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It was cloudy and force of wind was tremendous. There was no roof on our hut.  The party leaving for Kanpur was reluctant to start in the stormy weather.  Out of fear of Baba’s order they took tea and breakfast and left at 5.30 A.M. at the crack of dawn.  It was cold and I began to work.  Baba came and told me to do anything but procure a milking cow first.  With Dinbandhu and Shyamlal we went to ‘gharat’ and enquired but knocked stonewall.  Then we climbed to village Chunni.  Enquired at seven houses.  Everybody said no to sale cow.  Lastly one person agreed as his leg was broken and he could not bring forage for his cow from the jungle.  The bargain was fixed for ninety-five rupees.  Dinbandhu took the short black cow and her calf about four months old.  The owner cautioned us that cow would give half liter milk in morning and evening provided a lady wrapped in black blanket would milk the cow.  That was the usual dress of Garhwali women of the hills.  At that time Naresh approached us.  He informed that somebody restricted the laborers from cutting timber and that they were sitting idle.  I immediately judged that it was a mischief of ‘malgujar’ Narayansingh.  In search of him I went to Okhimath, then tahsil and ultimately got hold of him in bazaar.  He said that he was informed that Pradhan Shyamlal was plucking more timber than required by the Ashram and hence he met Tahsildar and put spanner in the work.  I praised him high but in the heart of heart I abhorred and despised him. I offered him snacks and tea and brought him to the camp.  He had ‘darshan’ of Baba and he told the workers to go ahead with the work.  The work began.  At 3 P.M. I took bath and meals.

Baba, Ramanidada and others collected around the cow curiously.  Flour was given to the cow and in the evening it was not to be milked but the calf was to be allowed to suck all milk.

In the evening we were seated around Baba.  He said Ratan and Ramani had a scheme to provide water of Gangotri every day by air to him. (I was reminded of Aurangjeb who drank only water of the Ganges wherever he might be). S.D.M. Rastogi and Health Officer arrived for Baba’s Darshan. I was told to remain present there.  S.D.M. wanted to know whether Baba had been abroad.  Baba smiled and told him that it was in his childhood.  Baba suggested him to talk about spiritualism.  Once when S.D.M. intercepted Baba’s talk, Baba got upset and rebuked the S.D.M. that all young men must learn manners.  Study alone could not give strength, It was character coupled with it, gave strength.  Both the officers were stunned and speechless.

I made payments to the daily workers.  Shubir had gone to Rudraprayag to fetch milk. It was getting dark and he was not back yet.  It was pitch dark when Baba called me in.  He was helping Gita in cooking.  He himself made spicy ‘dal’ and lighted fire and lifted utensils.  He told me to change and bring a notebook to take dictations.  After wash and change of clothes I went to him.  Then he gave a preliminary tip on Rajyoga.

I began to write dictation in torchlight…..


“Every day at about one hour before the dawn you have to get up from sleep.  Then wash your eyes, mouth, and face with water, arms and legs too.  Wash your forehead about ten times with water in your palm and sit down in ’Padmasan’.  Start thinking that the Supreme Consciousness is the source from which all individual consciousness emanates. It means you are at depth one with the            all-pervading Supreme Consciousness.  Think as deeply as possibly you can, your oneness and your identity with the whole of creation.  After this, start thinking of the Divine Mother about six inches above your forehead.  Think that She is there ever present in Her effulgent, and all purifying light and ‘Shakti’ ever ready to descend into your intellect and heart with the full splendor of energy to regenerate into a really Divine Child. Then with the repetition of ‘Pranav’, i.e. ‘Om’ and then pull down omniscient and the omnipotent light and force of the Mother up to the center situated between your eyebrows.  That is the seat of the intellect.  Then in that center try as best as you can. Think of the Mother purifying your intellectual energies and lending to them the Divine Glow.  Think too the Spark of the Divine is progressively spreading into your whole intellectual structure remoulding it into a Divine pattern.  Then from there pull down the Divine Light and Force into the throat center the function of which is to regulate your expressing abilities.  As before think deeply that the Divine Light and Force in conjunction, is purifying the abilities to express your self just in the way the Divine wills.  After this start pulling down Light and Force up to the heart center situated in the center of the cardiac. This center is the seat of your higher feelings and also regulates the lower ones, your passion, your greed, your anger and the like. Here in the heart center remain thinking as long and as deep as you can and then send impulses of purification to the lower centers up to the ‘Muldhara’ that is situated in the secret plexus but at the outset unless and until the heart center works very powerfully in community with the Divine impulsions, you should not go down into the lower centers in as much as it involves the risk of arousing the hostile forces too prematurely before you are strong enough to give them a bold fight and to fight them out of your inner and outer nature.  These precautions must be observed totally and integrally else troubles will be ahead.  Now something of the creative principle you must know at the outset.  The Supreme Divine in creation expresses herself in three different ways.  Above the creation is Her transcendental personality looking down into her creation with immense compassion.  The second one is Her universal personality formulating the laws of creation and assiduously and gradually guiding the creation into a supernal bliss.  The third is Her individual personality with two aspects: one ever wakeful personality does not interfere with the working of human ego unless and until the human personality does not place whatever it has and whatever it is to Her Light and Force.  It means for invoking the Divine Grace to work for your divinising transformation you have to expose your whole nature, inner and outer to the Light and Force of the Mother.  When it is done with the minimum relativeness of integrity then and then alone the Mother will descend into the different parts of your being to workout their transformation but note indolent expectation and fantastic willfulness will never invoke Her Light and Force to work.  It is only your sincerity of purpose, it is the only pouring of your strength and knowledge into the work you have taken up that will be the sure guide for you to make the Mother descend with full force. If you yourself do not work and indolently expect that the Mother will do everything for you then be sure Mother will do nothing for you.  You must be passive to the working of the Divine Force but intensely active against the working of hostile forces.  This principle of self-correction and self-free formation must be clearly borne in mind.  With this principle working lightly you may be sure of unhampered progress.  But note again no progress runs in a perfect straight line. (Netaji wrote after all life is not a straight line.) There will be always ups and downs but even down may help their glorifying heights, if you know how to deal with them. Repeat the procedure described above as many times as you can and then try to send impulses of self-correction in the atmosphere in all directions. In the beginning it will be almost a play of imagination but after some practice you will begin feeling your will, the will of your central being has got associated with the sending of these impulses into the creation of the Mother. For its transformation you have to workout your own transformation and at the same time simultaneously with that work you have to do whatever you can in accordance with the principle of sending impulses of correction into your environment for unrecognizable benefit of your fellow beings.  At the outset the task may seem to you too difficult to perform but with real aspiration operating in due course of time you will get real taste of it and with that the joy of selfless work.”

After giving above dictation he advised me to practice it gradually from the next day.  He went to take his food but I was detained.  The cold was intense.  I thanked Ratan who gave a blanket to me and that alone could sustain me against cold.

Baba came.  I told him that people around were assuming us to be spies but as we got laborers they were then becoming helpful. He touched politics and again reiterated that Vijayalaxmi would have been a better Prime Minister.  He estimated Yashwantrao Chavan to be an honest and sincere person.  I narrated to him as to how he disturbed hornet’s nest by talking against Russia in his first speech at Pune, in front of Shaniwarwada of Peshwas, after accepting the defence portfolio and that he lacked originality of thinking and planning.
Before starting from Ashram I told Baba that Law Officer, Shri Hitendra Chaudhari disclosed to me that he would resign.  Baba gave the following dictation:


“Shri Hitendra Chaudhari has told you that he will no longer be able to shoulder the responsibility of the Assistant Law Officer of the Ashram.  He is not to be blamed for that, the blame is cent percent ours.  Tragically I must say ‘Baba proposes and we dispose.’ Let me give one example.  It was settled in presence of Baba with a gentleman of Calcutta who came to Lucknow with Radhakant and met us there during our halt for one day at Lucknow that he would handover Rs. five thousand to Radhakant immediately.  Out of this money Shri Radhakant was instructed to give at least Rs. five hundred to Shri Raichaudhari but Radhakant about some matter played a trick upon Baba in presence of all for which in presence of all he was severely rebuked.  This had naturally lowered Radhakant in that gentleman’s esteem and consequently he was repulsed away from Radhakant by his folly and the gentleman did not fulfill his promise.  Radhakant was further instructed to reach Rudraprayag inspection Bungalow on twelfth April.  But he squandered away his time in Banaras and reached Calcutta on eleventh and he did so due to his utter negligence of duty.  Again it was in the mind of Baba if Radhakant could not bring sufficient money from Calcutta, necessary arrangement of money will be made at Faizabad and Lucknow on Baba’s personal initiative to which it was his nature rather a part of the procedure of the Divine work to take recourse as the last resort and Radhakant will be sent to Calcutta with the necessary amount to handover at least one month’s pay to Shri Raichaudhari and a few thousand for paying at least a percentage of their dues to the lawyers and solicitors and for starting a civil case against the Hitavada.  It was also in Baba’s mind to give necessary instruction to Radhakant for seeking at least three months’ adjournment about all cases at Calcutta so that he might carry the instructions in time to you but he was utterly stupid and callous not to carry out these clear and categorical directions to him.  By the way for your information I intimate this to you that all the cases in North Bengal have been on our petition adjourned for about three months.  However, very soon either Shri Padhye or Shubir will be reaching Calcutta with about two to three thousand rupees to pay at least a part of their dues to lawyers and Hitendrababu and for minimum necessary expenses for instituting a civil case against the Hitavada.”

“It is Shri Padhye who first brought it to the notice of the Ashram that Hitavada people had published that heinously mischievous news after he as a lover of the Ashram has been awfully pained by this utter falsehood.”

Baba then pointed out to me that Mr. Raichaudhari is from a very good family of East Bengal and that his daughter was Ph. D. and son in law D.Sc.

On Divinity Baba dictated the following note:


“Divinity and man with divining aspiration never apply tests in the sense in which it is commonly understood.  They are to help you not to test you—-help you out of the almost insurmountable difficulties let down before you by the very powerful forces of the cosmic ignorance, but in a different sense they always apply tests designed with clear deliberation to make you cross the hurdles and overcome the defects and drawbacks of your nature, inner and outer—hurdles, defects and drawbacks that are continuously with brutal firmness strewn before you in your inward and upward journey by the hostile forces and their eyes are always fixed to see to it that if you yourself by your own stupidity deliberately do not adopt a contrary course you cannot come out victorious of the difficulties placed before you.”

He then asked me to dine in his kitchen. Ramanidada, Gita, Shomu and I dined together.  As per rules I went to the river to wash my plate and my hands were frozen with the cold water.  Afterwards he called Gita, Ramanidada, and myself in his hut. Meditation was performed for ten minutes and after that we were allowed to go.  While I was leaving he advised me to concentrate on the Mother and try to pull up to forehead.

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