Dictations: Spirituality vs Ignorance

Posted By Author on September 12, 2010

Got up at 4 A.M. because Baba himself came, woke Radhakant and took him to his hut.  He was warned not to hide other’s shortcoming.  He was made to do sit ups holding his own ears as punishment. He told him that his suffering of body was beyond ken of Radhakant.  He was made to vow, etc.
Radhakant came back to hut shivering and told all of us to bathe immediately and we were to present before Baba in fifteen minutes.  Others quickly got up but due to cold I did not get up.  Then all of us realized that it was his genuine bluff. We enjoyed it.

Again at 6 A.M. Radhakant was called by Baba and asked him whether Netaji psychosis still remained with him. He said no.

After bath I finished letters and telegrams.  He called all of us and gave dictation to Radhakant about his follies and mistakes in Hindi.  We were told to be ready after lunch and he would call.  We left.
At 12:00 noon we assembled in his courtyard. Mail of the day was read out to him.  Baba dictated following letter for Sandip Mukherjee in the name of Ramani Ranjan Das.

Let me introduce Sandip. He was younger brother of vociferous M.P. Mr. Hiren Mukherjee. He was from Jaipur and he did M.A. in English from Rajastan University.  He was lecturer in Panvel near Bombay.  Once he was acclaimed body builder and won many top state and national awards.  He became Sanyasi and had about six disciples from U.S.A., Japan, England and Italy.  Two were Ph.D. One Miss Gloria, a teacher in English in England was amongst them and later Miss Gloria died of small pox at his house in Jaipur.  He married an Italian disciple and had a son from her. She left with son to Italy and was Principal of some school and she wanted him to join her.  Sandip wanted me to convince her to come back. He mostly stayed in Rishikesh and became hard drug addict.  His sister is probably some lady of all India repute, which I have forgotten. Hiren Mukherjee was contemporary of Bose and leftist worker of communist party. He became Member of Parliament later. He wrote a book on Netaji.

Sandip Mukherjee, M.A.
Pauri Garhwal, (U.P.)

Dear Sandip,

Baba has seen your letter dispatched from Tapowan. Just look into your heart and if your aspiration is not colored by any worldly ambition come here immediately.  Do note if achievement of the Supreme spiritual goal is the only motto of your life and everything else is or can be made subservient and subordinate to this one Supreme objective then and then alone the Light and the Grace will be there to lead you to what you aspire.  If on the other hand if it is impulse dominated and for that tainted by something crude and gross and sordid and squalid then it is better not to follow this razor blade path.  The unequivocal response you must get from the core of your being. I, with all my heart, expect your aspiration will be made free from all sorts of worldly things.  I wish passionately the Supreme goal be your one and only one objective.  If you get it in the right direction, everything will go O.K. With deep love,
Affectionately yours
Sd/- Ramani Ranjan Das”

It started raining and so we were moved to his small hut, which was jammed. Radhakant, Gobind, Shomu, Saxena, Budhiballabh, Ramanidada, Gita and Dipali and I packed the small hut like can of sardines.  I was asked to sit near him.  In front of him was a ‘sigri’ (embers in a portable furnace).  He had cigarette in right hand, Gita and Chinu to his right, Dipali to his left and Ramanidada in front.  He told Dipali to sing Lord Gautam Buddha’s verse.  She did not yield therefore he began to sing in his sweet voice ‘Om Mani Padmehum’.  We were made to repeat after him.  He would fluctuate the mantra in style.  He took a sheet of newspaper on his lap and put Chinu on it.  Gita was directed to touch his toe of left foot with middle finger of her right hand then on the bridge between eyes of Chinu.  We again began chorus of the same verse. Meaning of the verse was explained to us something like ‘God Supreme is in the heart like a bee in the delicate lotus.’ Chinu was restless.  Baba caught Gita’s right hand and put her fingers on Chinu’s forehead.  Then Gita lifted Chinu.  I was smiling in my mind for the imposition probably meant for Radhakant, Budhiballabh and Saxena.  I personally had no faith in that hotchpotch.  Baba then gave his timetable of coming three days to Ramanidada and the following dictation to me:

“March of life is always hurdled with stumbling blocks.  These stumbling blocks will have to be converted into stepping-stones.  Each individual obstacle has to be tackled in its own turns and broadly speaking all forces of ignorance will have to be met with and vanquished in the terms of their own laws.  Moreover when you fight out a force of ignorance in its own term according to its own laws, the laws themselves get the greatest chance of being divinised.  At least these tend to be divinised and even if this minimum is obtained this is not a poor gain.  Note that it is the combination of drops that makes the ocean.”  I asked for an example.  He said, “Suppose anger is to be overcome.  You cannot apply a sudden break. It is bad.  It must take its own course and be gradually mitigated.”

He gave another dictation:

“There is a great misconception about what spirituality really is.  Escapism has generally become synonymous with spiritual movement.  This is a great blunder.  It is this prevalent escapism in the domain of spiritual practice that is responsible for the world being conquered by forces of ignorance.  Poor creatures who have neither the ability nor the necessary knowledge have been reeling under the wheels of ignorance and those who have the necessary knowledge and ability have been indulging in running away from the forces of ignorance.  The result is these blissful individuals get their supreme joy and creatures of ignorance they remain where they are.  Even if you pick up those aspirants who have the requisite urge for cutting as under the moorings into ignorance, it will not touch even the outer fringe of the problem. Those who have that urge may themselves find out their own path without your help sooner or later but those who had not these and neither have the ability and the aspiration for becoming the real master which is their birthright and these constitute the sweeping majority of the people at large are quite incapable to do anything for them, of themselves and in themselves.  Collectivization of the spiritual attempt is the only answer. Let the blessed run away from the forces of ignorance seeking their own supreme Bliss.  Let them enjoy that bliss for the whole eternity in their own way but let you, even for the hell to come, embrace the problems of ignorant humanity as they confront you.  It is admitted that the task is Himalayan.  It is one to be measured not in terms of years and decades but in terms of centuries.  First you have to acquire the necessary knowledge and strength from within yourself and with that knowledge and that strength you have, with the courage of resurging tide, plunge into turbulent ocean of ignorance where the pitiable humanity have not even the feeling and the tongue to seek your help to remould it, to reconstruct it, to remodel it and finally to transform it into a supernal light and joy and bliss.  The eternally vanquished and perverted will mock at it as wishful thinking.  Let it be albeit with them.  Yes! A dynamic wishful thinking is the first thing necessary for following an evolutionary goal.  If you remain there and whirl with it, you really become stagnant but if it is kept ever progressively dynamic, it will ever progressively go on opening infinitely successive doors for more and more progress.  He is a poor psychologist who in every type of wishful thinking reads the symptom of stagnation.  There is a gulf of difference between a sheer day dreaming and undeveloped but developable constructive thinking of immature nature.  The former is stagnation and the latter is a start of the mind and the vital to march onward.  Then the first problem to be tackled is you yourself.  When your own problems are thoroughly surmounted, when the doors of knowledge and strength made wide open for you with your own endeavor then and then alone and not before that you have the necessities with you to plunge into totality of ignorance to get it finally transformed by dint of your own spiritual valor and action but if before getting at the Supreme Light and the Supreme Bliss in yourself and else without the proper guidance and direction from one who has it, you with your own ambition have the foolhardiness to try at it, the disaster is there awaiting for you.  Note it clearly and keep it burning in your heart and brain that only the present strength unfolded and manifested in and into you, you may render your real service to suffering humanity.  There is no other alternative, there is no short cut, no made easy road.”

Baba then recited a Sanskrit verse quoted below meaning that a donkey carries fragrant sandalwood on its back but of what use it is to it?  Similar is the condition of a Pundit’s knowledge going in a canoe but boatman has no use of it.

‘Yatha kharaschandan bharwahi bharasya veta natuchnastha
Tathiwa shastrani batu nadipt sarang najanam bahech’

Others in the hut were bored to the neck.  Radhakant intermittently whispered as to how cold was it, Shomu was trying to control jerks of his nap, Saxena being hefty stretched his aching folded leg straight and Baba admonished him to sit right, Gita got bored and left.

When I prolonged the discussion by asking him that the gist of the given passage was that there is no knowledge without Guru.  Everyone stared at me with disgust.  Baba said, “Yes.  The external Guru would lead you but the real Guru is within yourself.”

Baba also realized boredom of rest of the disciples and smilingly said, “Suresh, is it not too much today?”  I nodded.  Lastly he dictated list of his needs to Ramanidada.  It consisted datun, coconut with water in it, oranges, Hansraj rice, etc.

Yesterday he notified all of us that everyone would kill flies three times a day.  He enquired who performed that.  I laughed and spontaneously and unknowingly said, “Baba it is good.  When people ask us as to what we do in the Ashram now all of us can say that we kill flies. (A phrase means doing nothing).  “All laughed at the joke including him.  However my joke boomeranged. It was evening and we were allowed to leave.
Weather was cloudy.  I wrote diary.  Radhakantji told stories of his stay with Baba at Pindari glacier and how people were rigid in caste system and how Baba tried to persuade them to give it up.  He related many funny incidents.  I put on double clothing, warmed up near fire and took rest by becoming horizontal. However, immediately I got up as Dipali came in search of Shomu.  As he was not seen I went to attend.  Baba was sitting outside on a chair.  When I reached, Shomu too arrived.  Because of nuisance of flies all were to be sent in flourmill and next day to Ashram.  He appointed three of us to inspect defecation spots and to investigate whether everybody covered his excretion but nobody performed his duty.  He entered bouts of anger, whole anger and nothing but anger.  Shomu got his share of admonishment.  Baba exclaimed, “I cannot imagine so much human callousness.”  He moaned that breeding ground of flies was created.  Flies trouble him and he could not concentrate on meditation.  Therefore he was leaving for forest.  He will remain out up to second Jan. or more.  Impediment in his work could no more be tolerated any more he warned.  Again and again he showered his wrath on Shomu.  Then he ordered Gita to pack his kit.  All were called.  Everyone requested him not to go and promised that they would kill flies.  He said it was of no use as breeding grounds were created.  Request after request poured.  He went in.  It began raining and hence we were called in his hut.  Baba as usual torned strips of cloth to tie his things.  Ramanidada was already with his notebook as usual. Baba completed packing.  Atmosphere became tense.

I was thinking of asking him a question in privacy but could not resist and asked that whether it was true that when Rishi Valmik was engaged in meditation he was covered by anthill.  In oppressive tone he said, “That type of ‘tapasya’ is ‘samadhi’ when you cannot do the work.  I have to work on the border of mental and vital consciousness.”  I countered that he himself gave verse on Lord Siddharth that even if skin dried to the bones he would not leave his meditation till he achieved the Supreme Truth. He said that was also samadhi and I would not understand his needs.  I realized that this entire storm was the after effect of my joke at which all laughed.  It was his imposition and I added fuel by reminding Valmiki and Buddha.  Inwardly I enjoyed the fun.

Everybody was restless to see that he was going in rains, cold and darkness.  Saxena and Penauli were new to this.  They were very uneasy.  Radhakant, Ramanidada, and I were immune to it.  Saxena and Penauli got ready to follow him.  I was inclined for rest but could not say no to Ramanidada’s request.

Again different disciples put different propositions how to wipe out flies. Penauli proposed that he would go to Rishikesh, arrange fifty to hundred rupees, and send D.D.T. I related it to Baba and he took a tactful turn.  Called Penauli.  Baba yielded to his proposal. It was Baba’s usual modus operandi to scare others with threat to leave the place and when newcomers became panicky they would promise to do what he wished.
I am now accustomed to his methods.  First anger, then leaving threat, selling things, some newcomer offers money, then calm down and squeeze more than offered.  In the beginning I was also a victim to it.  I underwent debt beyond my capacity, got Rs.500/- from Amravati at Lucknow, was willing to sell watch and gold ring, etc.

Penauli was given a list– 40 kg. DDT. 40 kg. Gammaxin powder. Two tins of fleet insecticide, two spray pumps and one large mosquito net. (Old one was thrown in the river in anger.) Like Vivekananda he would perform ‘Dhyan’ in mosquito net to avoid disturbance. In Singapore Netaji used to use mosquito net.  The calculated amount reached Rs.155/-.  It tripled the offer and so he told to pack his utensils in sack for sale.  Penauli stopped it by giving his word to manage whole.  He was poor and in debt.  I pitied him.  Radhakant skillfully sneaked out telling he was getting cramps in stomach and later had full dinner with us.

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