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Got up early at 4 A.M. I finished routine chore.  Had mudi as breakfast at Dinudada.  His temperature was still ranging high.

After return Baba called me in and made me sit very near him.  He taught and demonstrated as to how the Sunrays were to be absorbed in eyes.  He then advised to follow the same daily.  He enquired, whether I took daily exercise.  I told him that due to upset stomach I could not do so.  The ‘apus’ rice gave cramps in stomach.  Then he said, “Suresh, I knew you will feel shy hence I did not say but now on you will have your meals in my kitchen.  This is my order and I do not want any argument.”  I landed in difficulty.

Baba then discussed the libel suit filed by Dijen Bose against the producer of cinema Subhash Bose.  Ramen was representing as a lawyer of Dijen.  Baba said, “If the producer would have taken the name of MR. ______(forgot the name but he was close friend of Shri Jankinath Bose), he would have gladly given a witness that it was true Jankinath was not pleased with Subhash Bose. Later when Subhash became President of BPCC (Bengal Provincial Congress Committee 1927) Jankinath changed his attitude towards Subhash. We then came out and again discussed about as to how to punish Ratan.  In that context the following note was dictated after which he left for bath and I filled his water tank.

9.45 A.M.

“When a person commits some offence in relation to something to which you are emotionally bound, one precaution for the dynamic good of the humanity should always be kept in clear view and apply it with the same spirit.  Generally speaking do not leave the offence to be directly handled by the Divine in as much as leaving such things to the Divine means unbearably most severe punishment and the suffering for the culprit.  Without any rancour at heart and possibly with dynamic, at least with passive goodwill even for the worst criminal, meet out relatively as much punishment as you can circumspectively manage to administer.  It is by this way the severe most punishment from the Divine Mother can be avoided but when you do it, you must be always on your guards; you yourself do not become a victim to the relevant passions.  The ideal must be blazing before your mind’s eye and repeated the Sanskrit shloka of Gita as rendered below:

Yasya nahankruto budhir yasya Na lipayate |

Hatwapipi sa imam lokan na hanti na nibadhyate ||”

And to this detached passivity inculcated by Lord Krishna must be added the element of kinetic compassion.  That alone will give real life to the eternal precept.”

I took lunch in Baba’s kitchen.  Needless to say menu was excellent.  Ramesh Saxena and Rajat too joined me at meals.  Then I snatched some rest.  Took the Sunrays of the setting Sun in the eyes.  Had an evening walk.  At night had a brief chat with Baba.  Gita served dinner to me inside.  Called it a day.


Got up late.  Called on Dinudada.  His temperature was persistent.  Baba called me in. Others were busy in working inside.  Baba reiterated most of the old stories and topics.  Telegram from Saxena’s house arrived informing that his wife was ailing due to delivery of child probably ninth.  Baba decided that he should leave the same day and a confirmatory telegram of his departure was sent.  Then all of us took food in Baba’s kitchen.  I had heavy meals.  Took noon siesta, up and went for evening walk. I had a chat with Gyandada.  His wife had heart attack and was serious in Assam.  Went to Baba’s kitchen for dinner.  A very big snake turned out.  Hirada had a close shave and narrowly escaped.  Gobind killed it.  After dinner I came to my hut and transferred my belongings to another hut.  Slept.


After bath called upon Dinudada.  His temperature came down to 101 degrees F. Baba’s message came.  I went in.  We had a chat and then he went for his lunch.  After that I too had lunch there.  There was no ration for others but all assured him that they would pull on with whatever was in store.  Therefore food was cooked in Baba’s kitchen otherwise fast was a certainty. Baba told us all to pull on ten days anyhow as he had no time to worry about it. I went to take rest. A man from Income Tax office came. The secretary avoided meeting him. I received him and signed the acknowledgement of the summons to appear in the office on 10th with account books. I entrusted the matter to Gyandada.

A physician was called to see Dinbandhu. He administered antibiotics. His temperature reached normal but rose again. Shibnath Bose left for Calcutta. I then went for evening walk. A day before, rupees two hundred were received from the sale of two cows. Today priest Bijoy gave his alms of rupees hundred to Ashram.

Baba summoned me. He dictated a letter in Hindi for Radhakant, of course, full of rebuke. Then he became pensive and silent. Kali, Rajat and Gyandada joined us. Litigations were discussed and Baba proposed to get a barrister from Calcutta. He was disturbed and angry. I took bananas, milk and chapatis inside and then went to bed.

In the morning I took snaps of Chinu and others. Immediately after Nehru’s demise Baba dictated a statement. Its copy was found out. I was told to make more copies of it.


Got up early and finished bath. Baba came out. Baba and I played with Chinu. Then together we inspected the garden. Both of us later went inside and had a little chat. I then left to see Dinudada’s health. He was better. I ate maize flour and milk as breakfast. Baba assembled us all. He talked on current politics of Bengal. According to him in the prevailing circumstances Prafulla Ghosh left ministry was the right step though morally it was not good. Then with all sarcasm he said that Hemant Kumar Basu called himself as Netaji’s lieutenant and leader of forward Block but he was shameless to join hands for the sake of ministry with those rascals who hanged Netaji’s portrait around the neck of a mongrel and paraded it in procession. How mean of him it was. He exclaimed, “Money and power corrupts man.” Discussion went on for a pretty long time. Kailashbabu and Bijoy arrived. Lalitbabu of Mainaguri was also there. It is a day of no ration and no money. All kitchens remained closed. Kailash and Bijoy were dispatched to probe the possibility of selling some land of Ashram and procure money. I sneaked out and had maize flour at Sukumar. In the evening I had popcorn and coffee at Shantididi.    Kailashbabu arrived with rupees two hundred. Corn ears were purchased from the market and distributed amongst all. After that food was cooked in Baba’s kitchen. There I ate rice and vegetables topped with milk.

A long letter in Hindi was dictated by Baba to Radhakant Pandey. The letter was dictated in the name of secretary Ramani Ranjan Das. The import of the letter in brief was that Radhakant was severely reprimanded for his seemingly mean behaviour, follies, falsehood, blunders, bluffing etc. He was warned to severe his relation with Ashram despite his devoted service to Baba since 1949.

After that Baba discussed judicial enquiry and trial of witness. I then returned. Gyandada was hungry. He requested Rajat to take him to his home for some food but Rajat did not pay any heed. I was shocked to see his utterly selfish attitude after nine years’ residence in Ashram. I painfully noticed absolute absence of camaraderie. Poor Sachindada brought popcorn for Gyandada. The dearth of amity, lack of co-operation and absence of brotherhood amongst members of Ashram was haunting me. I rued over the situation and with brain spinning I went to bed.

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