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Posted By Author on September 17, 2010

Finished routine.  Penauli and Saxena got ready to leave.  Radhakant and Saxena were talking with Baba. I purposely avoided joining them because I was not inclined to take bath in cloudy weather.  Baba went in.  I was told that programme had changed.  Radhakant was instructed to go to Punjab and get money from engineer Satyasaran.  He must be back by Wednesday.  Budhiballabh was told to get D.D.T. from Srinagar if not from Rishikesh and he must be back by Sunday evening.  Saxena was detained.  I took bath and Baba called me.  We sat in the Sunlight.  He dictated as below.

“Yesterday you asked me one thing and I gave the reply.  This reply should not be divulged to the people in as much as this will make people inquisitive not about the subjective progress but about objective achievement and this would be a deviation from the main goal.  Objective achievements in the field of spirituality themselves will not help humanity.  It does not mean that these things are to be totally ignored.  No. Not, at all.  But these things must come as a byproduct of the main spiritual task of the spiritual development.  Some people take up Yoga as the means to such objective achievement. It is a dangerous approach.  By this approach not subjective strength but objective power will come to those who are not emotionally preconditioned to assimilate these for the right purpose and in the right direction.  It is for this reason a good spiritual guide will block all the avenues of development of such power initially to the aspirants under his care.  It is only when the emotion is sufficiently preconditioned to utilize this power without any touch of egoism and under the direct and unequivocal impulsion from within the deepest that the doors for resurgence of this power are made open.  If people not equipped with supramentalised emotions get at this power somehow or other, they will create enormous havoc to the spiritual growth of humanity at large and as such would be a veritable nuisance to the whole creation.  Eyes of the aspirant must be directed towards achieving the emotional purification; power, physical purity, vital strength, mental penetration all these will follow and never be allowed to be preceded. Of course the possibility of their automatic receding in some form or other is not altogether precluded and all due precautions and care should be taken, if they at all come prematurely they are not misdirected and misused.  Egoistically selfish use of power attained through Yoga is a poison both to one who used it to that end and to those for whom these are used.  For both are used for an egoistic end and as such both are subject to retardation and in some cases even to catastrophic downfall and one thing you must keep in mind the higher the rise, the lower and more painful will be the downfall if it comes at all.

It was his habit that if he were not satisfied he would amend his dictation.  The above one is an amendment to yesterday night’s dictation. (Netaji also had a habit of amending thought in his letters by a lengthy postscript.)

We discussed other topics.  He opined, “Acquisition of ‘Siddhi’ was the first stage but the fools forget the Supreme Goal and remain entangled in it.”  On philosophy he said, “Principles of uncertainty by quantum jumps written by Heisenberg was very important.  It was recent one.  The electrons of a single atom of any particular element do not behave similarly.  It meant uncertainty is the law of nature and there must be someone to guide.”  He further opined, “Matter was the compressed form of energy but after some years it might be discarded and both energy and matter are the outcome of consciousness would be proved.” This was Baba’s hypothesis.

Baba observed that Gandhiji was a Yogi.  If he had reached before the death of Mahadev Desai, he would not have died.  Gandhiji himself said that had he arrived one minute before his death he would have avoided his (Desai’s) death.  Baba remarked that Mahadev Desai was a very good man.

Baba said, “Tilak’s work is great.  Commoner cannot understand other forms of Yoga and hence he interpreted Gita in the form of ‘Karma Yoga’.  In fact Gita is synthesis of all Yogas. Once Swami Vivekananda rebuked Tilak very much.  He and Swamiji were travelling in first class and Tilak joked at this young Sanyasi.  He sternly rebuked Tilak.  Then Tilak took him to his house where Swamiji lived for a month.  Later Tilakji seeing photo in press came to know that the same Sanyasi was in Chicago.”

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