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Got up at 4 A.M.  After ablution Govind, Chandrashekhar Dandge, servant Inder and I walked down to Kunda Chatti.  My knee sprained and troubled.  For my mother I gave plants of ‘Chandramaulika’ (chrysanthemum) and holy Ganges water in an empty bottle of brandy.  The bus arrived in a minute of our approach and Dandge rushed in.  We saw him off and on way back called on Shrikrishna Chamoli at Tal Chunni.  He offered ‘Bajra Halva’. (preparation of sweet from small millets)

When we returned Baba was outside.  He called Bholu near him and told me to take rest and bath.  No sooner I had bath Baba called us all and gave following note in Hindi. Its English translation is as below:

“Daily it should always be alertly seen that feeling and statement should not interfere in this. In the mutual transactions to protect peace and equality, it is essential that the manifestation should be in proper taste and culture. If a good feeling without taste is enlightened them, self and mind is always to be shocked. Continuous introspection can create equilibrium in feeling and expression. Developing life is not a child’s play. It should always be left on the nature only.”

I could not grasp the meaning of the note. Later I came to know the context of the above dictation. Before my arrival, Baba enquired with Saxena whether he brought coffee for me from Rudraprayag.  Saxena informed that for paucity of funds he could not.  Radhakantji, the bulldozer, interfered and commented, “This Padhyebabu has brought a new system.”  Baba was indignant and chastised him in Hindi.

It’s meaning was that Radhakant talked like idiot knowing not meaning of a few words of English he knew.  He was brainless to hurt other’s feelings.  The above note was suffix to this incident. Baba’s personal care, intense love and affection and meticulous planning carved an unforgettable niche in my heart.  When I wept and was leaving the camp for home after this coffee incident Baba got up and throwing his rules to the wind caught hold of my hand and made me sit near him.  Holding me by his hand was a historic event to rejoice in my life. The hand that touched Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, C.R.Das, Tagore, Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo and so many dignitaries had fondled me. Anyway Baba left for rest.  We finished lunch and rested too.

At 4 P.M. Radhakant and I were summoned by Baba.  He ordered us to remove all his utensils and food stock and carry it to Ramanidada’s hut. He kept only wheat flour and salt.  He told that he would remain closed and no one would come to that side.  Therefore he told to get eight containers to store water for Ramanidada.  Saxena was immediately sent on that mission.  I planted beet sapling and was watering them.  Baba said to leave it, as it was nothing before his work.  Then he prescribed only one hour for that and went in. Shomu, Radhakant and I brought water from the river and completed the work in spite of my sprained knee.

Ramanidada left for meditation and told me to guard his hut till his return. I stayed there.  I learnt that Baba went in out of anger. Actually he told me that he would close himself on 8th Feb. 67.

Gita and Dipali came out and joined me. I took Chinu’s smiling photo on Gita’s shoulder.  Dipali requested me to read her palm.  After scrutiny I told her that she was very temperamental and volatile.  She would never adjust herself with Baba.  Her would-be husband was a good man in service.  She would go abroad, etc. She was amused.  Gita put her aside and thrust her own palm for reading.  She dejectedly asked as to how long that troublesome and torturous life she would have to bear.  I enquired as to what was the trouble that enraged Baba.  She disclosed that she related to Baba frankly that she was fed up with the place and did not feel at ease.  That mother’s thought haunted her and she was craving to go to her.  She told me that her mother’s mental condition was worst.   She would not write letter.  I could fathom Gita’s pangs.  Gita’s desire to go home ignited Baba’s flare up.

Gita and me were talking for a while and she would relate her inner feelings to me and me alone. This was known to Baba.  She was a simple, innocent sister of mine.  She always remembered Mrs. Bhambal of Nagpur, a wife of a judge.  The lady sought a job of teacher in the Ashram and taught Gita very affectionately.  When Mrs. Bhambal left, both were in regular touch through correspondence.  She showed me her letter informing the sad news of Mr. Bhambal’s demise in Nigeria in a hospital during an operation.  He too was an ex officer of the Ashram.  Baba came out to shut the gate of his compound and saw us.  Gita and Dipali literally ran inside Ramanidada’s hut. I smiled to watch his dictatorship in every walk of life.  Ambitions and desires of these young nymphs seemed to be throttled and smothered both by Baba and Dada.

I came back to my hut.  Radhakant was growling for defiance of his order to Salil for not going to Okhimath.  After dinner Radhakant was chatting with me and painfully remarked, as to of what use was the forceful and imposed renunciation.  This he meant for Gita’s plight.

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