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Posted By Author on July 8, 2010

Mitranand shivered and had high temperature.  Called our family physician Dr.R.G. Wani. He began treatment. I gave a room to Mitranand upstairs and was shocked to see him sleeping naked.  I met lot of people begging for loan and about four persons promised.

The whole day I was in search of loan.  Suresh Sikchi gave hundred rupees and Ratnakar Shinde and Vasanta Kaloti two hundred and fifty and two hundred respectively.  I detested the whole thing.  Mitranand’s illness continued and hence he would not be able to attend function on 8th Aug. at our camp in the Himalayas.   He told that the temporary bridge was swept away and villagers reconstructed it.  Baba was giving food to one thousand villagers of the vicinity and also ‘Darshan’ to all on 8th August.

Sent T.M.O. of Rs.500/- in the name of Shomu.  Mitrananda told that one ex I.N.A. soldier visited Baba with him and told him that if Baba were Netaji there would be a scar of bullet injury on his leg.  During meeting the soldier pointed out to him the scar.  Baba and the soldier were talking and after some time when Mitranand returned both abruptly became silent. (There is no mention of bullet injury to Netaji but in 1922 when he worked under Sir P.C.Ray’s Bengal Relief Committee in heavily flooded area of North Bengal he had boils that left permanent ulosis on legs. See G, page 97)

I had no money for Mitranand’s ticket.  Worried.  Again begged.  Bhagchand Gupta gave Rs.100 and the quickest man to give Rs.250/- without asking a question was Kamal Rathi. Then I had difficulty in collecting three dozens torch cells for the camp.  There was shortage and black marketing.  I purchased pickles for Ashramites.

Took Mitranand to Nagpur.  Ramesh Deshmukh gave hundred rupees.  I dumped Mitranand on Grand Trunk express and handed over cash of Rs.650/- for Baba plus I met all his expenses of journey and medical treatment.  He left and I heaved a sigh of relief.  I was back home in the evening.

J.R.D.Tata’s reply came.  His secretary, Mrs. M. Hawgood, addressed a letter to me stating inability and apology of J.R.D.Tata to talk on Shaulmari Ashram affair. (Tatas knew Netaji well as he mediated in strike at Jamshetpur. He was then President of INTUC.)

Approached my classmate Shyam Patel of Godugdha Sagar for lone bond.  He said Baba dined at his home when in Amravati but did not take the bond. Shyam was adopted son of Ratanlal Verma.  Normally four days took for express telegram but surprisingly today Ramanidada’s telegram arrived about safe arrival of Mitranand at Okhimath.

Read in newspaper that H.V.Kamath asked a question regarding untraced and missing I.N.A. funds and treasure in the Parliament.  Sent letter with news item to Baba by Regd. Post.


Wrote a letter to Chiang Kai Shek, Taiwan, stating that the plane, which was supposed to have crashed at Taihoku killing S.C.Bose, the Prime Minister of Provisional Government of India, on 18th August 1945 was in Bangkok on 19th August 1945.  It was impossible to repair plane in one day.  The Government of Taiwan should be cautious and careful while dealing with the enquiry of S.C.Bose’s death.  I warned that I met Bose after 1945. This letter was put in a packet, sealed and put again in another sealed envelope.  I was certain that Intelligence Dept. will scrutinize and hoped they would not wipe it out.  It was sent by Air, Regd. A.D.

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