Dictation: Dimension of Consciousness

Posted By Author on September 15, 2010

29/12/1966 con’t:

When everything was planned Baba gave the following dictation, which was reward of my question on Valmiki and Buddha.

“Any attempt to understand works and phenomena of one dimension of consciousness by referring these to another dimension of consciousness is a silly and chaotic one.  Today you have indulged in this sort of folly and mental chaos.  When the different directions of consciousness are thoroughly released and developed the person does not work always in the same dimension and the dimension in which he is working determined the mode of work.  Understanding spiritual work by a bundle of hotchpotch is no understanding at all as the dimensions are varied with very complicated determinism, the work will be varied and complicated accordingly.  When a Buddha works for the realization of the Supreme Truth he is working in one dimension with its own determinism.  When the same Buddha works for the suffering masses he is working in different direction with different determinism.  Even a Buddha will have to work for the suffering masses always not in one dimension with one determinism but in accordance with those arising in various dimensions one will have to work depends upon at what phase of the generality of the work he is moving through in relation to the task undertaken.

Very broadly speaking there are seven distinct dimensions of consciousness and each one has its relatively different dimensions.  Before you attempt at understanding this very complicated way of working the unrevealing of the planes of consciousness is the first need.  Before you succeed in doing it even the simplest form of the most intricate divinising work will always elude your grasp.  You have to develop the penetrating thing lay bare and transparent and nothing remains impervious.”

I was aghast to his continuous flow of dictation and that to extempore. It was 9 P.M.  All were sent back except me.  Ramanidada insisted on staying.  Baba then gave instructions as to what was to be done after he went in as follows:

“Thorough external cleanliness”:

All of you try best to get up before 5.30 A.M. to 6 A.M. and after gargling, washing eyes and forehead do some prayer as deep as you can.

Look into it that the village boys working here do their work with possible cleanliness.

Some sort of guarding will have to be performed to see that no outsider runs in this direction.

At night after your dinner, for a few minutes all of you sit in a mode of prayer and then retire.

On Monday food will have to be ready at 9 A.M. and no need of keeping the cooked food here.  Keep it in mind the moment I start the deeper work of the type that I have taken the chances of external disturbance will be very grave.  From morning to evening you all according to a fixed routine have to be cautious that no outsider comes here by escaping your vigilance.  The route towards east should be thoroughly blocked.

Baba then instructed me to daily gaze at the morning rising and in the evening setting Sun.  I was to gaze at the Sun for a second and then concentrate in the forehead.  He said he performed it daily for three hours.  I related that Radhakant could bring a jeep and Rs.four hundred from Satyasaran.  He said no to that and to warn Radhakant accordingly.

I came back to our hut.  All of us had a chat.  Radhakant and Penauli ironically proposed that I should be leader of ‘Flies Killing Campaign’ and all of us laughed. The origin of the campaign was in retaliation of my joke.

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