who laid the foundation stone of Banaras Hindu University is alive near Gangotri.  He is hundred and seventy five years old. His name is Swami Krishnashram.  There is not a wrinkle on his face or body.  He does not keep a piece of cloth on his body and walks fast up the mountain.  Formerly he used to come down in winter but now he does not.  He does not speak but occasionally communicates by writing in Hindi.  In plain he would lose his body in a year.  Earlier, he was performing Hathayaoga but now he is busy with Rajayoga.”  Baba narrated name and place of another Yogi who perished fourteen years ago at the age of two hundred and fifty. He was very talkative and humorous.  Man would laugh with his talk to a point of cramps in stomach but there was always moral in his talk.  He had perennial smiling demeanor. Baba expressed,” These people were beyond medical science.  Swami Vivekananda met Yogis aged five hundred to thousand years old and he chastised them for their bodies were nothing but Banyan trees.” I pointed that theosophists say there are sages in the Himalayas with ages thousand to fifteen hundred years. Ram Bhonsle has described Sadhus he met in the Himalayas were as old as five hundred years. The Old Testament mentions many persons whose age was five to nine hundred years. Noah was nine hundred and thirty years old.  I questioned as to how their age was determined.  Baba said that a connoisseur could tell the moment he saw them.  I expressed my desire to see Swami Krishnashram.  Baba promised that once we would call upon him.  I asked whether he would allow a photograph to be taken.  He categorically said no and warned not to try it.  Then we returned to our sitting place. We had a brief talk about artificial heart. We were then allowed to go for lunch.  It was 1.30 P.M. We were talking for two hours.

After rest I completed correspondence.  It was 4.30 P.M. The priest Mitranand came.  I gave ‘bidis’ etc to guest sanyasi Chinmayanand.  He began to argue as to why Baba would not see him.  Mitranandji recommended him.  He said Chinmayanand was a genuine sanyasi and lived five miles away in forest from Kund.  The place where he lived was formerly in possession of a Sadhu who died fifteen years ago at the age of two hundred and fifty years.  Many times at a stretch he would not take a morsel of food.  People believed that he used to take a form of deer, graze and come back.  Before his death he assembled all villagers in the surrounding area and told them to sing devotional song.  Then he sat in padmasan, closed his eyes and his skull cracked and he left the body.  After listening all these stories of longevity I was on the verge of madness.  I felt it was all exaggeration.  Swami Chinmayanand said he would stay overnight.

Baba called me in.  We two were alone sitting in his hut.  I read out letter written to the Director of Education, U.P.  He made minor correction and approved the draft.  Gita was busy cooking his food.  I suggested and he told me to get back dog “Kolu” but instructed to cover its droppings by soil.  I requested to send telegram to Ramkrishnaji about Calcutta cases.  I insisted that Civil suit against Hitavada must be continued.  He agreed and accordingly dictated a telegram.  Then general talk began.  He said, “These telegrams are so much distorted sometimes that they become dangerous.  Once Maharaja of Jaipur was to go with Swami Vivekananda to Jaipur from Delhi. He sent a telegram from Delhi-keep Darbar ready on station-the ‘D’ was distorted to ‘B’ and a barber was kept ready with instruments.”  I told that Minister Kannamwar sent a telegram to reserve berth and a bogie was reserved by the Railway.  Baba then reiterated that Sanskrit must become National Language.  With a little practice it could easily be adopted.  He said that sometimes he spoke with children in Ashram in Sanskrit.  Hindi people, because of their idiotic over enthusiasm, created antagonistic provinces.  They killed their own cause otherwise Hindi would have been the National Language.  In future speeches in the Parliament would be in Sanskrit.  For fifteen years it would be troublesome but not difficult.  He stressed that Sanskrit shall be rejuvenated.

I observed that Israel had rejuvenated and made Hebrew the official language. I pointed that K.M.Munshi had translated nicely a lot of Sanskrit literature.  He remarked, ”Munshi wrote very nice.”  I referred a rumor that at the time of Hyderabad action K.M.Munshi accepted a sizable bribe from the Nizam.  Baba raised his tone and said, “It is impossible.  He is out and out honest man from his young days and I do not think he can do so. He was student of Arvind Ghosh. People have habit of blackening others’ names.  Never form opinion from hearsay things.  Even if man has something good in him and bad also, it is not good to form opinion from a few bad things of a person.  He might have many good valuable things in him.  About K.M.Munshi I tell you when he was twenty-eight years old, seeing his qualities he was offered six lakh rupees by a rich man and to that cause he has devoted his life. (Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan)  Such a man can never take a bribe.  He might be a success or failure in the Government and politics but his integrity and writings no one can challenge.  Once Mahatma Gandhi sent this young lawyer Munshi to Lahore in some case.  Now Pakistan’s justice Munir was then High Court Judge. When Munshi read out something, at every sentence Justice used to obstruct him and point out mistakes in his English.  Munir was over proud of his education at Cambridge.  Then Shri Munshi said, ‘My Lord, I was never educated in England and hence I am poor in English’.  On this the British High Court Judge said, ‘We talk English and we speak English but your writing of English is far better than ours.’  At this moment Munir hung his head in shame. There is another incident.  One Mr.Ayyangar, a young boy, was poor without parents and Munshi educated him up to Post Graduation and met the expenses of his I.C.S. examination.  Then in future he was made secretary to his own department.  Recently he was convicted for three years for acceptance of bribes from Nanavati firm of Bombay.  In this case Munshi himself has given true witness.”

Baba consequently proposed that scholars should be prepared to minutely observe life of others and write articles.  There should be a separate journal for that.  I referred a well-known writer in Marathi Mr. P.L. Deshpande who became famous for his minute observation of human personalities.  He wrote stories and dramas on these topics and earned in lakh and donated in lakh for public cause.  He wrote on Vinoba Bhave indirectly with a pun.  Once he stood in a long queue to donate blood and came to know the delay was due to shortage of ambulances. He immediately donated an ambulance.  Baba observed that talent of such type of people should be utilized properly.  By and by I questioned that Vinoba Bhave persuaded dacoits to surrender but later they were punished. Baba said, “After repentance a criminal can become a good man. People say that they should not steal but those who do not tell how not to steal, have no right to preach of not stealing.  You may show the end but means you must show at the same time.  I feel many criminals can be taught and made man.  Some psychologist of course must be engaged.  There is no harm in giving capital punishment to murderers in some cases.  After serving for three years in prison, a criminal can have repentance. Even the worst criminals may be given hard labor but in good humanitarian conditions.  Once a criminal was let out of prison and thinking that he must take some money for wife and children as he would be going after long time and so he stole cows and was back in jail.” He further opined that there should be a capital punishment for sex crime.  It was necessary.  I referred an article on Geisha girls of Japan written by a Geisha who claimed that Geishas were not prostitutes.  Baba told me to go very close to him and he bent forward.  First, I was afraid that I committed a mistake by the reference but it was not so.  The topic being delicate he wanted to talk in low voice so others should not listen.  He whispered, “Look here Suresh, even prostitution is essential in society for brutal type of men.  Otherwise every house will become a house of suspicion and anarchy. There must be a sex outlet to such brutes but Government must take care of hygienic sense.  In U.S.A. they believe in saturation of sex.  That is bad. In Russia they give capital punishment for sex crime and boast of having stopped prostitution but as a result every house has become unchaste. (Lenin died of syphilis)  And what inhuman treatment is given to criminals in Siberia, especially political opponents are treated worst.  With difficulty they get half ration compared to commoner.”  I asked as to how the Americans became rich. He said, “ They have plenty of natural resources and are always ahead in technology.  They are very jolly people and an amalgam of all people not only from the continent but world.”
I related a story of a criminal “Bala” of Satara in Maharashtra.  A group of antagonist cut off hands and legs of his brother and in retaliation he killed many of the group of thirteen. He lived in jungle and people were sympathetic to him.  On appeal from Yeshwantrao Chavan he surrendered and was hanged in jail at Nagpur.  I queried who was at fault. Baba opined, “ He should not have been given capital punishment.  Here Chavan acted wrong. No his act was heinously criminal.” I related a survey made by a lady Member of Parliament with Mr. Chande on prostitutes of India. After Vallabhbhai’s sad demise Nehru sent back Chande to state level.  Then topic of Indian students’ exodus abroad i.e., brain drain opened for discussion. He said, “In Japan in public libraries books are taken home and returned spontaneously without any watch or record.  Once an Indian student took away the books and never returned.  The notice was displayed in the library ’Indian students not allowed’.  Here they do not understand that they stake prestige of the nation. They must be given proper training before they leave our country”

A student named Vasant Rathod of Banjara community from Pusad town borrowed my only copy of thesis of Ph. D. and assured to return within a week. After fifteen years neither I could trace that chap nor see my thesis. That is like postgraduate Indian student doing research work for Ph.D.
Baba related another incident. ” One rich family of Calcutta went to Japan and stayed in a costly hotel.  They told the manager that they should be provided with pure butter and not adulterated one.  The manager replied, ‘this is not India. How can we give adulterated things and spoil health of our own brothers?”  Baba then observed the need of rigorous screening for the award of foreign scholarships.  Nepotism must be guarded and merit must be respected he stressed.  He lamented, “What country needs today is men like Lala Lajpat Rai and Chittaranjan Das.”  Baba left for bath and meals.  I came back to our hut.  Gave meal to Chinmayanand.  He slept in our hut.  I dined and wrote diary.  This morning seventh cow was purchased.

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