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30/12/1966: con’t

Baba continued his marathon dictations..
We discussed the proposed plan and told him that the permission of the Government would be required to get foreign funds and after argument and explanation he admitted that he was assuming rules and regulations of the British regime wrongly.  He said, “The foreigners who were coming were of high prestige.  Let it be seen.”

After lunch I had a nap and Saxena came and told that Baba had summoned me.  The moment I entered he started dictating:

“This apparent deteriorating condition is the result of the fight between a dying senset culture and incoming ideological and ideational culture that is destined to come.  This external upheaval in the worst direction will continue until some sort of penetration is brought about in the earthly consciousness with the ideational and ideological culture in all spheres of life.”  This passage was consequent to my reference to moral deterioration of society earlier.  In simple terms Baba explained, ‘Larre lappa’ music was senset culture and ‘Prabhu mere avagun chit na dharo’ was ideational culture.”

After some time he ushered us to backside of his hut and told us to collect dry leaves.  We worked for forty-five minutes and that time Baba again asked me questions about getting foreign money.   After debate he said, “The incoming foreigners are not ordinary men.  They will come in search of us.  I am not coming in the way of the Government but if the Government comes in my way to commit suicide, I shall be compelled to adopt a different course. Let us see. By the end of January the whole country will come to know about our people coming to give loan.” Then he discussed dollar and sterling areas and asked which one would be easier to get money.  He said, “I think Philippines is in dollars?” I nodded.   “Suresh keep your passport ready. May be you will have to go to Philippines to get four hundred crores. My man from Matunga, Bombay will accompany you.” I think his man was S.A.Ayer. Formerly he must have been living in Matunga. When I met him he was living near Church Gate station in Bombay.

In the evening Baba and I inspected various beds of vegetables and he showed new flower plants.  Then he said all of us would take ‘khichari’ in his kitchen and told me to inform the servants to cook the same for themselves.  He then told me to pour some oil in a bucketful of water and asked as to what was its advantage.  I said purity.  He said in addition it obstructs the magnetic waves and that is why he did not allow burning shrubs behind his hut because they obstructed outside waves.

Baba gave following notes mentioning that they were strictly for myself:

“So far as the still wider plan for the future is concerned I have the full conviction that I and my colleagues whom history will never know succeed in creating necessary condition in the cosmic earthly consciousness, more than a dozen billionaires from different corners of the Earth will come forward with the major portion of their possessions to be invested as loan for the task undertaken here.”

He remarked that he knew these rich men but they did not know him till then.  He proposed to form a trust and get it passed from the Parliament and it would administer the funds after his demise. He had a method in his mind to select trustees.  The other note was as below:

“Very important note for Suresh”
“You must have the knowledge to represent Ashram properly in the depth else you do harm both to yourself and to the cause Ashram stands for.”

“If you observe everything on the surface, it may apparently seem to be true that it is the Netaji Bose psychosis that has given widest publicity for the Ashram but really the picture is quite the contradictory.  Really it is this Netaji psychosis and publicity of psychosis that has for the time being ruined everything for the Ashram by clouding from the public view the real nature of the Ashram and the cause that it keeps in its bosom.  It is this silly psychosis that has misinterpreted the Ashram as a sheer political institution.  It is this humiliating psychosis that is responsible for shutting the eyes of people at large from the highest to the lowest from the all covering spiritual objective which the Ashram has had to propagate and is destined to disseminate sooner or later.  But for this mischievous propaganda, by now Ashram would have got far, far wider publicity throughout the world.  It is this publicity that is responsible for making thinking people looking askance at the Ashram.  It is this silly propaganda that is responsible for making people suspicious about the motive of the Ashram.  Those who have carried out this propaganda have done a criminal act against the Ashram and against the humanity at large.”

Then Baba said, “Suresh, take down this”:

“One set of clothings, each of you wash and keep apart.  Remember one thing.  Any day I may call you any time even at the dead of night and when the call is given you all have to come after washing your body with warm water and wearing washed clothes.  Normally whenever you come inside see to it that you do not enter inside with clothes used anywhere else.”

In the late evening almost at dusk we were ushered in the extra hut next to Baba’s inside the fence.  Shomu brought Mitranand for dinner especially.  All of us were seated near him.  It was intensely cold and fire was burring for warmth.  Gossip began.  Baba said, “Suresh, I have stopped thinking of loan and Reserve Bank of India.  Those people coming will find out way, I shall be compelled  to  take cudgel and jump in politics prematurely.”

Baba then recollected the past narrating as to how Rasbehari Basu reached Dehradun after throwing bomb on the Viceroy and how he secured passport on phone in the name of Maharaja.  A girl from a Royal family gave him shelter on the Japanese Steamer.  How Bombay Police were turned down as they were beyond international water limit.  Later he married that girl.

Pillai was a terror to British people. (His ashes were brought to Kerala after hundred years). That time he was in Germany.  He then related a lot about revolutionaries.  Then again he told me alone, “I am confident I shall do the things but I am thinking Mother will come in the way then.  I say premature in the sense of cosmic laws, etc.  Others were dazed and staring not knowing or understanding what dialogue was going on between two of us.  Lastly Baba said that if Budhiballabh reached next day I should put a note accordingly outside his fence near gate.  He might come out.

Baba was really a gourmet.  He cooked ‘khichari’ that was mixed with vegetables. In addition bhajias and rasmalai (sweets) were served.  Baba’s penchant for cooking and serving others was like Vivekananda. We all enjoyed excess of delicious meal and returned to our abode.  Mitranand was so timid that Shomu had to accompany him up to his temple a mile and half away at the foot of Guptakashi.

Guard duty of the night:
7PM-9PM Saxena.
9PM-11PM myself.
11PM-1AM Shomu.
1AM-3AM Gobind.
3PM-5PM Saxena.
5PM-7PM me.

Today is the last day of the year. Hills around are getting snowfall. I dawdled with dog Bholu. Udaysingh, owner of flourmill, brought milk.  As told by Baba I gazed at the Sun and sneezed a lot.  For a minute the world around looked yellow.  I decided not to indulge in it anymore.  Ramanidada came and as usual oscillated between optimistic and pessimistic mood.  Nothing new.  I saw Baba coming and I escaped for bath.  After cold water bath skin became numb to sensation for a while.  Saxena got parcel of his woolen clothes from Kanpur.

Baba was not expected to come out but he did as usual.  Saxena and I sat near him in the Sunlight.  Gossip started.

Baba said, “If Kennedy would not have died you would have seen the Ashram in different form. Suresh, you will gauge it later on.”  I asked whether work of our plan would start before or after General Election of 1967.  Baba said, “I shall wait for a year but these people coming from abroad may compel me to plunge into politics prematurely. Let us see.  The wind may change, of course, not before election. I shall plunge but it is impossible to wait for five years. Suresh, you need not join the college in June.  Your summer salary is immaterial.  Let us see after January.  You see and then resign.  Of course you will go to Amravati for a few days but not necessarily for service.”

I referred Patwardhan of Amravati and before I could speak further Baba interrupted, “who? Achyut!” I knew not who was Achyut Patwardhan but I referred Forward Block leader of Amravati who was incarcerated with Subhash Bose in Seoni jail of Madhya Pradesh.  Baba then narrated how Motilal Nehru was impressed by Achyut’s speech and took him in the Congress Working Committee when he was only twenty-six years old.  On Radhakrishnan he commented that he spoke well but he was superficial speaker, a typical lecturer but there was no inner voice.  Baba went in and I returned and completed one and half day’s diary writing.  Did sentry duty. I was delighted to observe crows gliding while crossing the Manadakini ravine. Seeing this I remembered Darwin’s hypothesis of ‘survival of the fittest’ by adapting to nature. It is intense cold weather.  Slept.

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