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Salil Mittra and I were having a chat on the isolated riverbank.  He narrated that a day previous to my arrival Baba was awfully angry because Udaysingh of Okhimath was allowed to leave without giving him food.  It was evening.  Then at 9 P.M. they were sent to Okhimath to fetch him.  He was brought and made to partake his dinner and then went at 1 A.M. Until that Baba did not even drink water.  Imposition on Udaysingh was permanent.  Salil continued that Baba was so angry one day that he fell and got injured.  One day in his anger he went to the confluence. I could imagine his mental agony.

In the morning Baba came out and I sat near him with Ramanidada.  Others joined.  He was determined to go to collect money in adjacent townships of Guptakashi and Okhimath.  Ratan and Rajat were to be sent back to the Ashram.  Again he vented his anger on Rajat, Ratan and Shomu.  Then he systematically squeezed money from Calcutta guests.  He told Ramen to arrange Rs.25000/- but cancelled again.  I too shelled off Rs.20/-.  Afterwards he calmed down.  We talked for some time.  I took bath and Ramen and Salil finished lunch.  Again we were sitting close to him.  Baba gave directions to Ramen regarding court cases and he left to wind up to leave. Baba and I talked on general attitude of students and lacunas and pitfalls in administration. He observed, “My motto was let individual work with freedom but it would not do.  He must be compelled to work.” Salil and Ramen left for Calcutta and Gobind Shah stayed. Then he brought sweets and distributed to all.  Mangalsingh was there.  Every visitor was served sweets.  His great imposition was always through thorough hospitality.

Ramanidada handed over a camera left by Ramprasadji.  He directed me to take some photographs.  He told that except me no one was ever allowed to take photographs. He requested me to accompany Shomu and convince Baba to keep milk.  Both of us went in.  He was peeling potatoes.  He was adamant and told that he would not take milk.  I explained that Shomu’s mistake was not intentional.  Then he kept the milk and told Gita to start cooking.

I brought his chair and gossip began.  I asked during Hitler’s regime even good men were brainwashed. He said, “It is a sign of weakness.  Such men cannot be great.  Then we talked on followers.  He said, “Even Gandhiji has not produced followers.  Vinoba is one but not true.  No, he is but a poor follower. Istamal Iname, present Prime Minister of Turkey is a poor follower of Kemal Ataturk.  He is simply a carcass.  This is not good. (Netaji wrote a chapter on Kemal Ataturk) I prefer one mental follower to one million physical followers.  I detest these physical followers.” (Netaji loved merciless reforms of Kemal Ataturk, his abolition of Caliph, his secularism, and implementation of Roman script for regional language as Netaji did the same in INA. In Crossroads on P.79 Netaji has described Kemal Ataturk.)
Baba opined that international outlook must be developed and I objected that one could not completely part with nationalism. He agreed.  Then he said that communism had become outmoded and principle of Malthus was applicable and true to date. Then he said, “Suresh in January we shall obtain tents from Delhi.  They will be required further too.”

I hesitatingly but skillfully put a very vital question to him.  “People commit blunder by judging one superficial behaviour of a person?  One must have analytical mind.” I observed commotion but he immediately recomposed and gave the following dictation, which I wrote, on a piece of paper, which I unfortunately lost.  Then again on 5th, i.e., next day I confessed that I lost the note and he re-dictated it as below.  Later I found the original note and tallied it.  Except for addition of a few words in the first four lines, rest was ditto.  I was amazed at his fantastic memory.  He knew that my expression was in reference to Chinu’s birth indirectly.

“Behaviour in itself has no meaning.  No behaviour has any set and rigid meaning.  Behaviour acquires meaning in relation to the psychosis with which a person behaves.  Any behaviour is liable to be interpreted in sundry ways.  Which interpretation of a certain behaviour is right one can only be ascertained when you know the psychosis of which the behaviour is the outcome.  And as such generally speaking your understanding the man concerned must precede your understanding his behaviour. Of course, even with the generality of this understanding the possibility of misinterpretation is not altogether precluded.  This difficulty can only be overcome when by sufficient inner development you acquire the ability to directly read the psychosis of other people.  Before you have that ability, in spite of all your sincerity of purpose, your interpretation will be an inferential one and always there is a difference between direct perception and inferential conclusion.

Remember, similar psychosis may manifest itself as different type of behaviour in case of different persons and sometimes in the case of same person.  So also the behaviors that have the semblance of similarity may have different psychosis behind them.”
Shyamlal Pradhan of Chunni came. Baba gave timber of the broken bridge to Udaysingh and hence he was displeased.  Baba smiled and mischievously remarked in Hindi, “Chalo Suresh. Shyamlal aya hai!  Uspe bhi thodi padengi.” It means, “let us go Suresh.  Shyamlal has come.  He will receive some hammering.”  I was amused.

As we came out, like an actor Baba became grave and serious.  He admonished Shyamlal and the latter became docile and then put an excuse that he did not come to grumble but to give seeds of vegetables.  Then Baba told me to give him sweets. I was agog when Baba delightfully told me, “Tomorrow take snaps of Chinu.”
I wrote diary and Ramanidada came and told me jubilantly, “Suresh, you bring your typewriter in January.  I will have to look after everything.  Circulars, news conferences, Press, etc.”

Rawat, Pradhan of Okhimath, and his younger brother came at 4 P.M. as per appointment.  I went to convey the message.  Baba was preparing bed of cauliflowers.  Gobind and I rendered service and sowed seeds.  Then incense was kept burning and Rawat was called.  There were no cigarettes.  His brand was changed to Navy Cut Wills filter tip, as Capstan was not available.  He stormed, “I had spasms and was coughing the whole night.  You do not care or worry for me.”  Etc as usual.  Rawat was disposed off immediately.  Baba began to vomit wrath.  He collected his mobile kit and started leaving.  He told that if he did not turn up by Monday he would not come for fifteen days.  Then he climbed half the mountain and sat there.
Ramanidada requested me that I knew everything well and I should try to bring him back as it was not new to me.

I climbed up and began to talk with Baba. I said to him, “Baba, please let us go down.  Ratan, Rajat and Ramanidada have not taken food since forty-eight hours and you too have not taken food.  If you go, all will be without food and we will follow you.  So why you want to torture your body for follies of others?”
He said, “It is not the question of torture.  I cannot work amongst human beings without cigarettes.  It is not today’s folly.  Ten days ago I told to prepare food before 11 A.M. and I wanted to start work.  They prepared but nobody was present.  All over in the last seven years more than two hundred and fifty times I tried to start the work and every time they failed.”
I said, “For that destiny is responsible.  If destiny is playing a game, we must fight out and snatch things from her.”

He said, “Yes, but for fighting I must be kept alone.  I need tranquility and hence I am going.”
I said, “But why you are going in anger?  Please take food, rest and tomorrow you go.  We shall make necessary arrangement.”

Baba said, “But there is no food inside.  Do you know that?  Without butter there cannot be cooking and today’s milk is spoiled.  How to pull on without money?”

I said, “Today we have hundred and twenty rupees.  We shall purchase tomorrow whatever is needed even cigarettes.”

Baba said, “But what about milkman?  He is to be given Rs.200/- at the end of the month.  How to pull on two months?”

I said, “Money is the worry of the whole world and it should not be the case with we people living in jungle.  We have passed seven years and there is no problem of two months.  By your going, problem cannot be solved and if you remain here and if it is to be solved it will be.”
He said, “You do not know.  By my going, it will be solved. What mental worries I have you do not know Suresh. All Ashramites are on the verge of economic collapse.  All have given what they had.  If I do not perform the work I shall not be able to mitigate any of your worry.”
I said, “We do not care for that but you must come down.”
Baba said, “But I shall not eat then what will you gain?”
I said, “Everything.  Though not for you for us it is a gain.  Others will eat. There will be no worry.  We need peaceful happy atmosphere.”

Like a hypochondriac Baba disclosed, “You do not know Suresh.  I am having cancer, leprosy, T.B. all diseases and yet I am pulling on my body.  If I go up I do not need food or clothing even for four months.”
I said, “It is alright but what cannot be cured must be endured.  Today you come down tomorrow we shall see.”  Baba remained silent, contemplated and then said, “I shall come down but on one condition.  I shall do my work.  No one shall help me.”  I said all right. Then I took his tin and umbrellas and we descended slowly.

On arrival Baba told Ramanidada to take food and he denied.  After discussion he called Gita and sent Ramanidada and me to pluck fresh spinach.  That time Ramanidada said, “I shall not take food.  There is no mental peace.  You cannot imagine Mr. Padhye.”  What he said was true.  I am quite well aware of the precarious condition.

I came back to my hut.  Pradhan of Okhimath was sitting there.  He brought some grocery.  He had a shop.  I told him to get some packets of Capstan from the plain.  He painfully said where was the money.  All money and goods were given to the camp.  He said he was refugee and I suggested him to join us.  Then he         in hailed his pet drug ‘ganja’. Gobind Babu came from Guptakashi.  Cigarettes were not available there too.  Pradhan’s younger brother came and gave telegram and complained that his brother chased women all day and took refuge here at night.

The telegram was so distorted that I showed it to Ramanidada.  He read it. It was from Radhakant from Delhi asking permission to bring three senior journalists and an M.P. Ramanidada said he was a fool.  He narrated how Radhakant insulted him many times but he swallowed it.  Then in frustrated mood he pathetically opened his heart to me saying, “What remains for me? My body has deteriorated.  I wish to give it up on this bank of the Mandakini.  There is no worry of household.  Children are in torn clothes.  Poor Gita is offered to Baba.  You know everything.  Fate of Dipali and Kolyani is in the hands of Baba.  I need one time meal and solitude.  I do not want money, name or power.  Suresh, you cannot understand what I was and what I am today.  By the way you give me that mantra on storm. This telegram will again infuriate him.”

I came to retire in my hut.  Ratan was there.  I asked him opinion on Chinu’s birth.  He said that society would not digest it.  Probably after the Mahabharat this was first example. Yes. I knew even a smallest incident of odd sexual behaviour of an ordinary man creates ripples of detest, derision, and protest in oriental society.

Got up at 3 A.M. as plants were to be watered before the sunrise.  Ratan left for Dehradun to purchase cigarettes for Baba.  Baba called me and dictated a letter to newspaper ‘Swatantra Bharat’ in the name of Ramanidada.  Maithani M.L.A. told to the said newspaper that he had meeting with Baba who told him that Netaji never died in plane crash but in submarine accident. The news was published.  Maithani was blasted for this and an additional letter in Hindi was sent to him.  Baba’s rich Hindi could be discerned in that.  In this letter he rebuked him for putting false words and interpretation.   (Copy of it in Hindi is in diary. It may be remembered that Netaji engaged a teacher named Tripati to learn Hindi.)
One agent of “bidis” (crude cigarettes) of Faizabad came.  He was a funny character. I made him sit and went to Baba.  I worked with him in the garden.  He was digging and I was spreading leaf mould and soil in the beds.  While working he said, “To be spiritual did not mean to remain a fool.”  He recounted that once Ramkrishna Deo sent his disciple to purchase a pan.  He told shopkeeper to provide best quality and the owner judged that he was ignorant of choosing quality and gave him a pan with a hole.  Baba then told a story of a present retired Major General who slapped in the Dehradun School.  How Hawker from England used to study in night, etc.  He went in and after some time called me back.  He was off on Shomu and others for not taking proper care of cows. He said he be given flour and cigarettes and nothing else.  In a way he told the truth that all were not working for him but for their own interest.

I brought that Bidiwala agent. There was a big pointed stone and without bothering he lay prostrate on it before Baba to pay respect.  Baba looked at me, and both of us smiled at the funny character.  He began to say, “I am afraid that tiger may swallow me, a bear may attack, a snake may bite.  Otherwise I have gained victory over sex, anger and avarice.  I am a great man and incarnation of God.”  I could not control laughing and Baba told him to pray and immediately relieved him probably realizing that his screw was not lose but missing or was suffering from schizophrenia.

I gave food to the agent.  Ratan arrived with only three packets of cigarettes and total expense was Rs.89/-.  Wrote diary.  Ratan gave a note in Hindi. It was given by Baba a day after to Chinu’s birth. It was read out to all and then they were led to see the child.  It indicates that Baba with his Divine efforts brought would be saint who would reform the world and a male saint might also come. The child’s date of birth, time of birth, name and Divine name as ‘Sister Samarpita’ was there in the note. The note in Hindi is in diary and it is difficult to translate. However, it is attempted in the next date, i.e. under 6/11/1966
In the evening we were sitting outside.  I told Baba that I had a dream in which he pulled a black cobra from an anthill and killed it.  Baba said I would understand meaning of it in future and gave the following dictation:

“There are three types of dreams.  One type is the expression of the combinations of different elements of cognition, affection and connotation under the direct or indirect influence of what is known as unconscious and unconscious is only the darker part of what is in Yogic technology termed as ‘Adichetana’, i.e. subliminal.  Freudian understanding of a dream is limited to this type only.
There is another type of dream which is an imprint of your external consciousness, of your direct experience in the vital plane even in the higher planes where your ‘Sukhsma Deh” i.e. astral body sometimes travels during sleep and during the time of that travelling your innermost self remains connected with the astral body through ‘Chidabhas’.  How all these take place is too difficult rather too complicated for you to understand at this juncture of inner development.

There is still another type of dream that comes from the plane of intuition.  Generally speaking only the real Yogis in times of their Yogic Nidra (Samadhi) have it.  Other people sometimes, though very rarely, have it too.  If this type of dream can be read and remembered exactly as it comes from plane of intuition to the plane of external consciousness must come through the vital and mental consciousness then it will happen, as you have perceived it.  But in case of people in general very rarely it comes to external consciousness without being distorted by the intervening consciousness.” (Netaji studied psychoanalysis and dream analysis in Vienna. See Kitty Kurti’s book in 1965 ‘Subhash Chandra Bose, as I knew him.’ Also see G-Pp 282,283,687)

We talked on other topics.  Baba said that Virginia tobacco could be grown in India and that would save lot of foreign exchange.  Planners did not have field experience.  Then I asked Baba that once in hundred years the District Gazetteers were revised and I was on that committee of the state Government of Maharashtra and it would be difficult to find time.  He said that I should give it up.  Then added, “This time I am determined to start work.  Time and again I shall retire to the interior of the Himalayas but I shall remain in contact with you.” His usual sanguine assurance was soothing. After that we discussed faulty law, problem of smuggling, etc.  He observed that the Chinese kept Hongkong with the British purposefully for business.  He added, “I am worried. I am apprehending that undesirable people would come by revolution.  Even there is a possibility that like North or South Vietnam we shall remain dummies.”  He left in hurry saying that after two days he was getting nature’s call.

In the morning Ramanidada and I were discussing.  He told future plans and assured that the place of island where we were living was going to be a historic one, etc.
Baba came out and inspected cows.  One cow was shouting.  He dispatched Shomu to fetch Veterinary surgeon from Okhimath.  Our living shed had walls of grass and wattle but cowsheds were in masonry.  It indicated his feelings for animals.  Afterwards Baba and I worked in garden from 9 A.M. to 2 P.M.  There was a bed of spinach in front of his hut.  The growth was stunted.  I was told to pluck it with roots.  Then with a ‘Sabbal ‘ (sharpened iron rod) he dug out half feet soil of the bed.  He collected the soil and with bucket I carried it and spread it in the Sun.   He collected the stones and I carried them outside.  Big stones were removed with a bar alternately by both of us. He muttered that unless he looked into matter nobody bothers.  He observed that the stunted growth of spinach was due to non-digging and non-aeration of soil.  Then he dug out pits for more soil.  A message came that Chinu was awake. We took Bholu inside.  Ramanidada, Baba, Gita and Dipali were there.  I took six to seven snaps of Chinu.  Baba was in lively mood.  He would direct Bholu to sit down.  First he said that I should handover the exposed negative to Ratan and he would bring the prints. I told that it needed fine grain developing for enlargements and it was not available near about.  He then agreed.

I came out.  The agent of Capstan cigarettes came to see Baba.  Two soldiers of 22nd battalion came to seek permission and appointment for their commandant.   They were told to send him after 25th Nov.  I pointed out that our T.G.Deshmukh friend of brother and leader of separate Vidarbha movement headed by Bapuji Aney joined Congress and became Minister and later M.P.  He remarked that then he was an opportunist. He was very inquisitive about Bapuji Aney. I told him about his sad demise and that he passed his last days in his hometown Yeotmal. When he contested election for Parliament, Nehru told not to put Congress candidate against him. Baba exclaimed, ” That was his greatness.” {Bapuji Aney headed one man’s commission of enquiry of Congress to investigate charge of Dasgupta that voters’ list was manipulated by Subhash. Bapuji used to stay with Nehru and Indira Gandhi used to take his care.) Aney was acting President of the Congress and he dissolved Congress as in Mahatma’s opinion it was corrupt. (M-263) Aney and Madan Mohan Malviya resigned from the Congress Working Committee and formed a new ‘Congress National Party’. (M-268)
Baba had gone in and Ramanidada narrated incidents in his absence.  Once Baba in wrath threw his blanket, money and spectacles in the river.  Now he could not read. The glasses were ordered and were yet to come from Calcutta. Once he made a special bus and along with about ten people of Vidyapith he himself went to Deoprayag to collect money.  No money was collected but Rs. eight hundred were spent and he returned, etc.
Formerly Baba had lot of taboos.  Anything touched by others was rubbed by lemons and washed but today he freely took gardening implements from my hand. Formerly big stones were simply protruding but now land was made plain.  At least a couple of dozen beds were sprawling with twenty types of vegetables and vines.  Beautiful flower plants were in array.  He worked so much in the garden that others were ashamed. (Gardening was Netaji’s great hobby from childhood.)

Again we started garden work.  The spinach was replanted.  A new bed of cabbages was made.  We began planting saplings of cabbage.  His tenacity was awful.  His lines of cabbage plants were in perfect dressing with equal pressure, whereas my lines were zigzag and plants up and down.  I felt ashamed.  He realized it and said, “Suresh. Planting is not so easy.  You have to take great care.  One requires surgeon’s skill.”  It was dark but our work continued in lantern light.  When completed he went in.  We worked for nine hours in the garden.  I was simply aghast to see his tenacity, exertion and skill.
One thing I noticed he could not bend fingers of his right hand completely.  (Netaji’s fingers were fractured in a baton charge.)

I took a glass of cream and sugar.  Ramanidada handed over a registered letter to me. Ratan wrote in Hindi in my diary the note given a day after Chinu’s birth as below.  Ratan said the day he arrived he was told that Gita was inside and would not meet.  Unknowingly he felt that she was in delivery and the next day the note was received.  His surmise was correct.  The translation of the note in Hindi is as below:

“To all of you,
When I will not be alive in this world, at that time to accept it in toto with the strength of ‘Divine Tapasya’ Mahashaktimati residing in the heaven but incompletely achieved, a ‘Divine Sadhika’ and a suitable ‘Divine Sadhak’were to be brought to this earth was purported by me. In the first phase of ‘Brhmamuhurta’of the ‘Mahasaptami’ the ‘Divine Sadhika’ as referred earlier has taken birth amongst you. The vast and deep spiritual awakening, which will be created by the esteemed ‘Sadhika’ who has been incarnated here through Gita, will be universally worshiped. Now, Gita is her mother. Her name is solemnised as Chinmayee, and her calling name will be Chinu. In the future world-pervading field of work she will be familiar by name: Sister Samarpita. Come in all of you to see the super actress of the great drama of future.”

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