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Posted By Author on August 28, 2011


Reached Falakata and by rickshaw to Shaulmari Ashram.  Floramasi first did not recognize me due to cap and sunglasses.  Went to Gita’s house. I met Bahudi (Gita’s mother).  Gave her hundred rupees from me and fifty from Ramen.  Dipali left for school after seeing me.  Had bath and lunch with them.  Situation was worst.  Gita had swelling on her face.  She was anemic and in very bad health.  No medicines.  Met Rajat and went to Dinudada.  Gave him hundred rupees for expenses.  Had dinner there and then slept alone at ‘Byayam Ghar’, a house for exercise.


Told Rajat to arrange a good doctor to check up Gita’s health.  They were depending on naturopathic mud treatment.  He was reluctant.  I insisted to get one pathologists and check up her haemoglobin in blood, etc.  Rajat told that once she was shown to an ordinary doctor.  He assured that on Friday doctor would come.

Sent Kalidada to fetch Shomu from Dhupguri.  Attended ‘Baishakhi Pooja’ at Gaurkishore.  Took lunch at Floramasi. Her son Parth arrived and joined us.  Chat and went for a nap.

I went to Gita and had discussion.  She told that she imparted tuition to earn money for household expenses in spite of her bad health. Kalibabu grabbed the money of tuition. What a shame!  She narrated that whatever general funds came in Ashram it was free for all.  Whosoever laid hands on it did grab it.  Selfish attitude was rampant.  I was sad to see suffering of Ramanidada’s family.

Today was ‘Buddha Paurnima’.  I gave fifty rupees for ration and collected all families for a simple diner.  About hundred heads had get together.  Rajat’s wife being educated was snobbish.  She did not dine in general kitchen.  Funny.  Gita came and gave estimate for her monthly expenses.  Nogen worked hard to prepare dinner.  All of us dined together. Nityadada, Arjundada, Dinudada, Shomu, Rajat, Kali, Sachi were there.  The senior Sachidada was ousted from Ashram for his daughter’s behaviour.  Back and slept.


Up, wash and bath.  Went to Gita and had chat with her and Baudi.  Nityadada invited me for lunch. First time I tested kasundi. It is made of mustard seeds and water kept in a bottle in sunlight for many days. It had pungent smell. I did not like it. The host felt that I was shy to take that rare dish meant for emergency and guests.  It was heavy meal. Back and had a nap.  Then went for a walk.

In the evening Gita’s health deteriorated.  I sent Rajat to get doctor.  He went late and by that time a storm raged.  It rained heavily and doctor could not come.  We were all in suspense and worried about Gita.  Gave her a hot water bag.  She had ladies trouble too.  I was very impatient.  They were applying mud.  Gita was convulsing in pain and agony.  Attended her up to twelve in the night and then retired.


In the morning accompanied by Rajat called on Dr.K.S.Banerjee of Health Center of Falakata.  Discussed matter at his home.  Brought him to Ashram in rickshaw.  He was a jovial man singing in rickshaw.  He examined Gita and then told me that she had anemia, liver trouble and ladies’ trouble. He promised to medicate each ailment one after another and assured to cure her.  Paid him Rs. ten as visit fee and purchased medicines prescribed by him.  Explained to Baudi as to how to administer medicine.  Gita’s mother was too much worried. I observed Gita for a while.  When she felt better left for lunch at Dinudada.  The evening report was not sent to doctor by Rajat.  He was busy in selling betel nuts from Ashram’s tree to earn money for his household.  Gita gave a few lemons to Malati’s son and told that once she had to sell lemons to meet square meals.  It was very touching and tragic incident.  I then left for dinner at Dinudada and slept.


Rajat went to Mathabhanga for court work.  Kalibabu left for Alipurduar for the same purpose.  They asked me for expenses but I expressed my inability.  It was because I did not like their selfish tendencies.

With Nityadada went to dispensary. Met Dr.K.S.Banerjee.  Initially he did not recognise me.  Then he called me.  I gave him ten rupees more for future emergent visit to Gita.  I also gave him extra fees.  He examined Nityda’s daughter too.  Purchased fruits for Gita and back to Ashram.  Chat and lunch at Baudi.  Pilu and Gita joined me for lunch.  Especially lamb was cooked and served.  Dipali and Pilu gave bunk to school for my company.  I had heavy meals and retired for a nap.

In the noon at 3 P.M. new trouble arose.  Gita had swelling on her stomach.  My time to catch the train was approaching.  We were worried.  I rushed to doctor Banerjee and related Gita’s trouble.  He prescribed medicine and assured not to worry. Gave instructions to Baudi and left to catch the train but returned to Ashram as the train was only three hours late.  Nogen was with me.  All were happy to see me back. Actually when I left Baudi, Gita and Dipali wept. I felt sorry.  Then after three hours bade them all goodbye.  Rajat’s wife provided Tiffin.  It was two chapatis and a banana.  Seeing this Shantididi felt sorry and took me to her house.  Hurriedly she prepared fried vegetables and packed for me. I left Rajat’s Tiffin there only.  Arrived at station with Nogen. He saw me off at 9 P.M. when the train arrived.

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