Dictations on Puranas

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I got up early. Completed routine. Dinudada came and vented his anger against Ratan. He requested me to live in the new hut constructed. After bath I was reading Bhagwat Gita and Haribandhu was with me. Baba called us. The moment I reached he dictated the following:

“Metamorphic thinking and undue generalization from insufficient and untenable data are two evils from which humanity in general from the highest to the lowest, from the most educated to the most illiterate are suffering. Man has a natural bend even without knowing anything above the discovered laws of thought to apply in most cases unconsciously both the methods deduction and induction for arriving at a conclusion about any matter but if the data available are not of the same domain or masqueraded once or not sufficient to bring about a real and legitimate conclusion, anarchy and chaos in individual mental life and also in the external and internal social constitution would be a sure sequel. To study a thing speculatively is one thing and to learn the art and skill to apply it in life is quite a different thing. These two evils are to a great extent responsive for arousing and fomenting discord between man and man. If one analyses the real root cause of family discords perhaps in most cases it will be discovered that the wrong is done by malfunctioning of these two organs that work themselves out to sieve that matter and thereupon come to a conclusion. Day before yesterday you committed one blunder of undue generalization. Try to find out then analyze it to go at the root of blunder and to get it.”

Baba then asked me as to what was the difference between ‘to get at’ and ‘to come at’. I told him correctly that a sense of assimilation was in the former and to approach near about was in the latter. He explained deduction and induction. He gave an example that a professor of logic goes at home and quarrels with wife unnecessarily. What was the use? Logic must come in practice said he. He then asked, “What are you thinking Suresh?” I admitted that I was searching the blunder I committed and that I located it. He said that it would be discussed in privacy when alone. He laughed. The other day I commented that by roping and caning people of Falakata the nation was not going to learn a lesson. It must have itched him. We talked other things and he left for bath. Some of his phrases and thoughts from yesterday’s discussion are:
“Without self knowledge and self reform no none can become a real reformer.”
“Remember always merely speculative philosophy and religion is worst than stark materialism.”
“Man is to be judged by what he does and not by what he says”.

Baba told that he had two stenos, one from Rajastan and another from Kerala in Ashram. They left for want of salary and script remained unfinished. He wanted to write four to eight volumes of book titled, ‘ Problem of Humanity and how to solve it ‘ and another book ‘Integral Development of Life.’ (Netaji wanted to write a book on nutrition. and another book on Burmese Culture. For want of time he could never do it.) dined and slept.

Shubir apologized and I brushed him aside. Gave atlas to Ramanidada and got busy in construction of our new hut. Had lunch at 1 P.M. Baba came out. Chat began. He asked whether I read Krishnakant’s telegram confirming that Ramkrishnaji had sent two thousand rupees to Calcutta. Baba proposed that Gobind take one thousand from Mazumdar, as total amount sent was more than four thousand rupees. Baba reiterated that as long as Pandey brothers did not give up ego they would not be allowed to come near him. Baba said he warned them fifteen years ago that if they were physically and mentally prepared to live with him then alone they should join him. Unless they gave up ego their fifteen years sacrifice was worth nothing observed Baba. He remarked that bodily they were developed but not mentally. He said, “Suresh, lot of knowledge is to be acquired in this world. Newton’s words are true, ‘I am standing on the shore of a vast ocean of knowledge and counting pebbles only.’ “ I asked whether the first university in the world was opened in Germany Baba countered,” No. The first university in the world was Nalanda Even today relics of hostel of that university accommodating ten thousand students are standing near Gaya. On the continent Greek and Latin are very ancient and no study of any European language is possible without it. One is wonderstruck to see the relics of ancient Greek architecture. The Greek Goddess Minerva and our Saraswati are similar. Both are Goddesses of knowledge.”

Baba was engrossed in narrating stories from our ancient scriptures like Ramayana, Mahabharata and Puranas. We were listening in rapt attention. At the end he emphasized that such stories were essential for children. The principles and morals of such stories leave deep and everlasting impression he observed. The stories he related in brief are as below:

1. Out of sheer ego Vyas Muni decided to create another Kashi (salvation place of Banaras). He began his ‘tapashcharya’. A beautiful girl used to come daily and ask him what was there. He would reply that it was another Kashi. She would ask as to what for it was and he would explain that if anyone who died there received salvation. Every day the girl would come and repeat the same questions. One day the saint lost his balance and in anger he replied to her that by dying here one becomes an ass. The girl said so be it because she was herself Goddess Annapurna and it was not possible to stay at both Kashis. Even today this deserted place is known as Vyas’s Kashi.

2. Once eminent Rishi Gemini boasted before Vyas Muni that he had conquered carnal cravings and lust. Gemini was alone in his hut in jungle. It was raining. One beautiful young tantalizing girl came to his door and asked for shelter. Gemini allowed her in. At night he heard the sound of her jingle of bangles and his sex urge became irresistible. The girl agreed but put condition to him that he should take her on his back and make three rounds around the hut. He did so but after completing the first round he felt beard touching his neck and found that Vyas Muni was on his back. Vyas told him he would not get down unless he says, ‘ Balwanindriyagramo vidwansamapakarshati ’ He admitted.  It means that strong body organs attract even the learned and wisest man. It was sage Vyas who took the form of that young girl.

3. What is pardon and forgiveness? Answer – Once Kaurawas usurped cows of king Virat. The Pandavas were there in recluse. Arjun as eunuch Bruhandada and dancing teacher of princess became charioteer (driver) of prince Uttar who was very timid. When Arjun went to a secret place where he had hidden his bow and arrows in the hollow of a ‘Shami’ tree and began to take it out, prince Uttar began to tremble assuming Arjun was drawing snake. Then stolen cows were recovered and brought back. In presence of the eldest Pandava Yudhishtir, Uttar began to narrate to his father boastfully about his adventure and victory. Yudhishtir said that when Arjun was the chariot driver defeat could never touch. On this the King in a feat of rage threw dices on Yudhishtir. It hit him hard on the forehead and he began to bleed. The wife of Pandavas Draupadi rushed there and she wiped blood of Yudhishtir by her palm and started licking it. She took Uttar inside and sent message that Bruhandada, i.e., Arjun should not come out. Draupadi knew very well the vow of Arjun that he would destroy kingdom and person whosoever shed a drop of blood of his brother Yudhishtir on soil. Draupadi pardoned king Virat by her noble act and saved him from ruination.

4. Once Lord Krishna vowed that within two days he would severe Chitrasen’s head. Narad Muni was known for his craftiness He told Chitrasen to go to river on the day of full moon and whosoever lady met, tell her to save his life and once she promised then alone reveal his name and identity. Narad then went to Draupadi on the day of Full Moon and told her that she should take bath in the river at night. It would give her piety and if somebody approached her and yearned for anything she should give it and that would add super virtue to her. According to Narad’s plan Chitrasen got assurance of his safety from Draupadi. She narrated all to Arjun who promised her to defend her word of honour. Lord Krishna and Arjun fought a fierce battle. Krishna launched his invincible ‘Sudarshan Chakra’ and Arjun hurled his rare most powerful missile for the first and last time. Seeing imminent destruction of world Lord Shiva intervened and calmed both the warriors. That was Draupadi’s pardon.

5. Bhrugu Rishi was very particular and regular in his habits and time. Once_______ Rishi (name forgotten) became super egoistic. He took a form of a Brahmin and went to Bhrugu as guest on the day of ‘dwadashi’ (twelth day of lunar calendar). On that day previous day’s fast was to be broken known as ‘Ekadashi’s Parna’. The Brahmin engaged the host in talk for a long time. Then Bhrugu went to river for bath and on realizing he would be late in giving up the fast, he took ‘achaman’, i.e., water in right hand palm and drank it. He returned and the Brahmin guest enquired whether he left fast. Bhrugu admitted that to maintain time he had to do it on water at the river. The guest pointed out that breach was committed as the host was not supposed to give up fast before guest. Bhrugu accepted his mistake and begged for penance. The guest prepared a statue of a lady demon, made her alive and ordered her to kill Bhrugu. Bhrugu was running for his life. Sudarshan of Lord Krishna on seeing this got enraged and chased the Brahmin guest who was a rival famous Rishi. To save his life the Rishi rushed to Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva but all expressed their inability before Sudarshan. Then he dashed to Yama, the chief administrator of death of every being on the Earth. Yama   warned him that only Bhrugu could save his life and so he hurried to Bhrugu and caught hold of his feet begging to be saved. This was way how ego was defeated and demolished.

6.Once Sudarshan was haunted by ego. He thought that he was the mightiest in the world. Lord Vishnu put him on the door, warning him not to be disturbed by anyone and retired for rest. Hanuman (monkey god of strength) arrived and Sudarshan obstructed him. Hanuman crumpled him and held between his teeth. After entering palace Lord Vishnu queried    whether Sudarshan stopped him. He showed Sudarshan in his teeth and spat him before Vishnu.

7. Once Rishi Yadnyawalka gave a challenge before ten scholars and a young girl of sixteen years named Gargi defeated him. Later she became his wife.

8. Rishi Bhrugu kicked Lord Vishnu on the chest for adultery and left a permanent scar of stigma on him. Baba recited a Sanskrit verse describing creation of the mark.

9. How Bhishma ‘pitamah’ (eldest) compelled Lord Krishna to break his vow not to touch arms in the war of Mahabharata was described by Baba.

10. Kiratarjun battle. Baba narrated how Lord Shiva in the form of Bhilla (tribal sect) named Kirat defeated Arjun and smashed his ego.

11. Swami Vivekananda was fed up after the sad demise of his father and so he went to his guru Ramakrishna to seek help. Guru sent him to Goddess to yearn for money. Thrice he went with firm determination to ask for money and every time Goddess appeared and he asked for knowledge and devotion.

12. Vishvamitra wanted senior most title amongst Rishis but all Gods directed him to go to Vasishta. He was enraged and with naked sword in hand he approached to back side of Vasishta Rishi’s hut. Arundhati (wife of Vasishta) asked Vasishta as to who was the greatest Rishi. He told her that it was Vishwamitra. When he heard this he dropped his sword and touched Vasishta’s feet.

Baba grieved, “What of ‘Puran’ now a days Secretary or Brigadier does not know who is Shankaracharya then how you expect it from children. Near Badrinath temple there is his temple where he wrote criticism. If you ask some one about this place he would question as to whom do you want, he will query whether you wanted Major Acharya or Lieutenant Shankar. The subject of politics opened up.

Baba opined, “Sucheta Kriplani, does she deserve even to be a minister? She is the puppet of ‘Kamrajed’ C.B. Gupta. (Word coined. Under Kamraj plan all senior ministers were compelled to resign.) Morarji is a good administrator and next to Nehru he deserved Prime Ministership but he exposed himself during formation of Maharashtra. His remark that city of Bombay will lose her international importance if given to Maharastra was an affront to whole of Maharashtra and it was the clear exposition of his selfish motive for Gujrath. A man who is so selfish for his state can never do well to the whole country if he becomes Prime Minister. Baba asked whether Shankarrao Deo was alive and I informed him that physically he was alive but politically he was finished by P.K. Atre. (Shankarrao Deo was in Congress Working Committee and was party to resolution passed against Bose stating he should not contest as president of the Congress second time.) Then in an answer to my question he said, “There is no good Parliamentarian that I find today. Prof Ranga is the one I see. Oh! About Ambedkar you are asking, no one can deny his knowledge of law and quality as a best Parliamentarian. It is true that he was harassed by the upper class Hindus who did not want him to rise. Niharendu Dutt Mazumdar was with Nehru and Subhash Bose since his boyhood. He failed in election because of dirty tactics of Atulya Ghosh. Dr. B.C. Roy offered him a new seat but he refused. He was angry with Nehru who did not consult him while appointing a cabinet rank minister.”

“I know Shankar’s cartoons. Some are really nice and intelligent but one must be careful while drawing cartoon that bad effect is not made on children. For example to make fun of a teacher is bad.  “When I asked him about his opinion on movies and censor board he vehemently said, “All nonsense they do. Even in a picture like ‘Bharat Milap’ I heard all nonsense is put. The censor board must be made to stand in a line and whipped. For parliamentarians separate type of punishment is necessary.

Once king of England was going in a cab of horses in countryside. He stopped on way and asked Sir Rogers,‘ Are you the same man who is well-known as scoundrel of this region?’ and prompt came the reply, ‘Yes your Majesty but has your Majesty come here to deprive and surpass of this honor to me?’”

We talked on psychology. I referred that the greatest discovery of Einstein was that he proved matter could be converted into energy. He said, “Yes indeed. But a time will come when it will be proved that consciousness can be converted into matter.” I asked whether it was in the form of energy. He explained, “ No, consciousness is not energy. Energy is the expression of activity of consciousness. Consciousness is neither energy nor matter. It is what it is. Horse is called horse and nothing else.” Recent discovery proved that minutest particles behave both as matter as well as wave of energy.

I asked a question about Rana Pratap Sinha. He described death of Rana Pratap. He told the geographical location of the place where he died. When his lieutenant promised him that he would not allow Amar to come, Rana smiled and left the world.

Mitranand priest joined. A new cow was to be brought as calf of our cow died but another calf sucked her milk and hence Baba allowed it to be retained. It was 3 P.M. Baba went inside.
I occupied the new hut. The solar eclipse was over. I took bath at 6 P.M. When I came Baba was outside. He called me and of his own said, “Nehru was a very hard worker but the difficulty with your former Prime Minister was that he imagined many things but could not materialize them. Realisation was difficult for him. Once Nehru imitated one former Prime Minister of France and during Second World War said to Eisenhower ‘ War is too dangerous to be depended on Generals’ and prompt came the reply from Ike ‘It is too difficult to defend a country by speculative imagination.’ Once I heard   in a private talk, Radhakrishnan   said that Nehru was nothing less than Aurangjeb.”

I left for meditation and was back at 8 P.M. I saw Baba sitting in darkness. When I reached I found he was worried because he saw a panther a few minutes ago. Rajat, Gaurkishor and Dinbandhu were sent to Kunda chatti to bring Haridas who was to arrive from Delhi. He wanted somebody to go to enquire about it. We saw three beams of torches on the hill and his worry was over. By that time a pair of satellites appeared in the clear night sky. (It was Gemini). I showed it to Baba. He witnessed it with curiosity and concentration till they disappeared. Once he asked whether its speed was fluctuating and I explained that it was an illusion due to atmospheric refraction. Probably it was the first and last time he saw a satellite. He said Hitler’s plan was to bombard enemies from a space platform. He further observed, “It is good that Rosenburg couple leaked out atomic secrets to U.S.S.R. They did it to keep balance of power and not for bribe. The future history will have to pay tribute to them. Rajendra Prasad cabled to Eisenhower for mercy but it was of no use.”

Baba observed, “Charlie Chaplin was an actor and writer par excellence. There is no doubt about it. Our present movies are dominated by vulgarity. The censor board must be chained and publicly whipped. They must be belabored.” He asked me whether I knew that term belabored. He revealed that it was an invention of President Jefferson. It meant whipping. He referred his another term ‘belittle’. In the beginning the conservative British much criticized these terms and later on they themselves began to use it. I referred the term ‘brainwashing’. It came in vogue after Korean War. He said that when he read the term for the first time he was scratching his head and could not make head or tail of it. To my question Baba observed, “ I am neither for nor against industrialization. It depends on how men use or utilize their saved hours of laboring. If instead of eight hours by industrialization they need to work five hours then remaining three hours if they utilize for  self-analysis then industrialization is good. If they utilize it for material pleasure then it is bad. In U.S.A. they have a problem as to how to spend time and money and they indulge in all dirty things including funny things like marriage of dogs and cats. Then orally he calculated number of teachers required for a population of five hundred million.

Baba vented, “Uttamchand Malhotra gave a public speech in Calcutta that Subhash Bose had been to his own house but no one recognized him. He could not get food in Calcutta. He lived under Howrah Bridge in tattered pant and left by train without ticket. He added, ” A party by private bus came to Ashram to see me and accidentally I was in the garden. I met them on lawn. I got furious. I asked them whether Subhash Bose needed that his brother would identify him or else nobody were to believe in him. In the whole of Calcutta was there not a single man to challenge Malhotra?” Baba then left for dinner. Ratan left for Ashram in the morning and Haridas did not arrive. Baba proclaimed everyday that he would be closed but he could not. On the contrary our sessions of discussion have increased both in number and time. I finished dinner and slept.

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