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I got up early.  Wrote diary and went on sentry duty.  Radhakantji relieved me.  Finished routine.  I then got busy in construction of urinals.  Radhakantji warned me not to trust Ratan Maheshwari. He told stories of Calcutta and by then Shomu brought the message that Baba called us.  I rushed with notebook and we sat outside in the Sun.

Baba then told me, “ If police come with warrant of arrest in Shaulmari case, handover them the following note.  If they insist that you should say that Baba was not here, you should refuse telling them that you would not speak lie.  Tell them that you are unable to give any suggestion and that they are free to do whatever they want.  If they insist to enter our camp let them come in.  This time I am not going to use Divine method.”

The following note was dictated:


“Leaving aside my ‘Sadhana’ and ‘Tapasya’ for my humble contribution to the mainstream of forces that have been generated to bring about collective supramentalisation of the humanity as a whole covering all the avenues in which human energy expresses itself.  I cannot, of my own free accord, go to any place from here for giving evidence in any court of law.  If they want to make me appear in a court of law against my will that comes not from the ego but from the deepest, they have no other alternative but to get me handcuffed and dragged out of here to any place of their choice.  With due respect to all mundane courts of law I make this clear, definite and unequivocal assertion that I in myself am governed wholly and exclusively by the dictate of a far higher court, the highest in the creation, the court of the Supreme Divine. It is my well wishing, advice and warning to all concerned from the lowest to the highest not to play with fire – the fire of the Divine Work.” (Netaji warned his friends chasing girls in London ‘Don’t play with fire’)

Baba then gave tips to me as to what to tell to whosoever would come with his arrest warrant.  We had discussion on this and then I raised a question that if the person bringing warrant doubted the originality and proof of the given note, there was no harm in giving them in writing by me.  He said, “ No, I do not want to involve anyone of you in this.”  Radhakant also advocated my suggestion and then Baba agreed that I might give signature on receipt of warrant.  I said legally they could not involve us because we would give true statement.  We would remain aloof from the whole matter.  On this lot of discussion took place.  He said, “ Of course none can deny your responsibility and shake off.” I said I did not mean that and that we were ready to involve ourselves to any extent but I reminded that since he said that he wanted to keep all of us away in this matter I stressed the point of aloofness in spite of signing the warrant.  I pointed out to him that he was misunderstanding me that I wanted to avoid involvement in this affair.  However I could see that he was not satisfied and his brain was working in opposite direction.  It was 2 P.M. He relieved us for lunch.  Before I could touch morsel of food his call came and when I rushed he dictated the following note of question to me:

“Today you have to analyze one thing that purely came from the darker part of sub consciousness.  Just try to find out by entering deep into yourself whether at sometime you spoke from the sub consciousness under the sub conscious urge of keeping yourself away from the trouble.”

I immediately reiterated his previous sentence and tried to convince him that I was misunderstood.  He insisted that it was from sub consciousness.  I thought over and decided that there was no point in argument.  If he was getting the pleasure of scientific discovery in psychoanalysis and pleasure of being a preceptor why should I deny it? I maintained silence.  He then told me to think over and tell him by evening whether my thought was from the sub consciousness or not.  Then he dictated the following note:

“The less resistance you give in understanding the implication of suggestion from here the more easily you will enter into your deeper nature which is the store house of thousands of things, good and bad, both dark and enlightened, both shabby and ennobling.  One of the first principle of self-purification is that you have to regard the dark ones dormant in you or active in you, not belonging to your real self but sheer intruders that have taken the advantage of your not being thoroughly self-conscious continuously and through that channel have intruded into the different parts of your true being not merely in this life but in all the lives you have lived before.  When you regard them as intruders, you really do not identify with them.  It is this non-identification with the darker elements dormant or kinetic in you, which is the first step of self-purification. These are the intruders, the enemies, and the dacoits that have captured some parts of your true being from where they will have to be dislodged and kicked off.  The real joy of life, you will experience when you succeed in emotionally disassociating yourself with the existence of these darker forces in you.  Unless this is done you cannot fight with them and fight them out.  The difference between future Yogi and the lowest of the creature is that though in both the darker elements are operating there in full force – and perhaps in many cases more powerfully in a future Yogi than in a lowest creature – in the future Yogi, all the darker elements operating in him notwithstanding, has the real moral courage always to recognize them as such, never identifies himself with these pure intruders thrust upon him in many lives from the sphere of the cosmic darkness and has always the gut to give them a violent fight and to fight them out whereas the other people totally or almost totally lack it.  It is the identification of one’s self with the action of the darker elements that have intruded into one’s true being that is responsible for making one hide it from his fellow men.  The moment you succeed in not identifying yourself with these, your innate courage which is Divine in nature, flourishes itself in full glory.”

Baba then told me to think over deeply and tell him the answer by evening.  He then said that he would not come out in the evening and hence I should answer next morning. I was relieved.  I rushed for lunch, as I was hungry like a lost desert camel.  Took noon siesta.  I was awakened from sleep and told that Baba had come out and he was calling me.  It was 4 P.M. I was made to sit and he asked whether I was asleep.  I admitted and he said like the Guru like the Chela (disciple). Then he gave the following dictation:

“ It is the strong who can recognize strength in others.  It is the man of inner vision who can recognize ability and capacity in others to enter into inner sphere and to rule over it.  The weak on the other hand has the stupidity of taking the highest strength as weakness.  It must be a general principle in every walk of life not deals with the highest strength with the people who have not the knowledge and ability or at least not the capability of having the knowledge and capability to recognize it as strength.  In respect of your own inner strength if you behave without any consideration of the development of the person or the collection of persons with whom you behave, you will do more harm than good to the people around you.  Now looking into your own inner and outer nature and in your attempt to get it exposed to one from whom we expect spiritual guidance, there is one very important point to note.  When you succeed to a more or less extent in disassociating yourself from the darker elements working in you and thereby acquire some emotional bent, knowledge and ability not to hide those darker elements either from yourself or from one from whom you expect spiritual guidance, another more deceptive play may start working within you.  Consciously, unconsciously or semiconsciously you may start thinking, if you expose the dark thing in you, you will be regarded as honestly courageous and morally uplifted man.  When exposure is done with this motive, partly or wholly, the good effect of exposure is in toto undone. Here by giving upon dark thing you stick to a darker one.  This sort of hide and seek is always going on and will always go on in human nature until at least you have penetrated into the plane of pure intellect and pure feeling.  Always remaining on your guard is the only remedy.  There is no made easy road.”

I asked Baba whether this passage was an antidote to the preceding dictation and Baba said, “ Suresh, you are absolutely right.”  While writing this passage I was homesick and wondered why had I gotten entangled in this intellectual gymnastics.  However, when Baba gave a hearty laugh on my word antidote, I forgot everything.  We then discussed other topics.

Baba opined that in relieving Michael Scott of Nagaland these people committed blunder.  On partition he commented,  “You do not know.  Half the work of reunion of the country is already completed.  When Aurobindo Ghosh made a prophecy that India and Pakistan would reunite in 1957, Jayaprakash Narayan and others scoffed at it. When Aurobindo was principal at Baroda, K.M. Munshi was his student and therefore he gave ‘Darshan’ to him and at that time this prophecy was made.  However, K.M. Munshi did not understand its meaning.  He misinterpreted it. Nobody knows that Swami Vivekananda initiated the revolutionary movement of Bengal. It was his inner force, which did it.  Suresh, what India or man needs is the strength of a Krishna and not that of a Hitler.”  After having other discussions Baba told me to call the rest of us.  However he saw from distance that Mitranand, Dhasmana, Chamoli were near our hut.  So he told not to call others because it would not look good not to call these guests.  He wanted to avoid them.  Cold began to creep in towards dusk.  I went on sentry duty after putting heavy woolen clothes.

Ramesh was burning incense near Baba who called me back.  Our talk began on general topic.  Then Baba said, “ Look here Suresh.  Nehru did not send even personal letter of condolence to Bose family after the death of Saratbabu.  ‘What a meanness! He was prompt to send birthday greetings to queens and kings.  He ordered not to keep photographs of Subhash Bose in any Government office. (G.R. No, is in Organizer of Diwali issue of 7th Nov. 1977.)  I am sorry time may come when his photograph shall be removed from the parliament. I am sorry to say that progeny will have quite a different picture of Nehru.”  Baba changed his mind and told me to call the three visitors.  After asking them about their welfare he left.

I took my dinner and retired in hut.  There was no call at night.  Saxena requested me that he would copy down general notes given by Baba and I handed him over my diary warning him not to take down personal notes.  He thought I was asleep and started taking down personal notes which I already expected.  I got up, rebuked him and snatched my diary telling him that he committed breach of trust.  He was nervous and yet acted with shameless attitude.  Radhakant was a free and frank man.  He immediately said in his presence, “Sureshbabu, in our U.P. these Kayastha people are supposed to be very crafty and none trusts them.”  I was amused. He then recited a Hindi ‘doha’ (couplet)

Sau me sur, hajar me kanha, Sawwalakh me aichatana

Aichatana kahe pukar kanja se rahio hushar

Wohi kanj mana har, jiske sine pe ek na bal

Meaning a blind man is crafty in a people. A man with one eye is crafty in one thousand people and he shouts that beware of a man with squint in eye. The squinted man shouts to be aware of a man with brown eyes and man with brown eyes accepted defeat at the hands of man who had no hair on his chest. I enjoyed his ‘doha’ and slept.

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